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(in-package :clim-internals)
;;; Utilities
(defun point-to-complex (point)
"convert a point to a complex number"
(complex (point-x point) (point-y point)))
(defun complex-to-point (complex)
"convert a complex number to a point"
(make-point (realpart complex) (imagpart complex)))
(defun distance (p0 p1)
"return the euclidian distance between two points"
(multiple-value-bind (x0 y0) (point-position p0)
(multiple-value-bind (x1 y1) (point-position p1)
(let* ((dx (- x1 x0))
(dx2 (* dx dx))
(dy (- y1 y0))
(dy2 (* dy dy)))
(sqrt (+ dx2 dy2))))))
(defun part-way (p0 p1 alpha)
"return a point that is part way between two other points"
(multiple-value-bind (x0 y0) (point-position p0)
(multiple-value-bind (x1 y1) (point-position p1)
(make-point (+ (* (- 1 alpha) x0) (* alpha x1))
(+ (* (- 1 alpha) y0) (* alpha y1))))))
(defun dot-dist (p p0 p1)
"dot distance between a point and a line"
(let ((dx (- (point-x p1) (point-x p0)))
(dy (- (point-y p1) (point-y p0))))
(- (* (point-x p) dy)
(* (point-y p) dx))))
(defun solve-quadratic (a2 a1 a0 &key complex-roots multiple-roots)
(when (zerop a2)
(return-from solve-quadratic (- (/ a0 a1))))
(unless (= a2 1)
(setf a1 (/ a1 a2)
a0 (/ a0 a2)))
(let* ((-a1/2 (- (/ a1 2.0)))
(r (- (* -a1/2 -a1/2) a0)))
(cond ((zerop r)
(if multiple-roots (values -a1/2 -a1/2) -a1/2))
((minusp r)
(if complex-roots (values (+ -a1/2 (sqrt r)) (- -a1/2 (sqrt r))) (values)))
(values (+ -a1/2 (sqrt r)) (- -a1/2 (sqrt r)))))))
(defun dist (v z)
"compute the distance between a point and a vector represented as a complex number"
(- (* (realpart z) (point-y v))
(* (imagpart z) (point-x v))))
(defclass bezier-design (design)
((%or :accessor original-region :initform nil)))
(defgeneric medium-draw-bezier-design* (stream design))
(defclass bezier-design-output-record (standard-graphics-displayed-output-record)
((stream :initarg :stream)
(design :initarg :design)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((record bezier-design-output-record) &key)
(with-slots (design) record
(setf (rectangle-edges* record)
(bounding-rectangle* design))))
(defmethod medium-draw-bezier-design* :around ((stream output-recording-stream) design)
(with-sheet-medium (medium stream)
(let ((transformed-design (transform-region (medium-transformation medium) design)))
(when (stream-recording-p stream)
(let ((record (make-instance 'bezier-design-output-record
:stream stream
:design transformed-design)))
(stream-add-output-record stream record)))
(when (stream-drawing-p stream)
(medium-draw-bezier-design* medium design)))))
(defmethod medium-draw-bezier-design* :around
((medium transform-coordinates-mixin) design)
(let* ((tr (medium-transformation medium))
(design (transform-region tr design)))
(call-next-method medium design)))
(defmethod replay-output-record ((record bezier-design-output-record) stream &optional
(region +everywhere+) (x-offset 0) (y-offset 0))
(declare (ignore x-offset y-offset region))
(with-slots (design) record
(medium-draw-bezier-design* (sheet-medium stream) design)))
;;; Bezier curves and areas
(defclass bezier-segment ()
((p0 :initarg :p0)
(p1 :initarg :p1)
(p2 :initarg :p2)
(p3 :initarg :p3)))
(defun make-bezier-segment (p0 p1 p2 p3)
(make-instance 'bezier-segment
:p0 p0 :p1 p1 :p2 p2 :p3 p3))
