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(toggle-trace): Fix from Antonio Menezes Leitao.

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Luke Gorrie
Luke Gorrie committed Mar 12, 2005
1 parent 12e14e1 commit b846225c28be1badc99173c48ebd34a5377ac7b0
Showing with 5 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +5 −3 swank-allegro.lisp
@@ -690,11 +690,13 @@
;; <name> can be a normal name or a (setf name)
(defimplementation toggle-trace (spec)
- (ecase (car spec)
+ (ecase (car spec)
+ ((setf)
+ (toggle-trace-aux spec))
(:defgeneric (toggle-trace-generic-function-methods (second spec)))
((setf :defmethod :labels :flet)
(toggle-trace-aux (process-fspec-for-allegro spec)))
- (:call
+ (:call
(destructuring-bind (caller callee) (cdr spec)
(toggle-trace-aux callee
:inside (list (process-fspec-for-allegro caller)))))))
@@ -718,7 +720,7 @@
(dolist (method methods (format nil "~S is now untraced." name))
(excl:funtrace (mop:method-function method))))
- (eval `(trace ,name))
+ (eval `(trace (,name)))
(dolist (method methods (format nil "~S is now traced." name))
(excl:ftrace (mop:method-function method)))))))

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