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Cooperate better with X11 window managers. Patch from Juliusz

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1 parent 5921d27 commit 5a2f315d95a68de20a76a8b8bf6b155c689424be Christophe Rhodes committed Apr 20, 2009
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  1. +8 −1 Backends/CLX/port.lisp
9 Backends/CLX/port.lisp
@@ -458,7 +458,14 @@
(setf (xlib:wm-hints window) (xlib:make-wm-hints :input :on))
(setf (xlib:wm-name window) (frame-pretty-name frame))
(setf (xlib:wm-icon-name window) (frame-pretty-name frame))
- (setf (xlib:wm-protocols window) `(:wm_delete_window)))))
+ (xlib:set-wm-class
+ window
+ (string-downcase (frame-name frame))
+ (string-capitalize (string-downcase (frame-name frame))))
+ (setf (xlib:wm-protocols window) `(:wm_delete_window))
+ (xlib:change-property window
+ :WM_CLIENT_LEADER (list (xlib:window-id window))
+ :WINDOW 32))))
(defmethod realize-mirror ((port clx-port) (sheet unmanaged-top-level-sheet-pane))
(realize-mirror-aux port sheet

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