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24110a4 @antirez Make log target fixed
1 2010-07-01 gitignore modified (antirez)
2 2010-06-22 redis.c split into many different C files. (antirez)
3 2010-06-16 more pub/sub tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
4 2010-06-15 initial basic pub/sub tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
5 2010-06-15 fix BLPOP/BRPOP to use the wrapped function for list length (Pieter Noordhuis)
6 2010-06-15 tests for BLPOP/BRPOP via an option in the tcl client that defers reading the reply (Pieter Noordhuis)
7 2010-06-14 TODO updated (antirez)
8 2010-06-14 Merge branch 'ltrim-tests' of git:// (antirez)
9 2010-06-14 rename "list" to "linkedlist" to be more verbose (Pieter Noordhuis)
10 2010-06-14 allow running the test suite against an external Redis instance, without auto spawning (antirez)
11 2010-06-14 change ltrim tests to cover all min/max cases and add stronger stresser (Pieter Noordhuis)
12 2010-06-13 Fixed deps in makefile and script to really take advantage of the new trick to avoid recompilation of redis.c on git sha1 or dirty status change (antirez)
13 2010-06-13 hopefully faster recompiling with a trick (antirez)
14 2010-06-13 fixed a bug in rdbLoadObject abount specially encoded objects (antirez)
15 2010-06-13 use raw strings when loading a hash from the rdb into a zipmap (Pieter Noordhuis)
16 2010-06-12 Merge branch 'expire' of git:// (antirez)
17 2010-06-11 Merge branch 'lists' of git:// (antirez)
18 2010-06-11 LPUSHX, RPUSHX, LINSERT only work on non-empty lists, so there are no clients waiting for a push (Pieter Noordhuis)
19 2010-06-11 make LINSERT return -1 when the value could not be inserted (Pieter Noordhuis)
20 2010-06-11 check if the list encoding needs to be changed on LPUSHX, RPUSHX, LINSERT (Pieter Noordhuis)
21 2010-06-11 make sure the value to insert is string encoded (Pieter Noordhuis)
22 2010-06-11 rename vars, move arguments, add comments (Pieter Noordhuis)
23 2010-06-11 always iterate from head to tail on LINSERT (Pieter Noordhuis)
24 2010-06-11 use REDIS_TAIL to insert AFTER an entry and REDIS_HEAD to insert BEFORE an entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
25 2010-06-11 move listTypeInsert to be grouped with other wrapper functions (Pieter Noordhuis)
26 2010-06-11 squashed merge from robey/twitter3: LINSERT BEFORE|AFTER, LPUSHX, RPUSHX (Pieter Noordhuis)
27 2010-06-09 remove pop function and the sds dependency; can be implemented using get+delete (Pieter Noordhuis)
28 2010-06-07 compute swappability for ziplist encoded lists (Pieter Noordhuis)
29 2010-06-07 reuse the sds from the main dictionary in the expiration dictionary (Pieter Noordhuis)
30 2010-06-07 TODO updated (antirez)
31 2010-06-07 encode integers while loading an hash (antirez)
32 2010-06-05 Merge branch 'lists' of git:// (antirez)
33 2010-06-05 fixed two leaks for the dual encoded lists (Pieter Noordhuis)
34 2010-06-04 TODO updated (antirez)
35 2010-06-04 DISCSARD now unwatches all keys, as it should (antirez)
36 2010-06-04 generated tests for different encodings to avoid test code duplication (Pieter Noordhuis)
37 2010-06-04 refactor list tests to test both encodings; implemented assert functions (Pieter Noordhuis)
38 2010-06-04 renamed hash wrapper functions to match wrapper function naming convention: "<type>Type<func>" (Pieter Noordhuis)
39 2010-06-04 Merge branch 'lists' of git:// (antirez)
40 2010-06-04 Merge branch 'smallkeys' (antirez)
41 2010-06-04 safety assert in listTypeNext (Pieter Noordhuis)
42 2010-06-04 renamed list wrapper functions to be more verbose (Pieter Noordhuis)
43 2010-06-04 add thresholds for converting a ziplist to a real list (Pieter Noordhuis)
44 2010-06-04 merge antirez/smallkeys (Pieter Noordhuis)
45 2010-06-03 test restored (antirez)
46 2010-06-03 memory leak introduced in the latest big changes fixed (antirez)
