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The CONFIG GET command is used to read the configuration parameters of a running Redis server. Not all the configuration parameters are supported in Redis 2.4, while Redis 2.6 can read the whole configuration of a server using this command.

The symmetric command used to alter the configuration at run time is CONFIG SET.

CONFIG GET takes a single argument, that is glob style pattern. All the configuration parameters matching this parameter are reported as a list of key-value pairs. Example:

redis> config get *max-*-entries*
1) "hash-max-zipmap-entries"
2) "512"
3) "list-max-ziplist-entries"
4) "512"
5) "set-max-intset-entries"
6) "512"

You can obtain a list of all the supported configuration parameters typing CONFIG GET * in an open redis-cli prompt.

All the supported parameters have the same meaning of the equivalent configuration parameter used in the redis.conf file, with the following important differences:

  • Where bytes or other quantities are specified, it is not possible to use the redis.conf abbreviated form (10k 2gb ... and so forth), everything should be specified as a well formed 64 bit integer, in the base unit of the configuration directive.
  • The save parameter is a single string of space separated integers. Every pair of integers represent a seconds/modifications threshold.

For instance what in redis.conf looks like:

save 900 1
save 300 10

that means, save after 900 seconds if there is at least 1 change to the dataset, and after 300 seconds if there are at least 10 changes to the datasets, will be reported by CONFIG GET as "900 1 300 10".


The return type of the command is a @bulk-reply.