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I've re-implemented Joystick support, substituting joystick.count for JOYSTICKS, and re-working the API that was added to be more generally useful outside the scope of Joystick handling.

Joystick rescan is done whenever switching to the editor, meaning end-users can plug joysticks in and re-start their games if needed. Also dynamically adding up to 8 (hard-coded limit of SDL handles reserved) joysticks at rescan. Button support is included.

To use:

joystick.count = number of joysticks detected
joystick[1].x / joystick[1].y = x/y axes
joystick[1].button = 1 for down, 0 for up

Jay Vaughan and others added some commits Mar 17, 2012

Jay Vaughan Re-do of Joystick support: dynamic alloc, reset d189e66
Jay Vaughan Joystick Example. d20ede6
Jay Vaughan Fix for Open Pandora --bpp arg selection. adbb468
Jay Vaughan Basic button support. 6253a45
Jay Vaughan Slight tweaks to the joystick demo. b6990e5
Jay Vaughan Unneeded whitespace. c6f8656
Jay Vaughan Whitepsace e564215
@cobrajs cobrajs Added to support mouse scrolling, page up, page down, home, and end 741a081
@seclorum seclorum Merge pull request #1 from cobrajs/editorchanges
Added to support mouse scrolling, page up, page down, home, and end
@cobrajs cobrajs Add support for drawing polygons 30cedc7
@cobrajs cobrajs Reworked a bit, and added some error trapping 1b31c17
@cobrajs cobrajs Added filled() binding to set the filled state 63c6660
@cobrajs cobrajs Merge branch 'polygon' 58ffaa4
@cobrajs cobrajs Merged, added filled stuff for polygon c45dfab
@cobrajs cobrajs Added functions to the README f2a8f54
@cobrajs cobrajs Added tiling support to sprites eb1178e
@seclorum seclorum Merge pull request #2 from cobrajs/master
Added filled() and polygon()
@seclorum seclorum add joystick support to flames.lua 58b1161
@seclorum seclorum consistency check 2392e99
Jay Vaughan add joystick support to flames, include new gridify sample 9175910
Jay Vaughan Merge.
Merge branch 'master' of

Jay Vaughan fix for case where no joysticks are available 265a1bb
@seclorum seclorum Update 6879ff3
Jay Vaughan slight edit 074639f
Jay Vaughan fix for joystick note fbe0b30
Jay Vaughan Fixup of gridifuy.lua sample. b06cf64
@seclorum seclorum timeout demo started 20279c3
@seclorum seclorum joystick support for timeout.lua 8c13a7e
@seclorum seclorum color support in timeout.lua c0ef305
Jay Vaughan Merge branch 'master' of c9e3a01
Jay Vaughan joystick check 081392d
@seclorum seclorum comments 6b2ee93
@seclorum seclorum Merge branch 'master' of
@seclorum seclorum fix of merge hiccup a6e6074
Jay Vaughan tweaks 7a338a6
Jay Vaughan Merge branch 'master' of 5d167aa
@seclorum seclorum pull antirez a8adc33
seclorum Adjust Makefile to use sdl-config instead of pkg-config 47a35ef
@seclorum seclorum Add Darwin-specific hooks to compile against SDL_gfx/etc. from homebr…
…ew paths...
@seclorum seclorum Include LFS in Lua Build 86fbc71
@seclorum seclorum add lfs hook 7e36ea5
@seclorum seclorum Add LFS 29c5d9b
@seclorum seclorum localized headers instead of system headers eb3927b
@seclorum seclorum export LFS for use in LOAD81 b5c9459
@seclorum seclorum include lfs in lualibs[] 3976c8e
@seclorum seclorum global luaopen_lfs export c08025b
@seclorum seclorum Put libs back in place properly d632917
@seclorum seclorum Add debian package control dir fae5aa3
seclorum clean f5c5716
@seclorum seclorum gridify example b72f00f
@seclorum seclorum filelist example c9227b1
@seclorum seclorum runner to contrib 41ca649
@seclorum seclorum /usr/include for build b730212
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