47 2010-06-03 Fixed VM bugs introduced with the top level keys as sds strings changes (antirez)
48 2010-06-03 top level keys are no longer redis objects but sds strings. There are still a few bugs to fix when VM is enabled (antirez)
49 2010-06-03 update Makefile to include ziplist.o (Pieter Noordhuis)
50 2010-06-03 use ziplists in SORT STORE until the thresholds are determined (Pieter Noordhuis)
51 2010-06-03 Merge branch 'testsuite' of git:// (antirez)
52 2010-06-03 Merge branch 'testsuite' of git:// into smallkeys (antirez)
53 2010-06-03 tag memory leak check on kill server as "leaks" (Pieter Noordhuis)
54 2010-06-03 tag test with sleep() as slow (Pieter Noordhuis)
55 2010-06-03 make sure the config it returned when called without code (Pieter Noordhuis)
56 2010-06-03 tag more slow tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
57 2010-06-03 change how arguments are passed from the AOF tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
58 2010-06-03 scope res variable outside test (Pieter Noordhuis)
59 2010-06-02 tags for existing tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
60 2010-06-02 pass tags to filter and match via arguments (Pieter Noordhuis)
61 2010-06-02 basic support to tag tests (Pieter Noordhuis)
62 2010-06-02 changed how server.tcl accepts options to support more directives without requiring more arguments to the proc (Pieter Noordhuis)
63 2010-06-02 removed obsolete code (Pieter Noordhuis)
64 2010-06-02 catch exceptions in the server proc, to be able to kill the entire chain of running servers (Pieter Noordhuis)
65 2010-06-02 Merge branch 'master' into smallkeys (antirez)
66 2010-06-02 smarter swapout policy on AOF too (antirez)
67 2010-06-02 better swapout policy while loading RDB file (antirez)
68 2010-06-02 minor code comment change (antirez)
69 2010-06-01 use integer types from stdint.h to be more verbose on the size in bytes of encoded elements. update list length to use 2 bytes instead of 1. (Pieter Noordhuis)
70 2010-06-01 added stress test for heavy i/o in ziplists (Pieter Noordhuis)
71 2010-06-01 fix signedness errors in ziplist testing code (Pieter Noordhuis)
72 2010-06-01 minor code movements and free object pull restored to 1 million (antirez)
73 2010-06-01 TODO updated with syslog plans for 2.2 (antirez)
74 2010-06-01 Debug message was printing stuff that are sometimes not initialized/valid (antirez)
75 2010-06-01 Merge branch 'smallkeys' of into smallkeys (antirez)
76 2010-06-01 fixed a few comments (antirez)
77 2010-06-01 fixed bugs introduced in the rewrite of the new VM engine (antirez)
78 2010-05-31 support rewriting the AOF with dual list encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
79 2010-05-31 small refactor of fwrite* commands for AOF rewrite to allow writing a bulk long long (Pieter Noordhuis)
80 2010-05-31 use list wrapper functions in computing the dataset digest (Pieter Noordhuis)
81 2010-05-31 ziplistNext should work as expected when called with a pointer to ZIP_END (Pieter Noordhuis)
82 2010-05-31 update SORT to work with the dual list encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
83 2010-05-31 function to create a new ziplist encoded list (Pieter Noordhuis)
84 2010-05-31 fixed missing incrRefCount (antirez)
85 2010-05-31 support rdb saving/loading with dual list encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
86 2010-05-31 fixed signedness and disambiguate variable names (Pieter Noordhuis)
87 2010-05-31 added rdb save function to directly save long long values (Pieter Noordhuis)
88 2010-05-31 update RPOPLPUSH to support dual encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
89 2010-05-31 update list iteration semantic to work as expected (i.e. "while(lNext(..))") (Pieter Noordhuis)
90 2010-05-31 ziplistDelete no longer needs a direction now ziplistPrev is fixed (Pieter Noordhuis)
91 2010-05-31 ziplistPrev should return the tail when the argument is ZIP_END (Pieter Noordhuis)
