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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Syntax: ANSI-Common-Lisp; Package: CLIM-DEMO; Base: 10; Lowercase: Yes -*-
;; $fiHeader: puzzle.lisp,v 1.23 1993/07/27 01:46:05 colin Exp $
(in-package :clim-demo)
"Copyright (c) 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 Symbolics, Inc. All rights reserved."
(define-application-frame puzzle ()
((puzzle :initform (make-array '(4 4))
:accessor puzzle-puzzle))
(display :application
:display-function 'draw-puzzle
:text-style '(:fix :bold :very-large)
:incremental-redisplay t
:text-cursor nil
:width :compute :height :compute
:end-of-page-action :allow
:end-of-line-action :allow))
(:default display)))
(defmethod frame-standard-input ((puzzle puzzle))
(get-frame-pane puzzle 'display))
(defmethod frame-standard-output ((puzzle puzzle))
(get-frame-pane puzzle 'display))
(defmethod run-frame-top-level :before ((puzzle puzzle) &key)
(initialize-puzzle puzzle))
(defmethod read-frame-command ((puzzle puzzle) &key (stream *standard-input*))
(let ((abort-chars #+genera '(#\Abort #\End)
#-genera nil))
(let ((command (read-command-using-keystrokes
(frame-command-table puzzle) abort-chars
:stream stream)))
(if (characterp command)
(frame-exit puzzle)
(define-presentation-type puzzle-cell ()
:inherit-from '(integer 1 15))
(define-presentation-method highlight-presentation ((type puzzle-cell) record stream state)
(multiple-value-bind (xoff yoff)
(#+mcclim climi::convert-from-relative-to-absolute-coordinates ;; Legacy CLIM 1.0 function..
#-mcclim clim:convert-from-relative-to-absolute-coordinates
stream (output-record-parent record))
(with-bounding-rectangle* (left top right bottom) record
(draw-rectangle* stream
(+ left xoff) (+ top yoff)
(+ right xoff) (+ bottom yoff)
:ink +flipping-ink+))))
(defun encode-puzzle-cell (row column)
(+ (* row 4) column))
(defun decode-puzzle-cell (encoding)
(floor encoding 4))
(defmethod initialize-puzzle ((puzzle puzzle))
(let ((puzzle-array (puzzle-puzzle puzzle)))
(dotimes (row 4)
(dotimes (column 4)
(setf (aref puzzle-array row column) (mod (1+ (encode-puzzle-cell row column)) 16))))))
(defmethod draw-puzzle ((puzzle puzzle) stream &key max-width max-height)
(declare (ignore max-width max-height))
(let ((puzzle-array (puzzle-puzzle puzzle)))
(formatting-table (stream)
(dotimes (row 4)
(formatting-row (stream)
(dotimes (column 4)
(let* ((value (aref puzzle-array row column))
(cell-id (encode-puzzle-cell row column)))
(updating-output (stream :unique-id cell-id
:cache-value value)
(formatting-cell (stream :align-x :right)
(unless (zerop value)
(stream cell-id 'puzzle-cell)
(format stream "~2D" value))))))))))))
(defun find-open-cell (puzzle)
(dotimes (row 4)
(dotimes (column 4)
(when (zerop (aref puzzle row column))
(return (encode-puzzle-cell row column))))))
(defun cell-adjacent-to-open-cell (puzzle r c)
;; check row
(dotimes (column 4)
(when (and (/= column c) (zerop (aref puzzle r column)))
(return (encode-puzzle-cell r column))))
(dotimes (row 4)
(when (and (/= row r) (zerop (aref puzzle row c)))
(return (encode-puzzle-cell row c))))))
(define-puzzle-command com-move-cell
((cell 'puzzle-cell))
(with-slots (puzzle) *application-frame*
(multiple-value-bind (this-row this-column) (decode-puzzle-cell cell)
(let ((open-cell (cell-adjacent-to-open-cell puzzle this-row this-column)))
(multiple-value-bind (open-row open-column) (decode-puzzle-cell open-cell)
(cond ((= open-row this-row)
(cond ((> open-column this-column)
(do ((c open-column (1- c)))
((= c this-column))
(setf (aref puzzle this-row c)
(aref puzzle this-row (1- c)))))
(t (do ((c open-column (1+ c)))
((= c this-column))
(setf (aref puzzle this-row c)
(aref puzzle this-row (1+ c)))))))
((= open-column this-column)
(cond ((> open-row this-row)
(do ((r open-row (1- r)))
((= r this-row))
(setf (aref puzzle r this-column)
(aref puzzle (1- r) this-column))))
(t (do ((r open-row (1+ r)))
((= r this-row))
(setf (aref puzzle r this-column)
(aref puzzle (1+ r) this-column)))))))))
(setf (aref puzzle this-row this-column) 0))))
(define-presentation-to-command-translator move-cell
(puzzle-cell com-move-cell puzzle
:documentation "Move cell"
:tester ((object) (cell-moveable-p object)))
(list object))
(defun cell-moveable-p (object)
(multiple-value-bind (r c)
(decode-puzzle-cell object)
(cell-adjacent-to-open-cell (puzzle-puzzle *application-frame*) r c)))
(define-puzzle-command (com-scramble :menu t)
(let ((ordering (list 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14))
(puzzle-array (puzzle-puzzle *application-frame*)))
(flet ((random-predicate (x y)
(declare (ignore x y))
(zerop (random 2))))
(declare (dynamic-extent #'random-predicate))
(setq ordering (sort ordering #'random-predicate)))
(flet ((ordering-parity (ordering)
(do* ((ordering2 (copy-list ordering))
(total-parity t)
(start (position-if #'identity ordering2)
(position-if #'identity ordering2)))
((null start) total-parity)
(let ((cycle-parity (do* ((evenp t (not evenp))
(item (nth start ordering) (nth item ordering)))
((= item start)
(setf (nth start ordering2) nil)
(setf (nth item ordering2) nil))))
(when (null cycle-parity)
(setq total-parity (not total-parity)))))))
(unless (ordering-parity ordering)
(rotatef (first ordering) (second ordering))))
(dotimes (row 4)
(dotimes (column 4)
(setf (aref puzzle-array row column) (if ordering (+ 1 (pop ordering)) 0))))))
(define-puzzle-command (com-exit-puzzle :menu "Exit")
(frame-exit *application-frame*))
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