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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; Package: CLIMI; -*-
;;; (c) copyright 2003 by Gilbert Baumann
;;; This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
;;; modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
;;; License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
;;; version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
;;; This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;;; Library General Public License for more details.
;;; You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
;;; License along with this library; if not, write to the
;;; Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;;; Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA.
;;; Cut and Paste
(in-package :climi)
;;;; Interaction implemented:
;; Shift-Mouse-L down: clear active selection and set the first point
;; Shift-Mouse-L drag: drag the second point
;; Shift-Mouse-L up: set the second point
;; Shift-Mouse-R down: pick the nearest point, if any
;; Shift-Mouse-R drag: drag said point
;; Shift-Mouse-R up: leave said point where it was dragged to.
;; Shift-Mouse-M: paste
;;;; Interaction to implement:
;; Shift-Mouse-L single click: (maybe) select current presentation, if any.
;; Shift-Mouse-L double click: select word
;; Shift-Mouse-L triple click: select "line".
;; TODO:
;; * Editor input (both active and old) is not currently highlighted.
;; * Selecting large regions gets slow.
;; * Structure of line breaks in the original text is not preserved (CLIM/McCLIM design issue)
;;;; Preferences
(defparameter *marking-border* 1)
(defparameter *marked-foreground* +white+
"Foreground ink to use for marked stuff.")
(defparameter *marked-background* +blue4+
"Background ink to use for marked stuff.")
;;;; Text Selection Protocol
(defgeneric release-selection (port &optional time)
(:documentation "Relinquish ownership of the selection."))
(defgeneric request-selection (port requestor time)
(:documentation "Request that the window system retrieve the selection from
its current owner. This should cause a selection-notify-event to be delivered."))
(defgeneric bind-selection (port window &optional time)
(:documentation "Take ownership of the selection."))
(defgeneric send-selection (port request-event string)
(:documentation "Send 'string' to a client in response to a selection-request-event."))
(defgeneric get-selection-from-event (port event)
(:documentation "Given a selection-notify event, return a string containing
the incoming selection."))
;; These events are probably very X11 specific.
;; Backends will likely produce subclasses of selection-notify-event
;; and selection-request-event.
(defclass selection-event (window-event)
((selection :initarg :selection
:reader selection-event-selection)))
(defclass selection-clear-event (selection-event) ())
(defclass selection-notify-event (selection-event) ())
(defclass selection-request-event (selection-event)
((requestor :initarg :requestor :reader selection-event-requestor)))
;;;; Random Notes
;; - McCLIM still has absolutely no idea of lines.
(defclass marking ()
(:documentation "A common super class for markings (= stuff marked)."))
(defgeneric marking-region (stream marking)
(:documentation "Region marked/affected."))
(defclass string-marking (marking)
((record :initarg :record
:documentation "The text output record this belongs to.")
(styled-string :initarg :styled-string
:documentation "The styled string sub-record of 'record'.")
(start :initarg :start :reader mark-start
:documentation "Start index within string.")
(end :initarg :end :reader mark-end
:documentation "End index within string. Caution: Could be one off the end to indicate a newline implied."))
(:documentation "Some part of a styled-string marked."))
(defmethod marking-region (stream (marking string-marking))
(with-slots (record styled-string start end) marking
(with-slots (baseline start-y) record
(if (= start end)
(with-slots (start-x string text-style) styled-string
(make-rectangle* (+ start-x
(stream-string-width stream string
:start 0 :end start
:text-style text-style)
(- *marking-border*))
(+ start-y baseline
(- (text-style-ascent text-style stream))
(- *marking-border*))
(+ start-x
(stream-string-width stream string
:start 0 :end end
:text-style text-style)
(+ start-y baseline (text-style-descent text-style stream)
;(defgeneric draw-marking (medium marking)
; (:documentation "Draw the marking to medium."))
;(defmethod draw-marking (stream (marking string-marking))
; (draw-design (sheet-medium stream) (marking-region marking)
; :ink +flipping-ink+))
(defclass cut-and-paste-mixin ()
((markings :initform nil)
(point-1-x :initform nil)
(point-1-y :initform nil)
(point-2-x :initform nil)
(point-2-y :initform nil)
(dragging-p :initform nil)))
(defclass paste-as-keypress-mixin ()
(:documentation "Implements the old McCLIM behavior of pasting via a
sequence of key press events. You couldn't possibly want this."))