92 2010-05-31 first step of VM rewrite. blocking VM tests passing, more work needed in the async side (antirez)
93 2010-05-31 Merge branch 'no-appendfsync-on-rewrite' (antirez)
94 2010-05-30 fix LREM to remove *all* occurances when a zero argument is given (Pieter Noordhuis)
95 2010-05-30 fixed LINDEX to always return bulk response (Pieter Noordhuis)
96 2010-05-30 the tail offset must be an integer pointer to hold a 32-bit offset (Pieter Noordhuis)
97 2010-05-30 update LREM to support dual encoding via extra iteration primitives (Pieter Noordhuis)
98 2010-05-30 support dual encoding in LTRIM (Pieter Noordhuis)
99 2010-05-30 update LRANGE to use basic iteration code to support dual encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
100 2010-05-30 inline support for dual encoding in the LINDEX and LSET commands (Pieter Noordhuis)
101 2010-05-30 generic pop and length function for ziplist encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
102 2010-05-30 generic push function that supports the dual encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
103 2010-05-30 change delete function to accept a direction argument, so "p" can be properly updated (Pieter Noordhuis)
104 2010-05-30 expose extra functionality from ziplist.c (Pieter Noordhuis)
105 2010-05-30 code style consistency fixes (Pieter Noordhuis)
106 2010-05-29 ziplistIndex now accepts negative indices (Pieter Noordhuis)
107 2010-05-29 fix compile warnings (Pieter Noordhuis)
108 2010-05-29 use simpler encoding for the length of the previous entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
109 2010-05-29 replace functions to get pointers to head and tail by macros (Pieter Noordhuis)
110 2010-05-29 function to insert an element at an arbitrary position in the list (Pieter Noordhuis)
111 2010-05-29 extract a generic delete function that can be used in pop and delete(range) (Pieter Noordhuis)
112 2010-05-29 use the entry struct in zipRawEntryLength (Pieter Noordhuis)
113 2010-05-29 rename argument names to s* to disambiguate from e* (Pieter Noordhuis)
114 2010-05-29 change ziplistRepr to use the entry struct (Pieter Noordhuis)
115 2010-05-29 modify compare function to check if the encoding is equal before comparing (Pieter Noordhuis)
116 2010-05-29 use a struct to retrieve all details for an entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
117 2010-05-29 initial implementation for making the ziplist doubly linked (Pieter Noordhuis)
118 2010-05-29 fix some warnings (Pieter Noordhuis)
119 2010-05-29 add function to retrieve ziplist size in bytes (Pieter Noordhuis)
120 2010-05-22 fix compare function of ziplist to only load integer from ziplist when it is encoded as integer (Pieter Noordhuis)
121 2010-05-22 add function to retrieve length of ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
122 2010-05-22 re-introduce ZIP_BIGLEN for clarity (Pieter Noordhuis)
123 2010-05-22 added header ziplist.h (Pieter Noordhuis)
124 2010-05-22 code to compare strings with entries in ziplist, regardless of their encoding (Pieter Noordhuis)
125 2010-05-22 updated iteration code to work well with different encodings (Pieter Noordhuis)
126 2010-05-22 move code from zip.c to ziplist.c (Pieter Noordhuis)
127 2010-05-22 partial revert of c80df5 because ziplist functions are starting to divert too much from zipmap functions (Pieter Noordhuis)
128 2010-05-22 initial work for integer encoding in ziplists (Pieter Noordhuis)
129 2010-05-22 move length housekeeping to a macro (Pieter Noordhuis)
130 2010-05-21 allow entries to be deleted in place when iterating over a ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
131 2010-05-21 allow pointer to be stored to current element when iterating over ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
132 2010-05-21 rename ziplistDelete to ziplistDeleteRange (Pieter Noordhuis)
133 2010-05-21 code to delete an inner range from the ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
