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@antijingoist antijingoist released this 17 Oct 22:10
· 30 commits to master since this release

Update FONTLOG for rc2
Added complied woff2,eot formats. Adjusted character spacing and kerning. Removed ss04.
removed errant color layers in the non-color styleset.
Compiled otf and webfont
Current list of glyphs in OpenDyslexic
Added missing glyphs fb03-6, adjusted more anchors, adjusted tracking & kerning
Taller line height. Fixes for post-upgrade changes. Using anchors for more accents, & cleaned up some.
upgraded app version, correcting anchors. Set leading.
All characters in a PDF
Exporting current state.
fixed bad character name. Updated meta,
weight adjustments. moving color to other 3 styles.
More information in the readme
kerning adjustments
glyph complete Italic, bold italic, regular, bold
spacing, anchor and shape adjustments.
refining positions & shapes. Correcting off-centered comp. caused by recentering.
centered glyphs in italic. adjustments to anchors.
Continuing work on Italic: glyph size, ancho positions
Minor position changes
normal italic size increase, accent adjustments
compiled webfont of updated non-italics
Update opendyslexic-characters.pdf
Compiled Bold & regular
letters larger, adjusted anchors, punctuation is larger/bolder for visibility.
Increased metricxs; typeface too small next to lower case. Uppercase size increase by 13%, 9% Bold.
Corrected sizes for ss04 numbers
Fixed ss04 sizes & compat. Setup with components
x swapped for y in ss04 corrected
Minor adjustments where letters were not positioned where they should be
new build
Adjusting dimensions, correcting oddly shaped characters
Update opendyslexic-characters.pdf
Updated compiled
Updated metrics andn character sizes
More adjustments: letter height, overshot, accents.
Consistent sizing fixs, removing odd angles
Making sizes more consistent.
Updated charcter list
Updated metrics, corrected accents and path directions.
adjusted metrics, accents, path directions.
Removed old italic
Compiled fonts for next release
Added ss04
e.ss04 shows no color fix
Removed color from main styleset, moved to styleset 3, corrected compound symbols with incorrect positions.
Accents, updating refining symbols.
More adjustments to kerning & positions. Alternate stylesets modified for better compatibility.
New character sheet
bold-italic, kerning, adjusting accents
Adding Italic: readded composite glyphs, adding bold
Adjusted metrics, more glyph fixes, improving compatibility between bold and regular.
Added missing features.
Updated PDF with current character set.
finished moving colors to styleset, corrected metrics in regular and bold
recomposing inconsistent glyphs, corrected path direction and made adjustments to any broken bold glyphs.
Corrected the Lcaron.
Spacing fixes, Removed extra large space, added a few missing characters. Moving colors to stylesets.
Updated with the current state of the glyphs.
Recompositing some glyphs for consistency. Spacing fixes. Moving colors to stylesets.
Metric fixes, more progress on Bold, a dash of color
Adding glyphs for BoldItalic