(defmethod handle-repaint :around ((pane cut-and-paste-mixin) region)
(with-slots (markings) pane
(cond ((null markings)
(let ((marked-region
(reduce #'region-union (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (marking-region pane x)) (slot-value pane 'markings))
:initial-value +nowhere+)))
(with-sheet-medium (medium pane)
(let ((R (region-difference region marked-region)))
(with-drawing-options (medium :clipping-region R)
(call-next-method pane R))))
(with-sheet-medium (medium pane)
(let ((R (region-intersection region marked-region)))
(with-drawing-options (medium :clipping-region R)
(letf (((medium-foreground medium) *marked-foreground*)
((medium-background medium) *marked-background*))
(call-next-method pane R))))))))))
(defmethod dispatch-event :around ((pane cut-and-paste-mixin)
(event pointer-button-press-event))
(if (eql (event-modifier-state event) +shift-key+)
(eos/shift-click pane event)
(defmethod dispatch-event :around ((pane cut-and-paste-mixin)
(event pointer-button-release-event))
(if (eql (event-modifier-state event) +shift-key+)
(eos/shift-release pane event)
(defmethod dispatch-event :around ((pane cut-and-paste-mixin)
(event pointer-motion-event))
(with-slots (point-1-x dragging-p) pane
(if (and (eql (event-modifier-state event) +shift-key+))
(when dragging-p (eos/shift-drag pane event))
(defun pane-clear-markings (pane &optional time)
(repaint-markings pane (slot-value pane 'markings)
(setf (slot-value pane 'markings) nil))
(release-selection (port pane) time))
(defmethod eos/shift-click ((pane extended-output-stream) event)
(with-slots (point-1-x point-1-y point-2-x point-2-y dragging-p) pane
(cond ((eql +pointer-left-button+ (pointer-event-button event))
(pane-clear-markings pane (event-timestamp event))
;; start dragging, set point-1 where the mouse is
(setf point-1-x (pointer-event-x event))
(setf point-1-y (pointer-event-y event))
(setf dragging-p t))
((eql +pointer-middle-button+ (pointer-event-button event))
;; paste
(request-selection (port pane) #|:UTF8_STRING|# (sheet-direct-mirror pane) (event-timestamp event)))
((eql +pointer-right-button+ (pointer-event-button event))
(when (and point-1-x point-1-y point-2-x point-2-y)
;; If point-1 and point-2 are set up pick the nearest (what metric?) and drag it around.
(when (< (+ (expt (- (pointer-event-x event) point-1-x) 2)
(expt (- (pointer-event-y event) point-1-y) 2))
(+ (expt (- (pointer-event-x event) point-2-x) 2)
(expt (- (pointer-event-y event) point-2-y) 2)))
(rotatef point-1-x point-2-x)
(rotatef point-1-y point-2-y))
(eos/shift-drag pane event)
(setf dragging-p t)))
(t (describe event)))))
(defmethod eos/shift-release ((pane extended-output-stream) event)
(with-slots (point-1-x point-1-y point-2-x point-2-y dragging-p) pane
(when dragging-p
(setf point-2-x (pointer-event-x event)
point-2-y (pointer-event-y event)
dragging-p nil)
(let ((owner (selection-owner (port pane))))
(when (and owner (not (eq owner pane)))
(distribute-event (port pane)
(make-instance 'selection-clear-event
:sheet owner
:selection :primary))))
(when (bind-selection (port pane) pane (event-timestamp event))
(setf (selection-owner (port pane)) pane)
(setf (selection-timestamp (port pane)) (event-timestamp event))))))
(defun repaint-markings (pane old-markings new-markings)
(let ((old-region (reduce #'region-union (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (marking-region pane x)) old-markings)
:initial-value +nowhere+))
(new-region (reduce #'region-union (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (marking-region pane x)) new-markings)
:initial-value +nowhere+)))
(handle-repaint pane (region-exclusive-or old-region new-region))))
(defmethod eos/shift-drag ((pane extended-output-stream) event)
(with-slots (point-1-x point-1-y) pane
(let ((old-markings (slot-value pane 'markings)))
(setup-marked-extents pane (stream-output-history pane) +everywhere+
point-1-x point-1-y
(pointer-event-x event)
(pointer-event-y event))
(repaint-markings pane old-markings (slot-value pane 'markings)))))
(defun map-over-text (record function)
(cond ((typep record 'standard-text-displayed-output-record)
(with-slots (strings baseline max-height start-y wrapped x1 y1) record
(loop for substring in strings do
(with-slots (start-x string marked-extent text-style) substring
(funcall function start-x (+ start-y baseline) string text-style
substring record)))))
#'(lambda (x)
(map-over-text x function))
record +everywhere+))))
(defun setup-marked-extents (stream record region bx1 by1 bx2 by2)
(declare (ignore region))
(when (> by1 by2)
(rotatef by1 by2)
(rotatef bx1 bx2))
(let ((*lines* nil)
(*all-lines* nil))
(map-over-text record
(lambda (x y string ts record full-record)
(let ((q (assoc y *lines*)))
(unless q
(push (setf q (cons y nil)) *lines*))
(push (list x y string ts record full-record)
(cdr q)))
(force-output *trace-output*)))
(setf *lines*
(sort (mapcar (lambda (line)
(cons (car line)
(sort (cdr line) #'< :key #'first)))
#'< :key #'car))
(setf *all-lines* *lines*)
;; Nuke every line that is above by1
(setf *lines* (remove-if (lambda (line) (< (+ (car line) 3) by1)) *lines*))
;; Also nuke all that are below by2
(setf *lines* (remove-if (lambda (line) (> (- (car line) 10) by2)) *lines*))
;; Special case:
(when (= 1 (length *lines*))
(psetf bx1 (min bx1 bx2)
bx2 (max bx1 bx2)))
;; Then, in the first line find the index farthest to the right
;; which is still less than bx1.