134 2010-05-21 check if *value is non-NULL before setting it (Pieter Noordhuis)
135 2010-05-21 change iteration code to avoid allocating a new sds for each traversed entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
136 2010-05-21 code to iterate over a ziplist (Pieter Noordhuis)
137 2010-05-21 implementation for a ziplist with push and pop support (Pieter Noordhuis)
138 2010-05-21 extracted general methods to zip.c for reuse in other zip* structures (Pieter Noordhuis)
139 2010-05-28 command table size calculated with sizeof (antirez)
140 2010-05-28 use qsort and bsearch to lookup commands in O(log(N)) instead of O(N) (Pieter Noordhuis)
141 2010-05-28 Merge branch 'cli-stdin' of git:// (antirez)
142 2010-05-28 Fixed ZINCR Nan bugs leading to server crash and added tests (antirez)
143 2010-05-28 redis.conf new features the new option, a minor typo preventing the compilation fixed (antirez)
144 2010-05-28 don't fsync after a rewrite if appendfsync is set to no. use aof_fsycn instead of fsync where appropriate (antirez)
145 2010-05-28 added new option no-appendfsync-on-rewrite to avoid blocking on fsync() in the main thread while a background process is doing big I/O (antirez)
146 2010-05-28 Added Git sha1 and dirty status in redis-server -v output (antirez)
147 2010-05-28 changed the message in the Makefile with the new command like to run the test suite (antirez)
148 2010-05-27 Fixed typo. (Vincent Palmer)
149 2010-05-27 new multi/exec tests (antirez)
150 2010-05-26 build command outside while loop (Pieter Noordhuis)
151 2010-05-26 require the flag "-c" to be used for redis-cli to read the last argument from stdin (Pieter Noordhuis)
152 2010-05-26 Merge branch 'master' into nested-multi (antirez)
153 2010-05-26 Fix EXEC bug that was leaving the client in dirty status when used with WATCH (antirez)
154 2010-05-26 raise error on nested MULTI and WATCH inside multi (antirez)
155 2010-05-25 allow regular sets to be passed to zunionstore/zinterstore (Pieter Noordhuis)
156 2010-05-25 Version is now 2.1.1 (antirez)
157 2010-05-25 RENAME is now WATCH-aware (antirez)
158 2010-05-25 TODO updated (antirez)
159 2010-05-25 WATCH is now able to detect keys removed by FLUSHALL and FLUSHDB (antirez)
160 2010-05-25 WATCH tests (antirez)
161 2010-05-25 minor bug fixed in WATCH (antirez)
162 2010-05-25 WATCH for MULTI/EXEC (CAS alike concurrency) (antirez)
163 2010-05-25 gitignore updated (antirez)
164 2010-05-21 Master is now already unfreezed, unstable, and ready to hacking sessions! (antirez)
165 2010-05-21 Merge branch 'solaris' of git:// (antirez)
166 2010-05-21 Changelog updated (antirez)
7fc9853 @antirez Changelog updated
167 2010-05-21 redis version is now 1.3.14 (aka 2.0.0 RC1) (antirez)
168 2010-05-21 html doc updated (antirez)
169 2010-05-21 by default test with valgrind does not show full leak info (antirez)
170 2010-05-21 minor fix for the skiplist code, resulting in a false positive with valgrind, and in general into a useless small allocation (antirez)
171 2010-05-21 Merge branch 'master' of (antirez)
172 2010-05-21 tests suite initial support for valgrind, fixed the old test suite until the new one is able to target a specific host/port (antirez)
24110a4 @antirez Make log target fixed
173 2010-05-21 include solaris fixes in sha1.c (Pieter Noordhuis)
7fc9853 @antirez Changelog updated
174 2010-05-20 Don't exit with error in tests temp file cleanup if there are no files to clean (antirez)
175 2010-05-20 fix memory leak on 32-bit builds (Pieter Noordhuis)
176 2010-05-20 Merge branch 'master' of (antirez)
177 2010-05-20 Fix for DEBUG DIGEST (antirez)
178 2010-05-20 Merge branch 'test_vm' of git:// (antirez)
179 2010-05-20 code to enable running tests with the vm enabled (Pieter Noordhuis)
180 2010-05-20 minor change to shutdown (antirez)
181 2010-05-20 shutdown on SIGTERM (antirez)
182 2010-05-20 Merge (antirez)
183 2010-05-20 fix compile error on solaris (Pieter Noordhuis)
