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;;;; encode.lisp - functions to encode Unicode strings into IDNA Punycode.
;;; An almost-literal translation of the javascript IDN state machine
;;; implementation from
(in-package #:idna)
(defconstant +delimiter+ (code-char #x2d))
(defconstant +initial-n+ #x80)
(defconstant +initial-bias+ 72)
(defconstant +base+ 36)
(defconstant +maxint+ #x7FFFFFFF)
(defconstant +tmin+ 1)
(defconstant +tmax+ 26)
(defconstant +damp+ 700)
(defconstant +skew+ 38)
(defun adapt (delta numpoints first-time)
(setf delta (if first-time
(truncate delta +damp+)
(truncate delta 2)))
(incf delta (truncate delta numpoints))
(+ (do ((k 0 (+ k +base+)))
((<= delta (truncate (* (- +base+ +tmin+) +tmax+) 2)) k)
(setf delta (truncate delta (- +base+ +tmin+))))
(truncate (* (1+ (- +base+ +tmin+)) delta)
(+ delta +skew+))))
(defun encode-basic (c flag)
(if flag
(char-downcase c)))
(defun encode-digit (d flag)
(cond ((<= 0 d 25) (code-char (+ (char-code (if flag #\A #\a)) d)))
((< d 36) (code-char (+ (char-code #\0) (- d 26))))
(t (error "Can't encode digit ~d" d))))
(defun punycode-encode (string &key preserve-case)
"Encode STRING with the punycode algorithm documented in RFC3492.
When PRESERVE-CASE is true, emit case annotations and do not perform
case folding (to downcase), as required for ToASCII."
(let* ((input-length (length string))
(h 0)
(b 0)
(m +maxint+)
(n +initial-n+)
(delta 0)
(bias +initial-bias+)
(downcased-string (string-downcase string))
(string (if preserve-case
(when preserve-case
(error "preserve-case is currently broken )-:"))
(with-output-to-string (output)
(loop for c across string
for c-code = (char-code c)
do (when (< c-code n)
(write-char (encode-basic c nil) output)
(incf b)
(incf h)))
;; h is the number of code points that have been handled, b is
;; the number of basic code points.
(when (and (> b 0) (< h input-length))
(write-char +delimiter+ output))
;; Main encoding loop:
(unless (< h input-length)
(setf encodedp t)
(setf m +maxint+)
;; All non-basic code points below n have been handled
;; already. Find the next larger one:
(loop for c across string
for c-code = (char-code c)
when (and (>= c-code n) (> m c-code))
do (setf m c-code))
;; Increase delta enough to advance the decoder's <n,i>
;; state to <m,0> but guard against overflow:
(when (> (- m n) (truncate (- +maxint+ delta) (1+ h)))
(error "punycode_overflow(1)"))
(incf delta (* (- m n) (1+ h)))
(setf n m)
(loop for c across string
for downcased-c across downcased-string
for c-code = (char-code c)
do (when (and (< c-code n) (> (incf delta) +maxint+))
(error "punycode_overflow(2)"))
(when (= c-code n)
;; represent delta as a generalized variable-length integer:
(let ((q (do* ((q delta (truncate (- q tee) (- +base+ tee)))
(k +base+ (+ k +base+))
(tee (if (<= k bias)
(if (>= k (+ bias +tmax+))
(- k bias)))
(if (<= k bias)
(if (>= k (+ bias +tmax+))
(- k bias)))))
((< q tee) q)
(write-char (encode-digit (+ tee (rem (- q tee) (- +base+ tee))) nil)
(write-char (encode-digit q (not (eql downcased-c c))) output))
(setf bias (adapt delta (1+ h) (= h b)))
(setf delta 0)
(incf h)))
(incf delta)
(incf n)))
(defun to-ascii (string)
"Encode string to IDNA punycode format using the ToASCII algorithm."
(with-output-to-string (output)
(loop for (component . rest) on (split-sequence:split-sequence #\. string)
do (multiple-value-bind (punycode encodedp) (punycode-encode component :preserve-case nil)
(cond (encodedp
(write-string "xn--" output)
(write-string punycode output))
(t (write-string component output)))
(when rest
(write-char #\. output))))))
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