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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: CLIM-INTERNALS; -*-
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; Title: Pixel translation
;;; Created: 2001-07-14
;;; Author: Gilbert Baumann <>
;;; License: LGPL (See file COPYING for details).
;;; $Id: pixel-format.lisp,v 1.2 2002/02/21 03:38:24 gilbert Exp $
;;; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
;;; (c) copyright 2001 by Gilbert Baumann
;;; This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;;; modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
;;; License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
;;; version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;;; This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; Library General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
;;; License along with this library; if not, write to the
;;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;;; Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA.
;;;; Changes
;; $Log:$
(in-package :clim-internals)
(defparameter *code-optimization*
'(optimize (safety 0) (space 0) (speed 3) (debug 0))
"Code optimization level within pixel translation code.")
;; A pixel format is the representation of such an easy concept as an
;; RGBA quadruple. Such an representation is called a »sample« here.
;; Things are made harder by various formats for this information and
;; by the possible need to dither colors on some devices.
;; We define a new [protocol] class named PIXEL-FORMAT and their
;; subclasses INPUT-PIXEL-FORMAT, which denotes a pixel format
;; suitable to converting a sample to an RGBA quadruple and
;; PIXEL-OUTPUT-FORMAT suitable for converting an RGBA quadruple to a
;; sample. IO-PIXEL-FORMAT then is the union of both.
;; Some pixel formats may dither and thus [output] conversion may
;; depend on the x/y coördinate pair of the pixel. Others are
;; »uniform«, that is they do not depend on the coördinate of the
;; pixel.
;; What we finally want to achieve is to have some function:
;; CONVERT-PIXELS input-array input-format output-array output-format
;; Which converts pixels stored in some format to pixels stored in
;; some other format. And: This functions should be as fast as
;; possible. We achieve the speed by not calling some generic function
;; on the pixel-format for each pixel to do the conversion, but by
;; compiling the actual conversion code. Compilation takes place in
;; run-time, which allows us to write rather general code and still
;; adopt to all those weird X11 visual classes.
;; So we have:
;; PIXEL-FORMAT [class]
;; IO-PIXEL-FORMAT [class]
(define-protocol-class pixel-format ()
((composer :initform nil)))
(define-protocol-class input-pixel-format (pixel-format)
(define-protocol-class output-pixel-format (pixel-format)
(define-protocol-class io-pixel-format (input-pixel-format output-pixel-format) ())
(define-protocol-class uniform-pixel-format () ()
;; Mixin class for uniform pixel formats
(define-protocol-class non-uniform-pixel-format () ()
;; Mixin class for non-uniform pixel formats
;; and their predicates
;; The protocol
(defgeneric pixel-decomposing-code (pixel-format)
;; Convert a sample to an RGBA quadruple.
;; Returns code, which represents F.
;; F: context sample -> r g b a
(defgeneric pixel-composing-code (pixel-format)
;; Convert an RGBA quadruple to a sample.
;; Returns code, which represents F.
;; F: context R G B A x y -> sample
(defgeneric pixel-format-element-type (pixel-format)
;; Returns *the* element-type used for arrays containing images made
;; out of pixel in this particular format.