184 2010-05-20 added regression for zipmap bug (antirez)
185 2010-05-20 fix lookup of keys with length larger than ZIPMAP_BIGLEN (Pieter Noordhuis)
186 2010-05-19 TODO updated (antirez)
187 2010-05-19 initial tests for AOF (and small changes to server.tcl to support these) (Pieter Noordhuis)
188 2010-05-19 Merge branch 'master' into integration (Pieter Noordhuis)
189 2010-05-19 Fix for 'CONFIG SET appendonly no' (antirez)
190 2010-05-19 It's now possible to turn off and on the AOF via CONFIG (antirez)
191 2010-05-18 git hash 00000000 in reelase.h when git is not found enabled again after some shell scripting fix that is now compatible with most shells (antirez)
192 2010-05-18 build fixed when simpler shells are used to create release.h (antirez)
193 2010-05-18 use git diff when generating release.h to check for dirty status (antirez)
194 2010-05-18 Solaris fixes (antirez)
195 2010-05-18 html doc rebuild (antirez)
196 2010-05-18 buliding of release.h moved into an external script. Avoided recompialtion of redis.c if git sha1 is the same as the previous one (antirez)
197 2010-05-17 create release.h in make process and add this information to INFO listing (Pieter Noordhuis)
73287b2 @antirez buliding of release.h moved into an external script. Avoided recompia…
198 2010-05-16 Redis version is now 1.3.12 (antirez)
199 2010-05-16 redis version is now 1.3.11 (antirez)
200 2010-05-16 random refactoring and speedups (antirez)
201 2010-05-16 faster INCR with very little efforts... (antirez)
7fc9853 @antirez Changelog updated
202 2010-05-15 print warnings in redis log when a test raises an exception (very likely to be caused by something like a failed assertion) (Pieter Noordhuis)
73287b2 @antirez buliding of release.h moved into an external script. Avoided recompia…
203 2010-05-15 Merge branch 'redis-cli-fix' of (antirez)
204 2010-05-15 added pid info to the check memory leaks test, so that those tests don't appear to be duplicated (antirez)
205 2010-05-15 Merge branch 'integration' of git:// (antirez)
206 2010-05-14 more endianess detection fix for SHA1 (antirez)
207 2010-05-14 fixed a warning seen with some GCC version under Linux (antirez)
208 2010-05-14 initial rough integration test for replication (Pieter Noordhuis)
209 2010-05-14 store entire server object on the stack instead of just the client (Pieter Noordhuis)
210 2010-05-14 proc to retrieve values from INFO properties (Pieter Noordhuis)
211 2010-05-14 one more fix for endianess detection (antirez)
212 2010-05-14 Fixed sha1.c compilation on Linux, due to endianess detection lameness (antirez)
214 2010-05-14 minor fixes to the new test suite, html doc updated (antirez)
215 2010-05-14 wait for redis-server to be settled and ready for connections (Pieter Noordhuis)
216 2010-05-14 fix cleaning up tmp folder (Pieter Noordhuis)
217 2010-05-14 update makefile to use the new test suite (Pieter Noordhuis)
218 2010-05-14 check for memory leaks before killing a server (Pieter Noordhuis)
219 2010-05-14 extract code to kill a server to a separate proc (Pieter Noordhuis)
220 2010-05-14 start servers on different ports to prevent conflicts (Pieter Noordhuis)
221 2010-05-14 use DEBUG DIGEST in new test suite (Pieter Noordhuis)
222 2010-05-14 split test suite into multiple files; runs redis-server in isolation (Pieter Noordhuis)
223 2010-05-14 use DEBUG DIGEST in the test instead of a function that was doing a similar work, but in a much slower and buggy way (antirez)
224 2010-05-14 Don't rely on cliReadReply being able to return on shutdown (Bruno Deferrari)
225 2010-05-14 If command is a shutdown, ignore errors on reply (Bruno Deferrari)
226 2010-05-14 DEBUG DIGEST implemented, in order to improve the ability to test persistence and replication consistency (antirez)
7fc9853 @antirez Changelog updated
227 2010-05-13 Add SIGTERM shutdown handling. (Ashley Martens)
73287b2 @antirez buliding of release.h moved into an external script. Avoided recompia…