(defclass bounding-rectangle-mixin ()
((min-x) (min-y) (max-x) (max-y)))
(defmethod bounding-rectangle* ((region bounding-rectangle-mixin))
(with-slots (min-x min-y max-x max-y) region
(values min-x min-y max-x max-y)))
(defclass segments-mixin (bounding-rectangle-mixin)
((%segments :initarg :segments :initform '() :reader %segments)))
(defmethod compute-bounding-rectangle* ((segments-mixin segments-mixin))
(multiple-value-bind (final-min-x final-min-y final-max-x final-max-y)
(segment-bounding-rectangle (car (%segments segments-mixin)))
(loop for segment in (cdr (%segments segments-mixin))
do (multiple-value-bind (min-x min-y max-x max-y)
(segment-bounding-rectangle segment)
(setf final-min-x (min final-min-x min-x)
final-min-y (min final-min-y min-y)
final-max-x (max final-max-x max-x)
final-max-y (max final-max-y max-y))))
(values final-min-x final-min-y final-max-x final-max-y)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((region segments-mixin) &rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(multiple-value-bind (computed-min-x computed-min-y computed-max-x computed-max-y)
(compute-bounding-rectangle* region)
(with-slots (min-x min-y max-x max-y) region
(setf min-x computed-min-x
min-y computed-min-y
max-x computed-max-x
max-y computed-max-y))))
;;; a path defined as a sequence of Bezier curve segments
(defclass bezier-curve (path segments-mixin bounding-rectangle-mixin) ())
(defun make-bezier-thing (class point-seq)
(assert (= (mod (length point-seq) 3) 1))
(make-instance class
:segments (loop for (p0 p1 p2 p3) on point-seq by #'cdddr
until (null p1)
collect (make-bezier-segment p0 p1 p2 p3))))
(defun make-bezier-thing* (class coord-seq)
(assert (= (mod (length coord-seq) 6) 2))
(make-instance class
:segments (loop for (x0 y0 x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3 x4 y4)
on coord-seq by #'(lambda (x) (nthcdr 6 x))
until (null x1)
collect (make-bezier-segment
(make-point x0 y0)
(make-point x1 y1)
(make-point x2 y2)
(make-point x3 y3)))))
(defun make-bezier-curve (point-seq)
(make-bezier-thing 'bezier-curve point-seq))
(defun make-bezier-curve* (coord-seq)
(make-bezier-thing* 'bezier-curve coord-seq))
(defun transform-segment (transformation segment)
(with-slots (p0 p1 p2 p3) segment
(make-bezier-segment (transform-region transformation p0)
(transform-region transformation p1)
(transform-region transformation p2)
(transform-region transformation p3))))
(defmethod transform-region (transformation (path bezier-curve))
(make-instance 'bezier-curve
:segments (mapcar (lambda (segment)
(transform-segment transformation segment))
(%segments path))))
(defmethod region-equal ((p1 point) (p2 point))
(let ((coordinate-epsilon (* #.(expt 2 10) double-float-epsilon)))
(and (<= (abs (- (point-x p1) (point-x p2))) coordinate-epsilon)
(<= (abs (- (point-y p1) (point-y p2))) coordinate-epsilon))))
(defmethod region-union ((r1 bezier-curve) (r2 bezier-curve))
(let ((p (slot-value (car (last (%segments r1))) 'p3))
(seg (car (%segments r2))))
(if (region-equal p (slot-value seg 'p0))
(with-slots (p1 p2 p3) seg
(make-instance 'bezier-curve
:segments (append (%segments r1)
(cons (make-bezier-segment p p1 p2 p3)
(cdr (%segments r2))))))
;;; an area defined as a closed path of Bezier curve segments
(defclass bezier-area (area bezier-design segments-mixin bounding-rectangle-mixin)
