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Introduction to Redis
-Redis is an open source, advanced **key-value store**. It
+Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), advanced **key-value store**. It
is often referred to as a **data structure server** since
keys can contain [strings](/topics/data-types#strings),
[hashes](/topics/data-types#hashes), [lists](/topics/data-types#lists),
@@ -26,15 +26,15 @@ Redis also supports trivial-to-setup [master-slave
replication](/topics/replication), with very fast non-blocking first
synchronization, auto-reconnection on net split and so forth.
-Other features include a simple [check-and-set
-mechanism](/topics/transactions), [pub/sub](/topics/pubsub)
-and configuration settings to make Redis behave like a
+Other features include [Transactions](/topics/transactions),
+[Lua scripting](/commands/eval),
+[Keys with a limited time-to-live](/commands/expire),
+and configuration settings to make Redis behave like a cache.
You can use Redis from [most programming languages](/clients) out there.
Redis is written in **ANSI C** and works in most POSIX systems like Linux,
\*BSD, OS X without external dependencies. Linux and OSX are the two operating systems where Redis is developed and more tested, and we **recommend using Linux for deploying**. Redis may work in Solaris-derived systems like SmartOS, but the support is *best effort*. There
-is no official support for Windows builds, although you may
-have [some](
+is no official support for Windows builds, but Microsoft develops and
+maintains a [Win32-64 experimental version of Redis](

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