228 2010-05-13 makefile deps updated (antirez)
229 2010-05-13 conflicts resolved (antirez)
230 2010-05-13 feed SETEX as SET and EXPIREAT to AOF (Pieter Noordhuis)
231 2010-05-13 very strong speedup in saving time performance when there are many integers in the dataset. Instead of decoding the object before to pass them to the rdbSaveObject layer we check asap if the object is integer encoded and can be written on disk as an integer. (antirez)
232 2010-05-13 include limits.h otherwise no double precison macros (antirez)
233 2010-05-13 explicitly checks with ifdefs if our floating point and long long assumptions are verified (antirez)
234 2010-05-13 Yet another version of the double saving code, with comments explaining what's happening there (antirez)
235 2010-05-12 added overflow check in the double -> long long conversion trick to avoid integer overflows. I think this was not needed in practical terms, but it is safer (antirez)
236 2010-05-12 use withscores when performing the dataset digest (antirez)
237 2010-05-12 If a float can be casted to a long long without rounding loss, we can use the integer conversion function to write the score on disk. This is a seriuous speedup (antirez)
238 2010-05-12 fixed compilation warnings in the AOF sanity check tool (antirez)
239 2010-05-12 Merge branch 'vm-speedup' (antirez)
240 2010-05-11 fix to return error when calling INCR on a non-string type (Pieter Noordhuis)
241 2010-05-11 load objects encoded from disk directly without useless conversion (antirez)
242 2010-05-11 fixed a problem leading to crashes, as keys can't be currently specially encoded, so we can't encode integers at object loading time... For now this can be fixed passing a few flags, or later can be fixed allowing encoded keys as well (antirez)
243 2010-05-11 long long to string conversion speedup applied in other places as well. Still the code has bugs, fixing right now... (antirez)
244 2010-05-11 hand written code to turn a long long into a string -> very big speed win (antirez)
245 2010-05-11 added specialized function to compare string objects for perfect match that is optimized for this task (antirez)
246 2010-05-11 better use of encoding inforamtion in dictEncObjKeyCompare (antirez)
247 2010-05-10 CONFIG now can change appendfsync policy at run time (antirez)
248 2010-05-10 CONFIG command now supports hot modification of RDB saving parameters. (antirez)
249 2010-05-10 while loading the rdb file don't add the key to the dictionary at all if it's already expired, instead of removing it just after the insertion. (antirez)
250 2010-05-10 Merge branch 'check-aof' of git:// (antirez)
251 2010-05-08 minor changes to improve code readability (antirez)
252 2010-05-08 swap objects out directly while loading an RDB file if we detect we can't stay in the vm max memory limits anyway (antirez)
253 2010-05-07 change command names no longer used to zunion/zinter (Pieter Noordhuis)
254 2010-05-07 DEBUG POPULATE command for fast creation of test databases (antirez)
255 2010-05-07 update TODO (Pieter Noordhuis)
256 2010-05-07 swap arguments in blockClientOnSwappedKeys to be consistent (Pieter Noordhuis)
257 2010-05-07 added function that preloads all keys needed to execute a MULTI/EXEC block (Pieter Noordhuis)
258 2010-05-07 add sanity check to zunionInterBlockClientOnSwappedKeys, as the number of keys used is provided as argument to the function (Pieter Noordhuis)
259 2010-05-07 make prototype of custom function to preload keys from the vm match the prototype of waitForMultipleSwappedKeys (Pieter Noordhuis)
260 2010-05-07 extract preloading of multiple keys according to the command prototype to a separate function (Pieter Noordhuis)
261 2010-05-07 make append only filename configurable (Pieter Noordhuis)
262 2010-05-07 don't load value from VM for EXISTS (Pieter Noordhuis)
263 2010-05-07 swap file name pid expansion removed. Not suited for mission critical software... (antirez)
