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Merge pull request #302 from xiam/master

Updating description and url for the gosexy/redis client.
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commit 253ff3b4f314219d2e1bce2e79fadca47a64b1a5 2 parents 4ecc4e2 + 4953dcd
@soveran soveran authored
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5 clients.json
@@ -141,7 +141,8 @@
"name": "gosexy/redis",
"language": "Go",
"repository": "",
- "description": "Go bindings for the official C redis client (hiredis), supports the whole command set of redis 2.6.10 and subscriptions with go channels.",
+ "url": "",
+ "description": "A Go client for redis built on top of the hiredis C client. Supports non-blocking connections and channel-based subscriptions.",
"authors": ["xiam"],
"active": true
@@ -690,7 +691,7 @@
"description": "Thread-safe client supporting async usage and key/value codecs",
"authors": ["ar3te"]
"name": "csredis",
"language": "C#",

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