jQuery plugin for HTML5 <canvas>-based radial pie menus.
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Basic usage

Have an UL whose list items contain IMG elements with the icons you want on the menu:

<ul id="piemenu">
  <li id="entry-1"><img src="icons/item1.png"></li>
  <li id="entry-2"><img src="icons/item2.png"></li>
  <li id="entry-3"><img src="icons/item3.png"></li>
  <li id="entry-4"><img src="icons/item4.png"></li>

Then, when the pie menu should pop up, use:

$('#piemenu').pieMenu({top: 200, left: 400},
                      {onSelection: function(selectedElt) { alert(selectedElt.attr('id'); }});

As you might have guessed, the first object is a position spec for where the pie menu should up: coordinates specify the center of the radial menu, so if you use the current mouse coords, the "close" area is placed below the pointer.


  • onSelection: a callback function that is passed the selected LI element.


  • selectedColor: CSS color spec string for the color of the currently highlighted element.
  • backgroundColor: CSS color spec string for the slice/center circle backgrounds.
  • globalAlpha: a float number specifying the menu's opacity.


  • className: The new element's .className.
  • elementStyle: A property list passed to new element's .css jQuery method.

Radial menu proportions

  • closeRadius: Size of the center "X" circle
  • closePadding: Number of pixels that the choice slices are offset from the "close" circle.
  • closeSymbolSize: radius of the "X" lines of the close symbol
  • outerPadding: number of pixels that are added to the radius of the choice slices.

IE compatibility

I've tested this with excanvas.js on IE7 and IE8. Both work, as should IE6. See the excanvas site for details on integrating it in your project.