iOS 7 Style PIN Screen for iPhone and iPad
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iOS 7 style PIN screen for iPhone and iPad that can be displayed modally whenever the user needs to authenticate, e.g. when accessing a specially protected part of your app.


  • Has iPhone portrait and iPad portrait and landscape layouts
  • Supports variable PIN lengths
  • Buttons can show numbers and letters or only numbers
  • Background and tint colors as well as text and color of the prompt can be customized
  • Supports solid color and translucent/blurred background



THPinViewController *pinViewController = [[THPinViewController alloc] initWithDelegate:self];
pinViewController.promptTitle = @"Enter PIN";
pinViewController.promptColor = [UIColor darkTextColor];
pinViewController.view.tintColor = [UIColor darkTextColor];
pinViewController.hideLetters = YES;

// for a solid color background, use this:
pinViewController.backgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];

// for a translucent background, use this:
self.view.tag = THPinViewControllerContentViewTag;
self.modalPresentationStyle = UIModalPresentationCurrentContext;
pinViewController.translucentBackground = YES;

[self presentViewController:pinViewController animated:YES completion:nil];

// mandatory delegate methods

- (NSUInteger)pinLengthForPinViewController:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController
    return 4;

- (BOOL)pinViewController:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController isPinValid:(NSString *)pin
    if ([pin isEqualToString:self.correctPin]) {
        return YES;
    } else {
        return NO;

- (BOOL)userCanRetryInPinViewController:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController
    return (self.remainingPinEntries > 0);

// optional delegate methods

- (void)incorrectPinEnteredInPinViewController:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController {}
- (void)pinViewControllerWillDismissAfterPinEntryWasSuccessful:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController {}
- (void)pinViewControllerDidDismissAfterPinEntryWasSuccessful:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController {}
- (void)pinViewControllerWillDismissAfterPinEntryWasUnsuccessful:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController {}
- (void)pinViewControllerDidDismissAfterPinEntryWasUnsuccessful:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController {}
- (void)pinViewControllerWillDismissAfterPinEntryWasCancelled:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController {}
- (void)pinViewControllerDidDismissAfterPinEntryWasCancelled:(THPinViewController *)pinViewController {}

See the example project for more details.


###As a Git Submodule

git submodule add git:// <local path>
git submodule update

###Via CocoaPods

Add this line to your Podfile:

pod 'THPinViewController'


THPinViewController requires iOS 7.0 and above.

THPinViewController uses ARC. If you are using THPinViewController in your non-ARC project, you need to set the -fobjc-arc compiler flag for the THPinViewController source files.


Made available under the MIT License.


If you have any feature requests or bugfixes feel free to help out and send a pull request, or create a new issue.