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registrame0.2 es la segunda version de mi app para llevar el registro de asistentes a una expo o evento.
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registrame0.2 is the second version of this app to register attendees to an expo or trade-show. Originally written in Rails 2.3, this new version updates to Rails 3.

Not only Rails version has been updated, but also the following behavior has been added.

  • Admin user is the only user authorized to configure application via a login/password and Admin namespace.
  • Name Badge includes attendees info in a QRCode.

What's inside?

  • Rails 3 (3.0.7)
  • Ruby 1.8.7
  • jQuery (1.4.4)
  • Gems
    • devise (admin authentication/authorization.)
    • prawn (generates attendee name badge in PDF format ready to be printed.)
    • rqr (generates QRCode that includes attendee info and is printed in name badge.)
    • yaml_db (eases DB engine change if required.)

A very important note: Ruby version should be 1.8.7-p302 (ruby 1.8.7 (2010-08-16 patchlevel 302)) in order for the rqr gem to compile and work properly. Don't know if rubygems version should also be considered into the equation, if it should, then use rubygems version 1.3.7. I guess this note clearly states that I should start looking for alternative sources to make my app work without such dependability.

What's the plan?

The app contains three areas: admin for configuration and report generation; data for data capture during an event; an public for those interested in pre-registering online.

  • Admin area:

    • Menu to access the app configuration options.
    • Dashboard to create a report with all collected info in CSV and PDF format.
  • Data area:

    • Access to basic registration operations, attendee info revision and name badge printing.
    • Dashboard with an overview of total records, total printed name badges, all categorized in registration types (visitor, exhibitor, etc.)
  • Public area:

    • Interested people may pre-register online through this interface.
    • When registration completes, the app sends a confirmation email to attendee.
    • By clicking in the email links, attendee is able to view/modify his/her record.

Configuration how-to?

This app is a work in process, this README file will be updated as needed.


  • Create config/app_config.yml file based upon config/sample_app_config.yml
  • Don't forget to use bundler to install all required gems.
  • Run $ rake db:setup (this step will create database and load contents of seed.rb in order to populate database with the minimum set of required info.)
  • Now we may login with the admin user credentials displayed at the end of the rake task (IMPORTANT: once logged in, please change admin user credentials to avoid headaches, speccially if the app will be available online to accept pre-registrations.)
  • Populate several models via the following menu entries:

    Config >

    • Event Info: configures event information used to display to people who pre-register online.
    • Interests: records attendees interests in the event, example: "Meet providers", "Identify potential business partners", etc.
    • Registration Types: records registration types, example: Exhibitor, Visitor, Sponsor, Speaker, etc.
    • Sectors: records business sectors a company may belong to, example: Industry, Government, Business, etc.
    • NameBadge: records name badge features where attendees info will be printed on.
  • Attendees: All attendees info is recorded here.

This is all the procedure to make it work.

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