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+layout: post
+title: "Accessing the Stripe API From Lisp"
+date: 2011-10-08 23:31
+comments: true
+categories: Lisp
+[Stripe]( is a new payment processor on the Web,
+and they seem to be
+[a lot less insane](
+than Paypal. On a whim, I made a little (almost completely untested,
+toy) CL library for accessing their HTTP API from Lisp. Maybe you'll
+find it useful: [cl-stripe](
+This was pretty great fun! Thanks to their nice
+[drakma](, and
+[alexandria](, I have been
+able to write this with a minimum of horribly hacky code, in just 5 or
+6 hours of working on it, on and off, this saturday afternoon.
+If it still looks like fun, I think I may add some clucumber tests to
+it tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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