264 2010-05-07 Swap file is now locked (antirez)
265 2010-05-06 Merge branch 'master' into aof-speedup (antirez)
266 2010-05-06 log error and quit when the AOF contains an unfinished MULTI (antirez)
267 2010-05-06 log error and quit when the AOF contains an unfinished MULTI (Pieter Noordhuis)
268 2010-05-06 Merge branch 'master' into check-aof (Pieter Noordhuis)
269 2010-05-06 hincrby should report an error when called against a hash key that doesn't contain an integer (Pieter Noordhuis)
270 2010-05-06 AOF writes are now accumulated into a buffer and flushed into disk just before re-entering the event loop. A lot less writes but still this guarantees that AOF is written before the client gets a positive reply about a write operation, as no reply is trasnmitted before re-entering into the event loop. (antirez)
271 2010-05-06 clarified a few messages in redis.conf (antirez)
272 2010-05-05 ask for confirmation before AOF is truncated (Pieter Noordhuis)
273 2010-05-05 str can be free'd outside readString (Pieter Noordhuis)
274 2010-05-05 moved argument parsing around (Pieter Noordhuis)
275 2010-05-05 ignore redis-check-aof binary (Pieter Noordhuis)
276 2010-05-05 allow AOF to be fixed by truncating to the portion of the file that is valid (Pieter Noordhuis)
277 2010-05-05 tool to check if AOF is valid (Pieter Noordhuis)
278 2010-05-02 included fmacros.h in linenose.c to avoid compilation warnings on Linux (antirez)
279 2010-05-02 compilation fix for mac os x (antirez)
280 2010-05-02 Merge branch 'master' of (antirez)
281 2010-05-02 On Linux now fdatasync() is used insetad of fsync() in order to flush the AOF file kernel buffers (antirez)
282 2010-04-30 More tests for APPEND and tests for SUBSTR (antirez)
3c5caed @antirez More tests for APPEND and tests for SUBSTR
283 2010-04-30 linenoise.c updated, now redis-cli can be used in a pipe (antirez)
284 2010-04-29 redis-cli minor fix (less segfault is better) (antirez)
285 2010-04-29 New MONITOR output format with timestamp, every command in a single line, string representations (antirez)
286 2010-04-29 redis-cli INFO output format is now raw again (antirez)
287 2010-04-29 Added more information about slave election in Redis Cluster alternative doc (antirez)
288 2010-04-29 Redis cluster version 2 (antirez)
289 2010-04-27 Fixed a redis-cli bug, was using free instead of zfree call (antirez)
290 2010-04-27 AOF is now rewritten on slave after SYNC with master. Thanks to @_km for finding this bug and any others' (antirez)
291 2010-04-27 redis-cli is now using only the new protocol (antirez)
292 2010-04-27 Minimal support for subscribe/psubscribe in redis-cli (antirez)
293 2010-04-26 don't output the newline when stdout is not a tty (antirez)
294 2010-04-26 redis-cli now is able to also output the string representation instead of the raw string. Much better for debugging (antirez)
295 2010-04-26 Initial support for quoted strings in redis-cli (antirez)
296 2010-04-23 SETEX implemented (antirez)
297 2010-04-23 Pub/Sub API change: now messages received via pattern matching have a different message type and an additional field representing the original pattern the message matched (antirez)
298 2010-04-22 typo fixed, reloaded (antirez)
299 2010-04-22 typo fixed (antirez)
300 2010-04-22 REDIS-CLUSTER doc updated (antirez)
301 2010-04-22 Virtual memory design document removed, no longer needed as we have a full specification and implementation (antirez)
302 2010-04-22 new units for bytes specification (antirez)
303 2010-04-22 Now in redis.conf it is possible to specify units where appropriate instead of amounts of bytes, like 2Gi or 4M and so forth (antirez)
304 2010-04-21 binary safe keys ready implementation of RANDOMKEYS (antirez)
305 2010-04-21 Now that's the right 1.3.10 (antirez)
306 2010-04-21 Revert "fsync always now uses O_DIRECT on Linux" (antirez)
307 2010-04-21 Revert "define __USE_GNU to get O_DIRECT" (antirez)
