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;;;; -*- Mode: lisp; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-
;;; swank-gray.lisp --- Gray stream based IO redirection.
;;; Created 2003
;;; This code has been placed in the Public Domain. All warranties
;;; are disclaimed.
(in-package :swank-backend)
(defclass slime-output-stream (fundamental-character-output-stream)
((output-fn :initarg :output-fn)
(buffer :initform (make-string 8000))
(fill-pointer :initform 0)
(column :initform 0)
(lock :initform (make-lock :name "buffer write lock"))))
(defmacro with-slime-output-stream (stream &body body)
`(with-slots (lock output-fn buffer fill-pointer column) ,stream
(call-with-lock-held lock (lambda () ,@body))))
(defmethod stream-write-char ((stream slime-output-stream) char)
(with-slime-output-stream stream
(setf (schar buffer fill-pointer) char)
(incf fill-pointer)
(incf column)
(when (char= #\newline char)
(setf column 0))
(when (= fill-pointer (length buffer))
(finish-output stream)))
(defmethod stream-write-string ((stream slime-output-stream) string
&optional start end)
(with-slime-output-stream stream
(let* ((start (or start 0))
(end (or end (length string)))
(len (length buffer))
(count (- end start))
(free (- len fill-pointer)))
(when (>= count free)
(stream-finish-output stream))
(cond ((< count len)
(replace buffer string :start1 fill-pointer
:start2 start :end2 end)
(incf fill-pointer count))
(funcall output-fn (subseq string start end))))
(let ((last-newline (position #\newline string :from-end t
:start start :end end)))
(setf column (if last-newline
(- end last-newline 1)
(+ column count))))))
(defmethod stream-line-column ((stream slime-output-stream))
(with-slime-output-stream stream column))
(defmethod stream-line-length ((stream slime-output-stream))
(defmethod stream-finish-output ((stream slime-output-stream))
(with-slime-output-stream stream
(unless (zerop fill-pointer)
(funcall output-fn (subseq buffer 0 fill-pointer))
(setf fill-pointer 0)))
(defmethod stream-force-output ((stream slime-output-stream))
(stream-finish-output stream))
(defmethod stream-fresh-line ((stream slime-output-stream))
(with-slime-output-stream stream
(cond ((zerop column) nil)
(t (terpri stream) t))))
(defclass slime-input-stream (fundamental-character-input-stream)
((input-fn :initarg :input-fn)
(buffer :initform "") (index :initform 0)
(lock :initform (make-lock :name "buffer read lock"))))
(defmethod stream-read-char ((s slime-input-stream))
(slot-value s 'lock)
(lambda ()
(with-slots (buffer index input-fn) s
(when (= index (length buffer))
(let ((string (funcall input-fn)))
(cond ((zerop (length string))
(return-from stream-read-char :eof))
(setf buffer string)
(setf index 0)))))
(assert (plusp (length buffer)))
(prog1 (aref buffer index) (incf index))))))
(defmethod stream-listen ((s slime-input-stream))
(slot-value s 'lock)
(lambda ()
(with-slots (buffer index) s
(< index (length buffer))))))
(defmethod stream-unread-char ((s slime-input-stream) char)
(slot-value s 'lock)
(lambda ()
(with-slots (buffer index) s
(decf index)
(cond ((eql (aref buffer index) char)
(setf (aref buffer index) char))
(warn "stream-unread-char: ignoring ~S (expected ~S)"
char (aref buffer index)))))))
(defmethod stream-clear-input ((s slime-input-stream))
(slot-value s 'lock)
(lambda ()
(with-slots (buffer index) s
(setf buffer ""
index 0))))
(defmethod stream-line-column ((s slime-input-stream))
(defmethod stream-line-length ((s slime-input-stream))
;;; CLISP extensions
;; We have to define an additional method for the sake of the C
;; function listen_char (see src/stream.d), on which SYS::READ-FORM
;; depends.
;; We could make do with either of the two methods below.
(defmethod stream-read-char-no-hang ((s slime-input-stream))
(slot-value s 'lock)
(lambda ()
(with-slots (buffer index) s
(when (< index (length buffer))
(prog1 (aref buffer index) (incf index)))))))
;; This CLISP extension is what listen_char actually calls. The
;; default method would call STREAM-READ-CHAR-NO-HANG, so it is a bit
;; more efficient to define it directly.
(defmethod stream-read-char-will-hang-p ((s slime-input-stream))
(with-slots (buffer index) s
(= index (length buffer))))
(defimplementation make-output-stream (write-string)
(make-instance 'slime-output-stream :output-fn write-string))
(defimplementation make-input-stream (read-string)
(make-instance 'slime-input-stream :input-fn read-string))