((%trans :initarg :transformation :reader transformation :initform +identity-transformation+)))
(defgeneric close-path (path))
(defmethod close-path ((path bezier-curve))
(let ((segments (%segments path)))
(assert (region-equal (slot-value (car segments) 'p0)
(slot-value (car (last segments)) 'p3)))
(make-instance 'bezier-area :segments segments)))
(defun path-start (path)
(slot-value (car (%segments path)) 'p0))
(defun path-end (path)
(slot-value (car (last (%segments path))) 'p3))
(defun make-bezier-area (point-seq)
(assert (region-equal (car point-seq) (car (last point-seq))))
(make-bezier-thing 'bezier-area point-seq))
(defun make-bezier-area* (coord-seq)
(assert (and (coordinate= (car coord-seq) (car (last coord-seq 2)))
(coordinate= (cadr coord-seq) (car (last coord-seq)))))
(make-bezier-thing* 'bezier-area coord-seq))
(defmethod segments ((area bezier-area))
(let ((tr (transformation area)))
(mapcar (lambda (s) (transform-segment tr s)) (%segments area))))
(defmethod transform-region (transformation (area bezier-area))
(let* ((tr (transformation area))
(result (if (translation-transformation-p transformation)
(make-instance 'bezier-area :segments (%segments area)
(compose-transformations transformation tr))
(make-instance 'bezier-area
:segments (mapcar (lambda (s) (transform-segment transformation s)) (segments area))))))
(when (translation-transformation-p transformation)
(setf (original-region result) (or (original-region area) area)))
(defmethod compute-bounding-rectangle* ((area bezier-area))
(multiple-value-bind (lx ly ux uy) (call-next-method)
(let ((tr (transformation area)))
(transform-rectangle* tr lx ly ux uy))))
;;; Special cases of combined Bezier areas
;;; A union of bezier areas. This is not itself a bezier area.
(defclass bezier-union (area bezier-design)
((%trans :initarg :transformation :reader transformation :initform +identity-transformation+)
(%areas :initarg :areas :initform '() :reader areas)))
(defmethod transform-region (transformation (union bezier-union))
(let* ((tr (transformation union))
(new-tr (compose-transformations transformation tr))
(result (if (translation-transformation-p transformation)
(make-instance 'bezier-union :areas (areas union)
:transformation new-tr)
(make-instance 'bezier-union
:areas (loop for area in (areas union) collect (transform-region new-tr area))))))
(when (translation-transformation-p transformation)
(setf (original-region result) (or (original-region union) union)))
(defun bounding-rectangle-of-areas (areas)
(multiple-value-bind (final-min-x final-min-y final-max-x final-max-y)
(bounding-rectangle* (car areas))
(loop for area in (cdr areas)
do (multiple-value-bind (min-x min-y max-x max-y)
(bounding-rectangle* area)
(setf final-min-x (min final-min-x min-x)
final-min-y (min final-min-y min-y)
final-max-x (max final-max-x max-x)
final-max-y (max final-max-y max-y))))
(values final-min-x final-min-y final-max-x final-max-y)))
(defmethod bounding-rectangle* ((design bezier-union))
(multiple-value-bind (lx ly ux uy)
(bounding-rectangle-of-areas (areas design))
(transform-rectangle* (transformation design) lx ly ux uy)))
(defmethod region-union ((r1 bezier-area) (r2 bezier-area))
(make-instance 'bezier-union :areas (list r1 r2)))
