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less verbose title for the 2.6 section.

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@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ releases: 1.3.x were the unstable versions that became 2.0 once stable.
- <td>2.5.7 (2.6 Release Candidate #1)</td>
+ <td>2.6.0-RC1</td>
<td>Release Candidate</td>
<td>This is the newest Redis version replacing Redis 2.4.
Redis 2.6 features support for <a href="/commands/eval">Lua scripting</a>, milliseconds precision expires, improved memory usage, unlimited number of clients, improved AOF generation, better performance, a number of new commands and features. For the complete list of new features, and the list of fixes contained in each 2.6 release, please check the <a href="">Release Notes</a>.

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