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(in-package :swank)
(defun parse-changelog (changelog-pathname)
(with-open-file (stream changelog-pathname :direction :input)
(labels ((entry-line-p (line)
(and (<= 10 (length line))
(digit-char-p (aref line 0))
(digit-char-p (aref line 1))
(digit-char-p (aref line 2))
(digit-char-p (aref line 3))
(char= #\- (aref line 4))
(digit-char-p (aref line 5))
(digit-char-p (aref line 6))
(char= #\- (aref line 7))
(digit-char-p (aref line 8))
(digit-char-p (aref line 9))))
(read-next-entry ()
;; don't use with-output-to-string to avoid sbcl
;; compiler warnings
(with-output-to-string (entry-text)
for changelog-line = (read-line stream nil stream nil)
when (eq changelog-line stream)
do (return-from read-next-entry
(values (get-output-stream-string entry-text) nil))
when (entry-line-p changelog-line)
do (return-from read-next-entry
(values (get-output-stream-string entry-text) changelog-line))
do (write-line changelog-line entry-text)))))
(let ((this-author-line (nth-value 1 (read-next-entry)))
(entries '()))
(multiple-value-bind (text next-author-line)
(with-output-to-string (text+author)
(write-line this-author-line text+author)
(write-string text text+author)
(push (list (encode-universal-time 0 0 0
(parse-integer this-author-line :start 8 :end 10)
(parse-integer this-author-line :start 5 :end 7)
(parse-integer this-author-line :start 0 :end 4))
(get-output-stream-string text+author))
(if (null next-author-line)
(return-from parse-changelog entries)
(setf this-author-line next-author-line))))))))
(defun read-motd (motd-pathname)
(let ((entries (mapcar #'second
(remove-if (lambda (date/entry-text)
(< (first date/entry-text) (- (get-universal-time) (* 60 60 24 7))))
(parse-changelog motd-pathname)))))
(when entries
(with-output-to-string (motd-for-emacs)
(format motd-for-emacs ";; MOTD read from ~S.~%" motd-pathname)
(dolist (entry entries)
(with-input-from-string (stream entry)
for line = (read-line stream nil stream nil)
until (eq line stream)
do (write-string ";; " motd-for-emacs)
do (write-line line motd-for-emacs)))))))
(error (c)
(format nil ";; ERROR ~S OPENING MOTD ~S.~%" c motd-pathname))))
(provide :swank-motd)
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