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#ifndef LOAD81_H
#define LOAD81_H
#include "framebuffer.h"
/* ================================ Defaults ================================ */
#define DEFAULT_WIDTH 800
#define DEFAULT_HEIGHT 600
#define DEFAULT_BPP 24
/* ============================= Data structures ============================ */
struct globalConfig {
/* Runtime */
int r,g,b;
int alpha;
int fps;
long long start_ms;
long long epoch;
frameBuffer *fb;
char *filename;
lua_State *L;
int luaerr; /* True if there was an error in the latest iteration. */
/* Configuration */
int width;
int height;
int bpp;
/* Command line switches */
int opt_show_fps;
int opt_full_screen;
extern struct globalConfig l81;
#endif /* LOAD81_H */
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