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if (!isLoggedIn()) exit;
if (isset($_POST['saveoptions'])) {
$excludemyvisits = gi("excludemyvisits",0);
$showuseragent = gi("showuseragent",0);
$r = redisLink();
header("Location: /settings?s=1");
Config("title","LLOOGG - web 2.0 tail -f access.log");
<div id="uimain">
Cut and paste the following code in every page of your site for wich you are interested in seeing accesses in real time.
<strong>Important notes:</strong>
<li>It's better to put the code just above the closing &lt;/body&gt; tag.</li>
<li>If you are using wordpress you can find the &lt;/body&gt; tag is in the <strong>footer.php</strong> page.</li>
$_js="<script type=\"text/javascript\">
lloogg_clientid = \"%%clientid%%\";
<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"%%urldomain%%/l.js?c=%%clientid%%\">
<textarea rows=4 cols=80 id="jscode">
<input type="button" value="Select" onclick="$('jscode').select()">
$r = redisLink();
$lastvisit = $r->lindex("last:".userId(),-1);
$statusok = false;
if ($lastvisit) {
$row = unserialize($lastvisit);
if ((time() - $row['time']) < 3600*24)
$statusok = true;
if ($statusok) {
echo("We are correctly receiving data");
} else {
echo("We are NOT receiving data, make sure to install the javascript tag in your web site");
$excludechecked = userExcludeMyVisits() ? "checked" : "";
$showuseragent = userShowUserAgent() ? "checked" : "";
$savedhtml = gi("s",0) ? ' <span id="saved" style="color:red">(saved)</span>' : '';
<form method="post" action="usercode.php" id="optionsform">
Don't log my own visits <input type="checkbox" name="excludemyvisits" value="1" <?=$excludechecked?>><br/><br/>
Show clients user agent <input type="checkbox" name="showuseragent" value="1" <?=$showuseragent?>><br/><br/>
<input type="submit" name="saveoptions" value="Save options">
<h3>Give access</h3>
It is possible to give read-only access to your stats to other LLOOGG users. You can later remove the access if you want.<br/><br/>
<input id="allowusername" type="text" name="username">
to see my stats in read only
<input type="button" name="doit" value="Allow!" onclick="allowUser()">
$allowed = getAllowing();
if (count($allowed)) {
echo("<h4>Allowed users</h4>");
foreach($allowed as $id) {
echo("<li>".utf8entities(getUsernameById($id))." <a href=\"rmallowed.php?username=".urlencode(getUsernameById($id))."\">remove</a></li>");
<script type="text/javascript">
function allowUserHandler(res) {
if (res.indexOf("ERR:") != -1) {
} else {
function allowUser() {
mfxGetRand("/ajax/allow.php?username="+mfxEscape($('allowusername').value), allowUserHandler);
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