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/* adbuf.h - header file for adbuf.c
* Copyright(C) 2001-2002 Salvatore Sanfilippo <>
* All rights reserved.
* See the LICENSE file for COPYRIGHT and PERMISSION notice */
/* $Id: adbuf.h,v 2003/08/31 17:24:00 antirez Exp $ */
#ifndef _ADBUF_H
#define _ADBUF_H
#include <sys/types.h>
struct adbuf {
char *buf;
size_t size; /* total buffer size */
size_t left; /* unused buffer size */
/* the size of data stored is just size-left */
#define ADBUF_INCR 256 /* note that this MUST BE >= 1 */
#define adbuf_used(b) ((b)->size - (b)->left)
#define adbuf_ptr(b) ((b)->buf)
/* Rawly create an adbuf object. 's' is supposed to be some heap
* memory already allocated, with some nul-term string inside */
#define adbuf_from_heapstring(b,s) \
do { b->buf = s; b->left = 0; b->size = strlen(s); } while(0)
int adbuf_init(struct adbuf *b);
void adbuf_free(struct adbuf *b);
int adbuf_reset(struct adbuf *b);
int adbuf_add(struct adbuf *b, void *data, size_t len);
int adbuf_addchar(struct adbuf *b, int c);
int adbuf_strcat(struct adbuf *b, char *string);
int adbuf_cat(struct adbuf *a, struct adbuf *b);
int adbuf_cut(struct adbuf *b, size_t count);
int adbuf_ltrim(struct adbuf *b, size_t count);
int adbuf_rtrim(struct adbuf *b, size_t count);
int adbuf_add_long(struct adbuf *b, long l);
int adbuf_add_ulong(struct adbuf *b, unsigned long l);
int adbuf_clone(struct adbuf *src, struct adbuf *dst);
int adbuf_printf(struct adbuf *dst, const char *fmt, ...);
#endif /* _ADBUF_H */