(defmethod region-union ((r1 bezier-union) (r2 bezier-area))
(let ((tr (transformation r1)))
(make-instance 'bezier-union
:areas (cons (untransform-region tr r2) (areas r1))
:transformation tr)))
(defmethod region-union ((r1 bezier-area) (r2 bezier-union))
(let ((tr (transformation r2)))
(make-instance 'bezier-union
:areas (cons (untransform-region tr r1) (areas r2))
:transformation tr)))
(defmethod region-union ((r1 bezier-union) (r2 bezier-union))
(let ((tr1 (transformation r1))
(tr2 (transformation r2)))
(if (transformation-equal tr1 tr2)
(make-instance 'bezier-union
:areas (append (areas r1) (areas r2))
:transformation tr1)
(let ((len1 (length (areas r1)))
(len2 (length (areas r2))))
(if (> len2 len1)
(make-instance 'bezier-union
:areas (append (mapcar (lambda (r) (untransform-region tr2 (transform-region tr1 r))) (areas r1)) (areas r2))
:transformation tr2)
(make-instance 'bezier-union
:areas (append (mapcar (lambda (r) (untransform-region tr1 (transform-region tr2 r))) (areas r2)) (areas r1))
:transformation tr1))))))
(defclass bezier-difference (area bezier-design)
((%positive-areas :initarg :positive-areas :initform '() :reader positive-areas)
(%negative-areas :initarg :negative-areas :initform '() :reader negative-areas)))
(defmethod transform-region (transformation (area bezier-difference))
(let* ((pareas (loop for area in (positive-areas area)
collect (transform-region transformation area)))
(nareas (loop for area in (negative-areas area)
collect (transform-region transformation area)))
(result (make-instance 'bezier-difference
:positive-areas pareas
:negative-areas nareas)))
(when (translation-transformation-p transformation)
(setf (original-region result) (or (original-region area) area)))
(defmethod bounding-rectangle* ((design bezier-difference))
(bounding-rectangle-of-areas (positive-areas design)))
(defmethod region-difference ((r1 bezier-area) (r2 bezier-area))
(make-instance 'bezier-difference
:positive-areas (list r1)
:negative-areas (list r2)))
(defmethod region-difference ((r1 bezier-area) (r2 bezier-union))
(let ((tr (transformation r2)))
(make-instance 'bezier-difference
:positive-areas (list r1)
:negative-areas (mapcar (lambda (r) (transform-region tr r)) (areas r2)))))
(defmethod region-difference ((r1 bezier-union) (r2 bezier-area))
(let ((tr (transformation r1)))
(make-instance 'bezier-difference
:positive-areas (mapcar (lambda (r) (transform-region tr r)) (areas r1))
:negative-areas (list r2))))
(defmethod region-difference ((r1 bezier-union) (r2 bezier-union))
(let ((tr1 (transformation r1))
(tr2 (transformation r2)))
(make-instance 'bezier-difference
:positive-areas (mapcar (lambda (r) (transform-region tr1 r)) (areas r1))
:negative-areas (mapcar (lambda (r) (transform-region tr2 r)) (areas r2)))))
;;; Converting a path to a polyline or an area to a polygon
;;; convert a cubic bezier segment to a list of
;;; line segments
(defun %polygonalize (p0 p1 p2 p3 &key (precision 0.01))
(if (< (- (+ (distance p0 p1)
(distance p1 p2)
(distance p2 p3))
(distance p0 p3))
(list p3)
(let* ((p01 (part-way p0 p1 0.5))
(p12 (part-way p1 p2 0.5))
(p23 (part-way p2 p3 0.5))
(p012 (part-way p01 p12 0.5))
(p123 (part-way p12 p23 0.5))
(p0123 (part-way p012 p123 0.5)))
(nconc (%polygonalize p0 p01 p012 p0123 :precision precision)
(%polygonalize p0123 p123 p23 p3 :precision precision)))))
