The slime/emacs demonstration I gave for Lambdaheads 2010-06-14
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Cool SLIME features

The Basics:

  • Editing files:
    • slime-reindent-defun
  • Evalutating expressions (C-c C-c)
  • Indentation (TAB), indentation of macros
  • Compiling & loading whole files (C-c C-k)
  • Finding definitions: M-.

The REPL & shortcuts:

  • , change-directory
  • , defparameter (aka ,!)
  • , in-package

Debugger: examples

  • Backtraces
  • Stack manipulation / evaluating stuff in frames
  • jump to frame source: “v” (not working in sbcl currently?)
  • Error Recovery

Stepper: examples

  • key bindings:
    step into

Inspector examples

  • Function arguments (RET on stack frames in the debugger)
  • Conditions (C in the debugger)
  • lists (Go back in history: “l”)
  • Packages
  • Generic functions
  • Classes

Cool paredit features


  • forward/backward, up/down
  • M-a / M-e (start / end of defun)

Editing lisp:

  • Auto-insertion of closing paren: Just type like you would otherwise
  • Snarf / Barf: M-left / M-right
  • killing expressions (C-M-k)
  • pulling out expressions: M-up

SLIME contribs

slime-selector: lets you jump around slime easily

slime-asdf: easy loading of third-party code

slime-autodoc: Very nice arglist display

slime-sbcl-exts: Nice condition display, implementation source lookup

Emacs features

show-paren-mode: Nice parenthesis display [builtin]

(show-paren-mode 1) (setq show-paren-delay 0)

full-ack: Fast grepping through a project [full-ack homepage]

(autoload ‘ack-same “full-ack” nil t) (autoload ‘ack “full-ack” nil t) (autoload ‘ack-find-same-file “full-ack” nil t) (autoload ‘ack-find-file “full-ack” nil t)

(defun ack-project (prefix) “Ack for current word at point from the project root (uses full-ack). With prefix argument, search only files of the same type.” (interactive “p”) (require ‘full-ack) (if prefix (ack-run (ack-guess-project-root) nil (current-word)) (ack-run (ack-guess-project-root) nil (append (ack-type) (list (current-word))))))

git-wip: Save every intermediate state of a tree (life saver!) [git-wip on github]

(load “git-wip”)

Every time you save a file, it commits to an invisible “wip” branch. No more hitting undo to get to a known-working state, just checkout the tree from when it was last working.

org-mode: Get organized. [org-mode homepage]

This presentation is an org outline.

It’s awesome, check it out (but it’s too big and unrelated to show here (-:)