(defgeneric pixel-format-maximum-component-values (pixel-format)
;; Returns four values
;; - maximum value of red component
;; - maximum value of green component
;; - maximum value of blue component
;; - maximum value of alpha component
;;;; Some Utilities
(defun pixel-format-red-max (pixel-format)
(nth-value 0 (pixel-format-maximum-component-values pixel-format)))
(defun pixel-format-green-max (pixel-format)
(nth-value 1 (pixel-format-maximum-component-values pixel-format)))
(defun pixel-format-blue-max (pixel-format)
(nth-value 2 (pixel-format-maximum-component-values pixel-format)))
(defun pixel-format-alpha-max (pixel-format)
(nth-value 3 (pixel-format-maximum-component-values pixel-format)))
;;;; Direct Pixel Formats
;;;; True Color
(defvar *make-pixel-format-instance/unique-table*
(make-hash-table :test #'equal))
(defclass true-color-pixel-format (io-pixel-format uniform-pixel-format)
((red-byte :reader true-color-pixel-format-red-byte :initarg :red-byte)
(green-byte :reader true-color-pixel-format-green-byte :initarg :green-byte)
(blue-byte :reader true-color-pixel-format-blue-byte :initarg :blue-byte)
(alpha-byte :reader true-color-pixel-format-alpha-byte :initarg :alpha-byte)
(red-max :initarg :red-max)
(green-max :initarg :green-max)
(blue-max :initarg :blue-max)
(alpha-max :initarg :alpha-max)
(element-type :reader pixel-format-element-type :initarg :element-type)))
(defmethod pixel-format-maximum-component-values ((pixel-format true-color-pixel-format))
(with-slots (red-max green-max blue-max alpha-max) pixel-format
(values red-max green-max blue-max alpha-max)))
(defun make-true-color-pixel-format
(&key (red-byte (error "~S is a required argument" :red-byte))
(green-byte (error "~S is a required argument" :green-byte))
(blue-byte (error "~S is a required argument" :blue-byte))
(alpha-byte (byte 0 0))
(red-max (1- (expt 2 (byte-size red-byte))))
(green-max (1- (expt 2 (byte-size green-byte))))
(blue-max (1- (expt 2 (byte-size blue-byte))))
(alpha-max (1- (expt 2 (byte-size alpha-byte))))
(element-type `(unsigned-byte
,(max (+ (byte-size red-byte) (byte-position red-byte))
(+ (byte-size green-byte) (byte-position green-byte))
(+ (byte-size blue-byte) (byte-position blue-byte))
(+ (byte-size alpha-byte) (byte-position alpha-byte))))))
(make-pixel-format-instance 'true-color-pixel-format
:red-byte red-byte
:green-byte green-byte
:blue-byte blue-byte
:alpha-byte alpha-byte
:red-max red-max
:green-max green-max
:blue-max blue-max
:alpha-max alpha-max
:element-type element-type))
(defun make-pixel-format-instance (&rest args)
(or (gethash args *make-pixel-format-instance/unique-table*)
(setf (gethash args *make-pixel-format-instance/unique-table*)
(apply #'make-instance args))))
(defmethod pixel-decomposing-code ((pf true-color-pixel-format))
(with-slots (red-byte green-byte blue-byte alpha-byte
red-max green-max blue-max alpha-max
`(lambda (context sample)
(declare (ignore context)
(type ,element-type sample))
(values (ldb (byte ,(byte-size red-byte) ,(byte-position red-byte)) sample)
(ldb (byte ,(byte-size green-byte) ,(byte-position green-byte)) sample)
(ldb (byte ,(byte-size blue-byte) ,(byte-position blue-byte)) sample)
,(if (= 0 (byte-size alpha-byte))
`(ldb (byte ,(byte-size alpha-byte) ,(byte-position alpha-byte)) sample)))) ))
(defmethod pixel-composing-code ((pf true-color-pixel-format))
(with-slots ((red-max red-max)
(green-max green-max)
(blue-max blue-max)
(alpha-max alpha-max)
red-byte green-byte blue-byte alpha-byte element-type) pf
`(lambda (context r g b a x y)
(declare (ignore x y)
(ignore context)
