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;;;; jofrli.lisp
(in-package #:jofrli)
(labels ((unicode-range (low high &rest sans)
(loop for i from low to high
unless (member i sans)
collect (code-char i))))
(defparameter *chars* (concatenate 'string
(unicode-range 9728 9853) ; misc
(unicode-range 9632 9727) ; geometric shapes
(unicode-range 8592 8703) ; arrows
(unicode-range 9600 9631) ; block elements
(unicode-range 8448 8527) ; letterlike symbols
(unicode-range 10176 10219) ; miscellaneous mathematical symbols
(unicode-range 8704 8959) ; mathematical operators
(unicode-range 10240 10495) ; braille patterns
(unicode-range 8528 8591) ; number forms (vulgar fractions, roman)
(unicode-range 65104 65135) ; small form variants (tiny ampersand!)
(unicode-range 9216 9279) ; control pictures
(defparameter *max-fill* 0.6)
(defparameter *initial-min-length* 2)
(defun redis-get-integer-or-initialize (name default)
(or (when-let ((value (redis:get name)))
(parse-integer value))
(redis:incrby name default)))
(defun minimum-length ()
(redis-get-integer-or-initialize :min_length *initial-min-length*))
(defun max-count-at-length (&optional (length (minimum-length)))
(expt (length *chars*) length))
(defun degree-filled ()
(let ((current-count (redis-get-integer-or-initialize :current_count_at_length 0)))
(if (zerop current-count)
(/ (max-count-at-length) current-count))))
(defun increment-min-count ()
(redis:incr :min_length)
(redis:set :current_count_at_length 0))
(defun find-url (id)
(redis:hget "url" id))
(defun collision-p (id url)
(let ((current-value (find-url id)))
(values (and (not (null current-value))
(not (string= url current-value)))
(and current-value (puri:parse-uri current-value)))))
(defun resolve-alias (alias)
(redis:hget "aliases" alias))
(defun visit-key (id)
(format nil "visits/~a" id))
(defun store-url (id url normalized-url)
(assert (null (nth-value 1 (collision-p id url))))
(redis:hset "url" id url)
(when-let ((idn (idna:to-ascii id)))
(unless (string= idn id)
(redis:hset "aliases" idn id)))
(redis:hset "hashed-urls" normalized-url id)
(redis:ltrim (visit-key id) 0 0)
(redis:incrby :current_count_at_length 1)
(defun serialize-using-base (the-value base-chars)
(with-output-to-string (s)
(loop with base = (length base-chars)
with last-digit = nil
for value = the-value then (truncate value base)
for index = (rem value base)
for current-digit = (aref base-chars index)
until (zerop value)
do (when (eql current-digit last-digit)
(setf current-digit (aref base-chars (1+ index))))
do (setf last-digit current-digit)
do (write-char current-digit s))))
(defun hash-url (url &optional (rehash 0))
"Returns a possible ID value for URL"
(let* ((the-url (puri:parse-uri (if (zerop rehash)
(format nil "~a#~a" url rehash))))
(hash (md5:md5sum-sequence (puri:render-uri the-url nil)))
(hash-as-a-number (reduce (lambda (val aggregate) (+ val (* 255 aggregate))) hash))
(hash-value (rem hash-as-a-number (max-count-at-length))))
(serialize-using-base hash-value *chars*)))
(defun intern-url (url)
(let ((normalized-url (puri:render-uri (puri:parse-uri url) nil)))
(when-let ((previously (redis:hget "hashed-urls" normalized-url)))
(return-from intern-url previously))
(loop for rehash from 0
for hash = (hash-url url rehash)
when (not (collision-p hash url))
do (catch 'rehash
(handler-bind ((error (lambda (c)
(declare (ignore c))
(throw 'rehash nil))))
(multiple-value-bind (collisionp found-url) (collision-p hash url)
((and (not collisionp) (null found-url))
(return (store-url hash url normalized-url)))
((not collisionp)
(return hash)))))))))
(defun redirect-to-url (hash)
(when-let ((url (find-url hash)))
(redis:lpush (visit-key hash) (prin1-to-string (get-universal-time)))
;;; Introspection
(defun list-urls ()
(let ((idns (make-hash-table :test #'equal)))
(loop for (idn id) on (redis:hgetall "aliases") by #'cddr
do (setf (gethash id idns) idn))
(loop for (url id) on (redis:hgetall "hashed-urls") by #'cddr
for visits = (redis:llen (visit-key id))
collect (list :url url :id id :visits visits :idn (gethash id idns)))))
;;; API authorization
(defun authorized-p (authkey)
(redis:sismember "authorization" authkey))
(defun generate-authkey (&optional (secret ""))
;; XXX: I am (obviously) not a cryptographer, but I'm lazy. This is
;; not an effective deterrent against somebody willing to guess your
;; secret and your uuid pattern:
(let ((authkey (ironclad:byte-array-to-hex-string
(md5:md5sum-sequence (format nil "~a-~a" secret (uuid:make-v1-uuid))))))
(redis:sadd "authorization" authkey)
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