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Mention problem with CLISP Windows filenames.

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Helmut Eller
Helmut Eller committed Dec 3, 2011
1 parent 10c0796 commit a420a9344fa5366b5624d82218cbc776f0e2e14e
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@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ Known problems with SLIME -*- outline -*-
* Common to all backends
** Caution: network security
The `M-x slime' command has Lisp listen on a TCP socket and wait for
Emacs to connect, which typically takes on the order of one second. If
someone else were to connect to this socket then they could use the
@@ -38,14 +39,6 @@ forms for code compiled at (debug 2) or higher. The default level is
lower and SBCL itself is compiled at a lower setting. Thus only
defun-granularity is available with default policies.
-The XREF commands are not implemented.
-** OpenMCL
-We support OpenMCL 0.14.3.
-The XREF commands are not available.
** LispWorks
On Windows, SLIME hangs when calling foreign functions or certain
@@ -61,13 +54,19 @@ responds much faster if mp:*default-process-quantum* is set to 0.1.
-We require version 2.33.2 or higher. We also require socket support, so
+We require version 2.49 or higher. We also require socket support, so
you may have to start CLISP with "clisp -K full".
Under Windows, interrupting (with C-c C-b) doesn't work. Emacs sends
a SIGINT signal, but the signal is either ignored or CLISP exits
+On Windows, CLISP may refuse to parse filenames like
+"C:\\DOCUME~1\\johndoe\\LOCALS~1\\Temp\\slime.1424" when we actually
+mean C:\Documents and Settings\johndoe\Local Settings\slime.1424. As
+a workaround, you could set slime-to-lisp-filename-function to some
+function that returns a string that is accepted by CLISP.
Function arguments and local variables aren't displayed properly in
the backtrace. Changes to CLISP's C code are needed to fix this
problem. Interpreted code is usually easer to debug.

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