(ignorable a)
(type (integer 0 ,red-max) r)
(type (integer 0 ,green-max) g)
(type (integer 0 ,blue-max) b)
(type (integer 0 ,alpha-max) a))
(the ,element-type
(dpb r (byte ,(byte-size red-byte) ,(byte-position red-byte))
(dpb g (byte ,(byte-size green-byte) ,(byte-position green-byte))
(dpb b (byte ,(byte-size blue-byte) ,(byte-position blue-byte))
,(if (= (byte-size alpha-byte) 0)
;; no alpha here
;; else also deposit the alpha value
`(dpb a
(byte ,(byte-size alpha-byte) ,(byte-position alpha-byte))
0))))) ))))
;;;; Gray Scale
(defclass gray-scale-pixel-format (io-pixel-format uniform-pixel-format)
((gray-byte :reader gray-scale-pixel-format-gray-byte :initarg :gray-byte)
(alpha-byte :reader gray-scale-pixel-format-alpha-byte :initarg :alpha-byte)
(gray-max :reader gray-scale-pixel-format-gray-max :initarg :gray-max)
(alpha-max :initarg :alpha-max)
(element-type :reader pixel-format-element-type :initarg :element-type) ))
(defmethod pixel-format-maximum-component-values ((pixel-format gray-scale-pixel-format))
(values (gray-scale-pixel-format-gray-max pixel-format)
(gray-scale-pixel-format-gray-max pixel-format)
(gray-scale-pixel-format-gray-max pixel-format)
(defun make-gray-scale-pixel-format
(&key (gray-byte (error "~S is a required argument" :gray-byte))
(alpha-byte (byte 0 0))
(gray-max (1- (expt 2 (byte-size gray-byte))))
(alpha-max (1- (expt 2 (byte-size alpha-byte))))
(element-type `(unsigned-byte
,(max (+ (byte-size gray-byte) (byte-position gray-byte))
(+ (byte-size alpha-byte) (byte-position alpha-byte))))))
(make-pixel-format-instance 'gray-scale-pixel-format
:gray-byte gray-byte
:alpha-byte alpha-byte
:gray-max gray-max
:alpha-max alpha-max
:element-type element-type))
(defmethod pixel-decomposing-code ((pf gray-scale-pixel-format))
(with-slots (alpha-byte gray-byte) pf
`(lambda (context sample)
(declare (ignore context)
(type ,(pixel-format-element-type pf) sample))
,(cond ((= 0 (byte-size alpha-byte))
`(values sample sample sample 0))
`(let ((s (ldb (byte ,(byte-size gray-byte) ,(byte-position gray-byte))
(values s s s
(ldb (byte ,(byte-size alpha-byte) ,(byte-position alpha-byte))
(defmethod pixel-composing-code ((pf gray-scale-pixel-format))
(with-slots (gray-byte gray-max alpha-byte alpha-max) pf
(let ((max gray-max))
(assert (= max
(pixel-format-red-max pf)
(pixel-format-green-max pf)
(pixel-format-blue-max pf)))
`(lambda (context r g b a x y)
(declare (ignore x y context)
(ignorable a)
(type (integer 0 ,max) r g b)
(type (integer 0 ,alpha-max) a))
(let ((lum (floor (the (integer 0 ,(* 1024 max))
(+ (* 307 r) (* 599 g) (* 118 b)))
(declare (type (integer 0 ,max) lum))
(logior (ash lum ,(byte-position gray-byte))
,(if (> (byte-size alpha-byte) 0)
`(ash a ,(byte-position alpha-byte))
(defmethod pixel-format-maximum-component-values ((pixel-format (eql 'clim:color)))
(values #xFFFF #xFFFF #xFFFF 0))
(defmethod pixel-decomposing-code ((pixel-format (eql 'clim:color)))
`(lambda (context sample)
(declare (ignore context))
(multiple-value-bind (r g b) (color-rgb sample)
(values (floor (* ,(pixel-format-red-max pixel-format) r))
(floor (* ,(pixel-format-green-max pixel-format) g))
(floor (* ,(pixel-format-blue-max pixel-format) b))
(defmethod pixel-composing-code ((pixel-format (eql 'clim:color)))
(multiple-value-bind (rmax gmax bmax) (pixel-format-maximum-component-values pixel-format)
`(lambda (context r g b a x y)
(declare (ignore context a x y)
(type (integer 0 ,rmax) r)
(type (integer 0 ,gmax) g)
(type (integer 0 ,bmax) b))
(make-rgb-color (/ r ,(coerce rmax 'short-float))
(/ g ,(coerce gmax 'short-float))
