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On macOS, after invoking PowerShell Core / with PowerShell Core as the default shell, Perl6's command-line editing is broken #165

mklement0 opened this Issue Oct 8, 2018 · 0 comments


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mklement0 commented Oct 8, 2018

Note: This post is a modified version of one first posted in the PowerShell repo, PowerShell/PowerShell#7920, and later in the pl6-linenoise repo, hoelzro/p6-linenoise#27; @hoelzro ultimately suggested reporting this issue here, given that it can be reproduced with the example program from this repo as well.

Observed in both and iTerm2.

Once you invoke PowerShell in a given Bash session, using the arrow keys in a subsequent invocation of the Perl6 REPL [or this repo's sample program] stops working, which prevents navigation inside a line and recall of commands from the history.

Even just invoking PowerShell with -command, without entering an interactive session, produces the symptom.

With PowerShell defined as the default shell, using the arrow keys in the Perl6 REPL [or this repo's sample program] is unavailable altogether.

By contrast, the command-line editing features of POSIX-like shells are unaffected.

Steps to reproduce

On macOS:


  • Install PowerShell Core via Homebrew with brew tap caskroom/cask; brew cask install powershell

  • Install Perl6 with brew install perl6. [Or use this repo's example program]

  • Run perl6 [or this repo's example program] to enter the Perl6 REPL and submit a command such as 'hi' - verify that it can be recalled by pressing the up-arrow.

  • Exit the REPL with exit

  • Run a PowerShell command such as pwsh -noprofile -command get-date

  • Enter the Perl6 REPL [or this repo's example program] again with perl6

  • Try to recall the previous command by pressing the up-arrow.

Expected behavior

The most recently submitted command should be recalled from the command history.

Actual behavior

Nothing happens.

None of the arrow keys are working.

Environment data

PowerShell Core v6.1.0 on macOS 10.13.6
Rakudo Star version 2018.06 built on MoarVM version 2018.06
implementing Perl 6.c
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