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(in-package :goatee)
;;; A mixin for buffers that can be displayed in editable areas
(defclass displayable-buffer ()
((editable-areas :accessor editable-areas :initarg :editable-areas)))
(defclass editable-area ()
((buffer :reader buffer :initarg :buffer)
(frame-begin-mark :accessor frame-begin-mark) ;XXX obsolete
(last-tick :accessor last-tick :initarg :last-tick
:documentation "buffer tick")
(lines :accessor lines :initarg :lines
:initform (make-instance 'dbl-list-head)
:documentation "Lines in the area, as opposed to the lines
in the buffer.")
(area-bp-start :accessor area-bp-start :initarg :area-bp-start
:documentation "buffer pointer to line in buffer
that's at the top of the area. The bp is not necessarily at the
beginning of the line.")
(area-bp-end :accessor area-bp-end :initarg :area-bp-end
:documentation "buffer pointer to line in buffer
that's at the bottom of the area. The bp is not necessarily at the
beginning of the line.")
(last-line :accessor last-line :initarg :last-line :initform nil)
(last-command :accessor last-command :initform nil)
(goal-column :accessor goal-column :initform nil
:documentation "Goal column for next-line command when
moving over a short line"))
(:documentation "An abstract superclass for the on-screen area
devoted to Goatee editing. Roughly equivalent to a window in GNU Emacs."))
(defmethod initialize-instance :after ((obj editable-area)
&key initial-contents)
(when initial-contents
(if (slot-boundp obj 'buffer)
(error "Only one of :buffer and :initial-contents may be supplied")
(setf (slot-value obj 'buffer)
(make-instance 'editable-buffer
:initial-contents initial-contents)))))
(defgeneric area-first-line (area))
(defmethod area-first-line ((area editable-area))
(dbl-head (lines area)))
(defmethod (setf buffer) ((new-buf displayable-buffer) (win editable-area))
(when (slot-boundp win 'buffer)
(remove-mark frame-begin-mark))
(setf (slot-value win 'buffer) new-buf)
(pushnew win (editable-areas new-buf))
(frame-window-to-point win)
(add-new-lines win)
(defconstant +point-frame-ratio+ 1/2)
(defgeneric frame-window-to-point (window))
;;;XXX How to deal with line wrap?
(defmethod frame-window-to-point ((win window))
(with-accessors ((buffer buffer)
(frame-begin-mark frame-begin-mark))
(let* ((lines-to-start (floor (* (rows win) +point-frame-ratio+)))
(window-start (loop for lines from 0
for prev-eol = (point buffer)
then (position-backward buffer
prev-eol )
while (and prev-eol
(<= lines lines-to-start))
finally (return (or prev-eol 0)))))
(if (and (slot-boundp win 'frame-begin-mark) frame-begin-mark)
(remove-mark frame-begin-mark)
(setf frame-begin-mark
(insert-mark buffer frame-begin-mark window-start)))
(setf frame-begin-mark (insert-mark-using-class buffer
(defclass line-mark (fixed-mark)
((last-update :accessor last-update :initarg :last-update)))
(defclass editable-area-line (dbl-list)
((buffer-line :accessor buffer-line :initarg :buffer-line)
(last-tick :accessor last-tick :initarg :last-tick)
(editable-area :accessor editable-area :initarg :editable-area
:documentation "backpointer")))
;;; XXX mostly garbage at the moment...
(defmethod add-new-lines ((win window))
(with-accessors ((buf buffer)
(line-marks line-marks)
(lines lines))
(setf (dbl-head line-marks) nil)
(setf (dbl-head lines) nil)
(let ((start-line-pos (at (frame-begin-mark win))))
(loop for line-count from 0 below (rows win)
for line-pos = start-line-pos then (position-forward
(1+ prev-line-pos))
for prev-line-pos = 0 then line-pos
while line-pos
for line-mark = (insert-mark-using-class
(1+ line-pos)
:last-update (update-counter win))
for prev-line-mark-dbl = line-marks then line-mark-dbl
for line-mark-dbl = (insert-obj-after line-mark prev-line-mark-dbl)
for line = (make-instance 'line
:mark line-mark
:last-update (update-counter win))
for prev-line-dbl = lines then line-dbl
for line-dbl = (insert-obj-after line prev-line-dbl)))
(loop for line-dbl = (dbl-head lines) then (next line-dbl)
while line-dbl
for line = (contents line-dbl)
do (let* ((start-line (at (mark line)))
(end-line (if (next line-dbl)
(1- (at (mark (contents (next line-dbl)))))
(position-forward buffer
(1+ start-line))))
(line-length (- start-line end-line))
(chars (make-array line-length
:element-type 'character
:adjustable t
:fill-pointer line-length)))
(buffer-string-into buffer chars
:start2 start-line :end2 end-line)
(setf (chars line) chars)))))