(/ b ,(coerce bmax 'short-float))))))
(defmethod pixel-format-element-type ((pixel-format (eql 'clim:color)))
;;;; Dithers
(defclass color-dithering-pixel-format (output-pixel-format non-uniform-pixel-format)
((output-format :initarg :output-format)
(red-max :initarg :red-max :initform 255)
(green-max :initarg :green-max :initform 255)
(blue-max :initarg :blue-max :initform 255)
(alpha-max :initarg :alpha-max :initform 0)))
(defmethod pixel-format-maximum-component-values ((pf color-dithering-pixel-format))
(with-slots (red-max green-max blue-max alpha-max) pf
(values red-max green-max blue-max alpha-max)))
(defconstant +dither-map+
'#2A(( 0 48 12 60 3 51 15 63)
(32 16 44 28 35 19 47 31)
( 8 56 4 52 11 59 7 55)
(40 24 36 20 43 27 39 23)
( 2 50 14 62 1 49 13 61)
(34 18 46 30 33 17 45 29)
(10 58 6 54 9 57 5 53)
(42 26 38 22 41 25 37 21)))
(defmethod pixel-composing-code ((pf color-dithering-pixel-format))
(with-slots (red-max green-max blue-max alpha-max output-format) pf
(multiple-value-bind (ormax ogmax obmax oamax)
(pixel-format-maximum-component-values output-format)
`(lambda (context r g b a x y)
(declare (ignorable a)
(type (integer 0 ,red-max) r)
(type (integer 0 ,green-max) g)
(type (integer 0 ,blue-max) b)
(type (integer 0 ,alpha-max) a))
(,(pixel-composing-code output-format)
(,(generic-ditherer (1+ ormax) red-max) x y r)
(,(generic-ditherer (1+ ogmax) green-max) x y g)
(,(generic-ditherer (1+ obmax) blue-max) x y b)
,(if (= 0 oamax)
`(,(generic-ditherer (1+ oamax) alpha-max) x y a))
x y)))))
(defmethod pixel-format-element-type ((pf color-dithering-pixel-format))
(with-slots (output-format) pf
(pixel-format-element-type output-format)))
(defun generic-ditherer (m maxval)
(let ((table-size (1+ maxval)))
(let ((table (make-array (list 8 8 table-size))))
(dotimes (x 8)
(dotimes (y 8)
(dotimes (s table-size)
(multiple-value-bind (c0 delta) (floor (* s (1- m)) maxval)
(setf (aref table x y s)
(min (1- m)
(if ;; (<= (/ delta maxval) (/ (aref +dither-map+ x y) 64))
(<= (* 64 delta) (* maxval (aref +dither-map+ x y)))
(+ c0 1))))))))
`(lambda (x y s)
(the fixnum
(aref (the (simple-array t (8 8 ,table-size)) ',table)
(the fixnum (logand #x7 x))
(the fixnum (logand #x7 y))
(the fixnum s) ))))))
;;; gray ditherer
(defclass gray-dithering-pixel-format (output-pixel-format non-uniform-pixel-format)
((output-format :initarg :output-format)
(gray-max :initarg :gray-max :initform 255)
(alpha-max :initarg :alpha-max :initform 0)))
(defmethod pixel-format-maximum-component-values ((pf gray-dithering-pixel-format))
(with-slots (gray-max alpha-max) pf
(values gray-max gray-max gray-max alpha-max)))
(defmethod pixel-composing-code ((pf gray-dithering-pixel-format))
(with-slots (gray-max alpha-max output-format) pf
(multiple-value-bind (ormax ogmax obmax oamax)
(pixel-format-maximum-component-values output-format)
`(lambda (context r g b a x y)
(declare (ignorable a)
(type (integer 0 ,gray-max) r g b)
(type (integer 0 ,alpha-max) a))
(let ((gray (floor (the (integer 0 ,(* 1024 gray-max))
(+ (* 307 r) (* 599 g) (* 118 b)))
(,(pixel-composing-code output-format)
(,(generic-ditherer (1+ ormax) gray-max) x y gray)
(,(generic-ditherer (1+ ogmax) gray-max) x y gray)
(,(generic-ditherer (1+ obmax) gray-max) x y gray)
,(if (= 0 oamax)
`(,(generic-ditherer (1+ oamax) alpha-max) x y a))
x y))))))
(defmethod pixel-format-element-type ((pf gray-dithering-pixel-format))
(with-slots (output-format) pf
(pixel-format-element-type output-format)))
;;;; Helper for RGB-Cubes
(defclass rgb-cube-output-pixel-format (output-pixel-format uniform-pixel-format)