(defgeneric polygonalize (thing))
(defmethod polygonalize ((segment bezier-segment))
(with-slots (p0 p1 p2 p3) segment
(%polygonalize p0 p1 p2 p3)))
(defmethod polygonalize ((path bezier-curve))
(let ((segments (%segments path)))
(cons (slot-value (car segments) 'p0)
(mapcan #'polygonalize segments)))))
(defmethod polygonalize ((area bezier-area))
(let ((segments (segments area)))
(make-polygon (mapcan #'polygonalize segments))))
;;; Reversing a path
(defgeneric reverse-path (path))
(defun reverse-segment (bezier-segment)
(with-slots (p0 p1 p2 p3) bezier-segment
(make-bezier-segment p3 p2 p1 p0)))
(defmethod reverse-path ((path bezier-curve))
(make-instance 'bezier-curve
:segments (reverse (mapcar #'reverse-segment (%segments path)))))
(defmethod reverse-path ((path bezier-area))
(make-instance 'bezier-area
:segments (reverse (mapcar #'reverse-segment (%segments path)))
:transformation (transformation path)))
;;; slanting transformation are used by Metafont
(defun make-slanting-transformation (slant)
(make-transformation 1.0 slant 0.0 1.0 0.0 0.0))
;;; Bounding rectangle
(defun evaluate-bezier (w0 w1 w2 w3 a)
(let ((1-a (- 1.0 a)))
(+ (* 1-a 1-a 1-a w0)
(* 3.0 1-a 1-a a w1)
(* 3.0 1-a a a w2)
(* a a a w3))))
(defun dimension-min-max (w0 w1 w2 w3)
(when (> w0 w3)
(rotatef w0 w3)
(rotatef w1 w2))
(when (and (<= w0 w1 w3)
(<= w0 w2 w3))
(return-from dimension-min-max
(values w0 w3)))
(let ((a (+ (- w0) (* 3 w1) (* -3 w2) w3))
(b (+ (* 2 w0) (* -4 w1) (* 2 w2)))
(c (- w1 w0)))
(if (zerop a)
(if (zerop b)
(values w0 w3)
(let ((candidate (/ (- c) b)))
(if (or (<= candidate 0.0)
(>= candidate 1.0))
(values w0 w3)
(let ((w (evaluate-bezier w0 w1 w2 w3 candidate)))
(values (min w w0) (max w w3))))))
(multiple-value-bind (candidate0 candidate1)
(solve-quadratic a b c :multiple-roots t)
(if (null candidate0)
(values w0 w3)
(let ((wa (evaluate-bezier w0 w1 w2 w3 candidate0))
(wb (evaluate-bezier w0 w1 w2 w3 candidate1)))
(if (or (<= candidate0 0.0) (>= candidate0 1.0))
(if (or (<= candidate1 0.0) (>= candidate1 1.0))
(values w0 w3)
(values (min wb w0) (max wb w3)))
(if (or (<= candidate1 0.0) (>= candidate1 1.0))
(values (min wa w0) (max wa w3))
(values (min wa wb w0) (max wa wb w3))))))))))
(defun segment-bounding-rectangle (segment)
(with-slots (p0 p1 p2 p3) segment
(let ((x0 (point-x p0))
(x1 (point-x p1))
(x2 (point-x p2))
(x3 (point-x p3))
(y0 (point-y p0))
(y1 (point-y p1))
(y2 (point-y p2))
(y3 (point-y p3)))
(multiple-value-bind (min-x max-x)
(dimension-min-max x0 x1 x2 x3)
(multiple-value-bind (min-y max-y)
(dimension-min-max y0 y1 y2 y3)
(values min-x min-y max-x max-y))))))
;;; Convolution
(defun find-split-points-for-side (aa bb cc)
(let ((roots '()))
(multiple-value-bind (r1 r2)
(solve-quadratic aa bb cc)
(unless (or (null r1) (<= r1 0.0) (>= r1 1.0)) (push r1 roots))
(unless (or (null r2) (<= r2 0.0) (>= r2 1.0)) (push r2 roots))
(defun find-split-points (sides segment)
(let ((split-points '()))
(with-slots (p0 p1 p2 p3) segment
(let ((x0 (point-x p0)) (y0 (point-y p0))
(x1 (point-x p1)) (y1 (point-y p1))
(x2 (point-x p2)) (y2 (point-y p2))
(x3 (point-x p3)) (y3 (point-y p3)))
(let ((xa (+ (- x0) (* 3 x1) (* -3 x2) x3))
(ya (+ (- y0) (* 3 y1) (* -3 y2) y3))
(xb (* 2 (+ x0 (* -2 x1) x2)))
(yb (* 2 (+ y0 (* -2 y1) y2)))
(xc (- x1 x0))