(let ((start-i 0)
(start-record (fifth (cadar *lines*)))
(end-i 0)
(end-record (fifth (cadar (last *lines*)))))
(loop for chunk in (cdr (first *lines*)) do
(destructuring-bind (x y string ts record full-record) chunk
(declare (ignorable x y string ts record full-record))
(loop for i to (length string) do
(when (< (+ x (stream-string-width stream string :start 0 :end i :text-style ts))
(setf start-i i
start-record record)))))
;; Finally in the last line find the index farthest to the left
;; which still is greater than bx2. Or put differently: Search
;; from the left and while we are still in bounds maintain end-i
;; and end-record.
(loop for chunk in (cdr (car (last *lines*))) do
(destructuring-bind (x y string ts record full-record) chunk
(declare (ignorable x y string ts record full-record))
(loop for i to (length string) do
(when (< (+ x (stream-string-width stream string :start 0 :end i :text-style ts))
(setf end-i i
end-record record)))))
;; Now grovel over the records, in order ...
(let ((in-p nil)
(marks nil))
(labels ((visit (chunk)
(destructuring-bind (x y string ts record full-record) chunk
(declare (ignorable x y string ts record full-record))
(let ((marked-extent nil))
(cond ((eq record start-record)
(cond ((eq record end-record)
(setf marked-extent
(cons start-i end-i)))
(setf marked-extent
(cons start-i (length string)))
(setf in-p t))))
((eq record end-record)
(setf marked-extent
(cons 0 end-i))
(setf in-p nil))
(setf marked-extent
(if in-p
(cons 0 (length string))
nil))) )
(when marked-extent
(push (destructuring-bind (x y string ts record full-record) chunk
(declare (ignorable x y string ts record full-record))
(make-instance 'string-marking
:record full-record
:styled-string record
:start (car marked-extent)
:end (cdr marked-extent)))
marks)) ))))
(loop for line in *all-lines* do
(loop for chunk in (cdr line) do
(visit chunk)) )
(setf (slot-value stream 'markings) (reverse marks)))))))
;;;; Selections Events
(defmethod dispatch-event :around ((pane cut-and-paste-mixin)
(event selection-clear-event))
(pane-clear-markings pane (event-timestamp event)))
(defmethod dispatch-event :around ((pane cut-and-paste-mixin)
(event selection-request-event))
(send-selection (port pane) event (fetch-selection pane)))
(define-condition selection-notify ()
((event :reader event-of :initarg :event)))
(defmethod handle-event ((pane cut-and-paste-mixin)
(event selection-notify-event))
(signal 'selection-notify :event event))
(defmethod dispatch-event :around ((pane paste-as-keypress-mixin)
(event selection-notify-event))
(let ((matter (get-selection-from-event (port pane) event)))
(loop for c across matter do
(dispatch-event pane
(make-instance 'key-press-event
:timestamp (event-timestamp event)
:sheet pane
:modifier-state 0
:x 0 :y 0 :graft-x 0 :graft-y 0
:key-name nil
:key-character c)))))
;; FIXME: Non-text target conversions.. (?)
(defun fetch-selection (pane)
(let (old-y2 old-x2)
(with-output-to-string (bag)
(map nil
(lambda (m)
(with-slots (record styled-string start end) m
(:x1 x1 :x2 x2 :y1 y1 :y2 y2) record
(cond ((and old-y2 (>= y1 old-y2))
(setf old-y2 nil
old-x2 0 ;<-- ### we should use the minimum of all x1 coordinates.
(terpri bag))
(setf old-y2 (max y2 (or old-y2 y2)))))
(when old-x2
(loop repeat (round
(- x1 old-x2)
(text-style-width (slot-value styled-string 'text-style)
(princ " " bag)))
(setf old-x2 x2)
(princ (subseq (styled-string-string styled-string) start end) bag))))
(slot-value pane 'markings)))))
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