((cube :initarg :cube)
(element-type :initarg :element-type :reader pixel-format-element-type)))
(defmethod pixel-format-maximum-component-values ((pf rgb-cube-output-pixel-format))
(with-slots (cube) pf
(values (1- (array-dimension cube 0))
(1- (array-dimension cube 1))
(1- (array-dimension cube 2))
(defmethod pixel-composing-code ((pf rgb-cube-output-pixel-format))
(with-slots (cube) pf
`(lambda (context r g b a x y)
(declare (ignore context a x y)
(type (integer 0 ,(array-dimension cube 0)) r)
(type (integer 0 ,(array-dimension cube 1)) g)
(type (integer 0 ,(array-dimension cube 2)) b))
(aref (the ,(type-of cube) ',cube) r g b))))
;;;; Generic Pixel Translator
(defmethod pixel-translating-code (input-pixel-format output-pixel-format)
;; generic pixel translator
(multiple-value-bind (irmax igmax ibmax iamax)
(pixel-format-maximum-component-values input-pixel-format)
(multiple-value-bind (ormax ogmax obmax oamax)
(pixel-format-maximum-component-values output-pixel-format)
`(lambda (input-context output-context sample x y)
(multiple-value-bind (r g b a)
(,(pixel-decomposing-code input-pixel-format) input-context sample)
(,(pixel-composing-code output-pixel-format)
(,(rescaling-code irmax ormax) r)
(,(rescaling-code igmax ogmax) g)
(,(rescaling-code ibmax obmax) b)
(,(rescaling-code iamax oamax) a)
x y))))))
(defun power-of-two-p (x)
(= (logcount x) 1))
(defparameter *table-threshold* 256)
(defun rescaling-code (input-max output-max)
`(lambda (x)
,(cond ((= input-max output-max)
((and (< output-max input-max)
(power-of-two-p (1+ output-max))
(power-of-two-p (1+ input-max)))
;; This already is an approximation?
`(ash x ,(- (integer-length output-max) (integer-length input-max))))
((= input-max 0)
;; This prevents a divide by zero below and takes care of
;; missing alpha-channels.
;; table approach
((< input-max *table-threshold*)
(let ((table (make-array (1+ input-max) :element-type `(integer 0 ,output-max))))
(loop for i from 0 to input-max do
(setf (aref table i) (round (* output-max i) input-max)))
`(aref (the ,(type-of table) ',table) x)))
(let ((q (/ output-max input-max)))
`(floor (* ,(numerator q) x) ,(denominator q)))))))
;;;; Common Formats
(defconstant +RGB-8-format+
:red-byte (byte 8 16)
:green-byte (byte 8 8)
:blue-byte (byte 8 0)))
(defconstant +BGR-8-format+
:red-byte (byte 8 0)
:green-byte (byte 8 8)
:blue-byte (byte 8 16)))
(defconstant +gray-8-format+
(make-gray-scale-pixel-format :gray-byte (byte 8 0)))
(defconstant +bitarray-format+
(make-gray-scale-pixel-format :gray-byte (byte 1 0)))
(defmethod print-object ((x (eql +rgb-8-format+)) sink)
(declare (ignorable x))
(format sink "#.~S" '+rgb-8-format+))
(defmethod print-object ((x (eql +bgr-8-format+)) sink)
(declare (ignorable x))
(format sink "#.~S" '+bgr-8-format+))
(defmethod print-object ((x (eql +gray-8-format+)) sink)
(declare (ignorable x))
(format sink "#.~S" '+gray-8-format+))
(defmethod print-object ((x (eql +bitarray-format+)) sink)
(declare (ignorable x))
(format sink "#.~S" '+bitarray-format+))
;;;; TODO
;;; - A pixel format needs some notion of a context. E.g. They might
;;; be indexed pixel formats, where the pixel translating code needs
;;; some access to the palette.
;;; - A pixel format also needs something like a base type.
;;; - The (type (unsigned-byte 16) x y) is considered harmful.
;;; - For more speed still, we want [sub]array translators
;;; - There are still assumptions that components are 8-bit wide.
;;; - There still is the question, if we should allocate the colormap
;;; entries, wenn we generate the pixel translator.