(yc (- y1 y0)))
(loop for side in sides
do (let* ((sr (realpart side))
(si (imagpart side))
(aa (- (* xa si)
(* ya sr)))
(bb (- (* xb si)
(* yb sr)))
(cc (- (* xc si)
(* yc sr))))
(setf split-points
(append (find-split-points-for-side aa bb cc) split-points))))))
(sort (remove-duplicates split-points) #'<))))
(defun split-segment (segment split-points)
(if (null split-points)
(list segment)
(with-slots (p0 p1 p2 p3) segment
(let* ((n (floor (length split-points) 2))
(pivot (nth n split-points))
(left (mapcar (lambda (x) (/ x pivot))
(subseq split-points 0 n)))
(right (mapcar (lambda (x) (/ (- x pivot) (- 1.0 pivot)))
(subseq split-points (1+ n))))
(p01 (part-way p0 p1 pivot))
(p12 (part-way p1 p2 pivot))
(p23 (part-way p2 p3 pivot))
(p012 (part-way p01 p12 pivot))
(p123 (part-way p12 p23 pivot))
(p0123 (part-way p012 p123 pivot)))
(append (split-segment (make-bezier-segment p0 p01 p012 p0123) left)
(split-segment (make-bezier-segment p0123 p123 p23 p3) right))))))
(defun mid-derivative (p0 p1 p2 p3)
(setf p0 (point-to-complex p0)
p1 (point-to-complex p1)
p2 (point-to-complex p2)
p3 (point-to-complex p3))
(let ((a 0.5))
(+ (* a a (+ (- p0) (* 3 p1) (* -3 p2) p3))
(* 2 a (+ p0 (* -2 p1) p2))
(- p1 p0))))
(defun make-line-segment (p0 p1)
(make-bezier-segment p0 (part-way p0 p1 1/3) (part-way p0 p1 2/3) p1))
(defun add-points (p0 p1)
(make-point (+ (point-x p0) (point-x p1)) (+ (point-y p0) (point-y p1))))
(defun convert-primitive-segment-to-bezier-area (polygon segment)
(with-slots (p0 p1 p2 p3) segment
(let* ((m (mid-derivative p0 p1 p2 p3))
(right (reduce (lambda (a b) (if (> (dist a m) (dist b m)) a b))
(left (reduce (lambda (a b) (if (< (dist a m) (dist b m)) a b))
(make-instance 'bezier-area
(list (make-bezier-segment (add-points p0 right) (add-points p1 right)
(add-points p2 right) (add-points p3 right))
(make-line-segment (add-points p3 right) (add-points p3 left))
(make-bezier-segment (add-points p3 left) (add-points p2 left)
(add-points p1 left) (add-points p0 left))
(make-line-segment (add-points p0 left) (add-points p0 right)))))))
(defun area-at-point (area point)
(let ((transformation
(make-translation-transformation (point-x point) (point-y point))))
(transform-region transformation area)))
(defun convolve-polygon-and-segment (area polygon segment first)
(declare (optimize debug))
(let* ((points (polygon-points polygon))
(sides (loop for (p0 p1) on (append (last points) points)
until (null p1)
collect (- (point-to-complex p1) (point-to-complex p0))))
(split-points (find-split-points sides segment))
(segments (split-segment segment split-points)))
(loop for segment in segments
if first collect (area-at-point area (slot-value segment 'p0))
collect (convert-primitive-segment-to-bezier-area
(polygon-points polygon) segment)
collect (area-at-point area (slot-value segment 'p3)))))
(defgeneric convolve-regions (area path))
(defmethod convolve-regions ((area bezier-area) (path bezier-curve))
(let ((polygon (polygonalize area)))
'bezier-union :areas
(loop for segment in (%segments path)
for first = t then nil
append (convolve-polygon-and-segment area polygon segment first)))))
;;; Rendering
(defclass scanlines ()
((%first-line :initform 0 :accessor first-line)
(%chain :initform (make-instance 'flexichain:standard-flexichain) :reader chain)))
