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You can compile hping3 at least under:
But hping3 is beta, for now it was mostly tested only in Linux,
this should change soon now that the first beta is out.
Note that starting from hping3 libpcap should be used
with all the kind of systems, including Linux.
please, follows this steps:
$ ./configure (first try ./configure --help)
$ vi Makefile (optional)
$ make
$ su
# make install
FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD
You will need the libpcap and the gmake utility installed on your system.
$ ./configure
$ gmake
$ su (or calife)
# gmake install
NOTE: You should take care about your net/bpf.h file installing on
BSD systems (specially with OpenBSD). If your original bpf.h was
overwritten with the libpcap one probably hping will not work
with over some interface.
For example if you use the libpcap bpf.h on OpenBSD hping will
not work over PPP interfaces.
$ export CC="gcc"
$ ./configure
$ gmake
$ su
# gmake install
To setuid hping3 is like to open the port to script kiddies
for now. Don't do it in any real multiuser and otherwise
security-sensitive system.
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