(defmethod pixel-format-composer ((pf output-pixel-format))
(with-slots (composer) pf
(or composer
(setf composer
(compile nil
(multiple-value-bind (rmax gmax bmax amax)
(pixel-format-maximum-component-values pf)
`(lambda (context r g b a x y)
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 8) r g b a)
(type (unsigned-byte 16) x y)
(,(pixel-composing-code pf)
(,(rescaling-code 255 rmax) r)
(,(rescaling-code 255 gmax) g)
(,(rescaling-code 255 bmax) b)
(,(rescaling-code 255 amax) a)
x y))))))))
(defmethod compose-standard-pixel ((pf output-pixel-format) r g b a x y)
(with-slots (composer) pf
(funcall (or composer (pixel-format-composer pf))
nil r g b a x y)))
(let ((clim-color-composer nil))
(defmethod compose-standard-pixel ((pf (eql 'clim:color)) r g b a x y)
(funcall (or clim-color-composer
(setf clim-color-composer
(compile nil
(multiple-value-bind (rmax gmax bmax amax)
(pixel-format-maximum-component-values pf)
`(lambda (context r g b a x y)
(declare (type (unsigned-byte 8) r g b a)
(type (unsigned-byte 16) x y)
(,(pixel-composing-code pf)
(,(rescaling-code 255 rmax) r)
(,(rescaling-code 255 gmax) g)
(,(rescaling-code 255 bmax) b)
(,(rescaling-code 255 amax) a)
x y))))))
nil r g b a x y)))
;;; XXX (unsigned-byte 16) considered harmful.
;;;; Pixel Format Cache
;; Since compilation for pixel code is considered expensive, we cache
;; binary code. We cache the following functions:
;; - compose-pixel
;; - decompose-pixel
;; - translate-pixel
;; - translate-pixels
;; The user then has the following API:
;; TRANSLATE-PIXEL input-pixel-format output-pixel-format sample -> sample'
;; TRANSLATE-PIXELS input-pixel-format output-pixel-format source-array destination-array
;; and:
;; PIXEL-TRANSLATOR input-pixel-format output-pixel-format -> (sample -> sample)
;; PIXELS-TRANSLATOR input-pixel-format output-pixel-format -> (source-array destination-array ->)
;;(defclass spreaded-pixel-format ())
;; A special pixel format.
;; Input samples are spreaded R,G,B,A tuples
;; Output samples are multiple values.
(defvar *pixel-translator-cache*
(make-hash-table :test #'equal))
(defvar *pixels-translator-cache*
(make-hash-table :test #'equal))
(defmethod pixel-translator (input-pixel-format output-pixel-format)
(or (gethash (list input-pixel-format output-pixel-format) *pixel-translator-cache*)
(setf (gethash (list input-pixel-format output-pixel-format) *pixel-translator-cache*)
(compile nil `(lambda (sample x y)
(declare ,*code-optimization*)
(declare (type fixnum x y)) ;xxx
(,(pixel-translating-code input-pixel-format output-pixel-format)
nil nil sample x y)) ))))
(defmethod pixels-translator (input-pixel-format output-pixel-format)
(or (gethash (list input-pixel-format output-pixel-format) *pixels-translator-cache*)
(setf (gethash (list input-pixel-format output-pixel-format) *pixels-translator-cache*)
`(lambda (source-array source-start source-skip
dest-array dest-start dest-skip
width height
x0 y0)
(let ((source-ptr source-start)
(dest-ptr dest-start))
(loop for y from y0 below (+ y0 height) do
(loop for i from 0 below width do
(setf (row-major-aref dest-array (+ dest-ptr i))
(,(pixel-translating-code input-pixel-format output-pixel-format)
nil nil
(row-major-aref source-array (+ source-ptr i))
(+ x0 i) y)))
(incf source-ptr source-skip)
(incf dest-ptr dest-skip)))) ))))
(defun translate-pixel (input-pixel-format output-pixel-format sample &optional (x 0) (y 0))
(funcall (pixel-translator input-pixel-format output-pixel-format) sample x y))
(defun translate-pixels (input-pixel-format input-array output-pixel-format output-array
&optional (x0 0) (y0 0))
(funcall (pixels-translator input-pixel-format output-pixel-format)
input-array 0 (array-dimension input-array 1)
output-array 0 (array-dimension output-array 1)
(array-dimension input-array 1)
(array-dimension input-array 0)
x0 y0))
(defmethod compose-pixel ((pixel-format pixel-format) red green blue opacity x y)
(funcall (or (slot-value pixel-format 'composer)
(setf (slot-value pixel-format 'composer)
(compile nil (pixel-composing-code pixel-format))))
nil red green blue opacity x y))
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