(defun nb-lines (lines)
(flexichain:nb-elements (chain lines)))
(defun crossings (lines i)
(flexichain:element* (chain lines) (- i (first-line lines))))
(defun line-number-to-index (lines line-number)
(let* ((chain (chain lines))
(size (flexichain:nb-elements chain)))
;; make sure there is an element corresponding to the line number
(cond ((zerop size)
(flexichain:insert* chain 0 '())
(setf (first-line lines) line-number))
((< line-number (first-line lines))
(loop for i from line-number below (first-line lines)
do (flexichain:insert* chain 0 '()))
(setf (first-line lines) line-number))
((>= line-number (+ (first-line lines) size))
(loop for i from (+ (first-line lines) size) to line-number
do (flexichain:insert* chain size '()))))
(- line-number (first-line lines))))
;;; insert a single crossing into LINES
(defun insert-crossing (lines line-number x inverse-p)
(let ((chain (chain lines))
(index (line-number-to-index lines line-number)))
(setf (flexichain:element* chain index)
(merge 'list
(flexichain:element* chain index)
(list (cons x inverse-p)) #'< :key #'car))))
;;; compute the crossings of a line segment and insert
;;; them into LINES
(defun compute-crossings (lines p0 p1)
(let ((inverse-p nil))
(when (< (point-y p1) (point-y p0))
(rotatef p0 p1)
(setf inverse-p t))
(let ((x0 (point-x p0)) (y0 (point-y p0))
(x1 (point-x p1)) (y1 (point-y p1)))
(loop for y from (round y0) below (round y1)
for x = (+ x0 (* (- x1 x0) (/ (- (+ y 0.5) y0) (- y1 y0))))
do (insert-crossing lines y x inverse-p)))))
(defun scan-lines (polygon)
(let ((lines (make-instance 'scanlines))
(points (polygon-points polygon)))
(loop for (p0 p1) on (append (last points) points)
until (null p1)
do (compute-crossings lines p0 p1))
(defun render-scan-lines (array pixel-value line crossings min-x min-y)
(let ((level 0)
(start nil)
(height (array-dimension array 0))
(width (array-dimension array 1)))
(loop for (x . inverse-p) in crossings
do (when (zerop level)
(setf start x))
do (setf level (if inverse-p (1+ level) (1- level)))
do (when (zerop level)
(loop for c from (round start) below (round x)
do (when (and (<= 0 (round (- line min-y)) (1- height))
(<= 0 (- c min-x) (1- width)))
(setf (aref array (round (- line min-y)) (- c min-x))
(defun render-polygon (array polygon pixel-value min-x min-y)
(let ((lines (scan-lines polygon)))
(loop for i from (first-line lines)
repeat (nb-lines lines)
do (render-scan-lines array pixel-value i (crossings lines i) min-x min-y))))
(defgeneric positive-negative-areas (design))
(defmethod positive-negative-areas ((design bezier-area))
(values (list design) '()))
(defmethod positive-negative-areas ((design bezier-union))
(values (areas design) '()))
(defmethod positive-negative-areas ((design bezier-difference))
(values (positive-areas design) (negative-areas design)))
(defun render-to-array (design)
(multiple-value-bind (positive-areas negative-areas)
(positive-negative-areas design)
(multiple-value-bind (min-x min-y max-x max-y)
(bounding-rectangle-of-areas positive-areas)
(setf min-x (* 4 (floor min-x))
min-y (* 4 (floor min-y))
max-x (* 4 (ceiling max-x))
max-y (* 4 (ceiling max-y)))
(let ((result (make-array (list (- max-y min-y) (- max-x min-x))
:element-type 'bit :initial-element 1))
(transformation (make-scaling-transformation* 4 4)))
(loop for area in positive-areas
do (let* ((transformed-area (transform-region transformation area))
(polygon (polygonalize transformed-area)))
(render-polygon result polygon 0 min-x min-y)))
(loop for area in negative-areas
do (let* ((transformed-area (transform-region transformation area))
(polygon (polygonalize transformed-area)))
(render-polygon result polygon 1 min-x min-y)))
(defparameter *pixmaps* (make-hash-table :test #'equal))
(defun resolve-ink (medium)
(if (eq (medium-ink medium) +foreground-ink+)
(medium-foreground medium)
(medium-ink medium)))
(defun make-ink (medium transparency)
(let* ((a (/ transparency 16.0))
(1-a (- 1.0 a)))
(multiple-value-bind (r g b) (color-rgb (resolve-ink medium))
(make-rgb-color (+ (* a 1.0) (* 1-a r))
(+ (* a 1.0) (* 1-a g))
(+ (* a 1.0) (* 1-a b))))))
(defgeneric ensure-pixmap (medium design))
(defmethod ensure-pixmap (medium rdesign)
(let* ((design (or (original-region rdesign) rdesign))
(pixmap (gethash (list (medium-sheet medium) (resolve-ink medium) design)
(when (null pixmap)
(let* ((picture (render-to-array design))
(height (array-dimension picture 0))
(width (array-dimension picture 1))
(reduced-picture (make-array (list (/ height 4) (/ width 4)) :initial-element 16)))
(loop for l from 0 below height
do (loop for c from 0 below width
do (when (zerop (aref picture l c))
(decf (aref reduced-picture (floor l 4) (floor c 4))))))
(setf pixmap
(with-output-to-pixmap (pixmap-medium
(medium-sheet medium)
:width (/ width 4) :height (/ height 4))
(loop for l from 0 below (/ height 4)
do (loop for c from 0 below (/ width 4)
do (draw-point*
pixmap-medium c l
:ink (make-ink
(aref reduced-picture l c)))))))
(setf (gethash (list (medium-sheet medium) (resolve-ink medium) design)
(defun render-through-pixmap (design medium)
(multiple-value-bind (min-x min-y)
(bounding-rectangle* design)
;; the design we've got has already been transformed by the
;; medium/user transformation, and COPY-FROM-PIXMAP is in user
;; coordinates. So we need to transform back (or set the medium's
;; transformation to be +IDENTITY-TRANSFORMATION+ temporarily, but
;; that's even uglier)
(multiple-value-bind (utmin-x utmin-y)
(untransform-position (medium-transformation medium) min-x min-y)
(setf min-x (floor utmin-x)
min-y (floor utmin-y))
(let ((pixmap (ensure-pixmap medium design)))
(copy-from-pixmap pixmap 0 0 (pixmap-width pixmap) (pixmap-height pixmap)
(medium-sheet medium) min-x min-y)))))
;;; Generic drawing
(defun draw-bezier-design* (sheet design &rest options)
(climi::with-medium-options (sheet options)
(medium-draw-bezier-design* sheet design)))
(defmethod draw-design (medium (design bezier-design) &rest options &key &allow-other-keys)
(apply #'draw-bezier-design* medium design options))
;;; Drawing bezier designs to screen
;;; Fallback method (suitable for CLX)
(defmethod medium-draw-bezier-design* (medium design)
(render-through-pixmap design medium))
;;; Test cases
(defparameter *r1* (make-bezier-area* '(10 10 20 20 30 20 40 10 30 5 20 5 10 10)))
(defparameter *r2* (make-bezier-area* '(15 10 20 12 30 15 35 10 30 8 20 8 15 10)))
(defparameter *r3* (region-difference *r1* *r2*))
(defparameter *r4* (make-bezier-curve* '(100 100 120 150 160 160 170 160)))
(defparameter *r5* (convolute-regions *r2* *r4*))
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