308 2010-04-21 Merge branch 'master' of (antirez)
309 2010-04-21 Revert "version 1.3.10" (antirez)
310 2010-04-21 version 1.3.10 (antirez)
311 2010-04-20 define __USE_GNU to get O_DIRECT (antirez)
312 2010-04-20 fsync always now uses O_DIRECT on Linux (antirez)
313 2010-04-20 More precise memory used guesswork in zmalloc.c (antirez)
314 2010-04-19 Fix for MULTI/EXEC and Replication/AOF: now the block is correctly sent as MULTI/..writing operations../EXEC. Ok for slaves but more work needed for the AOF as it should be a write-all-or-nothing business (antirez)
315 2010-04-19 running the test using tcl8.5 directly instead of tclsh that too often it's a symlink to 8.4 (antirez)
316 2010-04-19 Added package require Tcl 8.5 in redis.tcl so it will show a clear error when the test suit is attempted to run under 8.4 (antirez)
317 2010-04-18 Fix for a SORT bug introduced with commit 16fa22f1, regression test added (antirez)
318 2010-04-18 Guru mediation -> meditation (antirez)
319 2010-04-16 check eptr inline (Pieter Noordhuis)
320 2010-04-16 refactor code that retrieves value from object or replies to client (Pieter Noordhuis)
321 2010-04-17 Merge branch 'hash' of git:// (antirez)
322 2010-04-17 redisAssert(0) => redisPanic("something meaningful") (antirez)
323 2010-04-17 make sure that the resulting value in hincrby is encoded when possible (Pieter Noordhuis)
324 2010-04-17 increment dirty counter after hmset (Pieter Noordhuis)
325 2010-04-17 strip tryObjectEncoding from hashSet, to enable the arguments being encoded in-place (Pieter Noordhuis)
326 2010-04-17 Added support for Guru Mediation, and raising a guru mediation if refCount <= 0 but decrRefCount is called against such an object (antirez)
327 2010-04-16 fix small error and memory leaks in SORT (Pieter Noordhuis)
328 2010-04-16 SORT/GET test added (antirez)
329 2010-04-16 Added tests for GET/BY against hashes fields (antirez)
330 2010-04-16 Merge branch 'hash-refactor' of git:// (antirez)
331 2010-04-16 check object type in lookupKeyByPattern (Pieter Noordhuis)
332 2010-04-16 make sortCommand aware that lookupKeyByPattern always increased the refcount of the returned value (Pieter Noordhuis)
333 2010-04-16 revert 0c390a to stop using tricks with o->refcount (Pieter Noordhuis)
334 2010-04-16 store the hash iterator on the heap instead of the stack (Pieter Noordhuis)
335 2010-04-16 drop inline directive (Pieter Noordhuis)
336 2010-04-16 rename hashReplace to hashSet (Pieter Noordhuis)
337 2010-04-16 added dictFetchValue() to dict.c to make hash table API a bit less verbose in the common cases (antirez)
338 2010-04-03 Don't set expire to keys with ttl=0, remove them immediately. (antirez)
339 2010-04-15 make sure that cmpobj is in decoded form when sorting by ALPHA (this solves edge case from previous commit where (!sortby && alpha) == 1) (Pieter Noordhuis)
340 2010-04-15 enable hash dereference in SORT on BY and GET (Pieter Noordhuis)
341 2010-04-15 use shared replies for hset (Pieter Noordhuis)
342 2010-04-15 set refcount of string objects retrieved from zipmaps to 0, so we don't have to touch the refcount of the objects inside dicts (Pieter Noordhuis)
343 2010-04-15 added HSETNX (Pieter Noordhuis)
344 2010-04-14 refactor of hash commands to use specialized api that abstracts zipmap and dict apis (Pieter Noordhuis)
345 2010-04-13 move retrieval of long up to prevent an empty hash from being created (Pieter Noordhuis)
346 2010-04-15 more advanced leaks detection in test redis (antirez)
347 2010-04-15 ability to select port/host from make test (antirez)
348 2010-04-15 Active rehashing (antirez)
349 2010-04-15 Incrementally rehahsing hash table! Thanks to Derek Collison and Pieter Noordhuis for feedbacks/help (antirez)
5413c40 @antirez Incrementally rehahsing hash table! Thanks to Derek Collison and Piet…
350 2010-04-14 Does not allow commands other than Pub/Sub commands when there is at least one pattern (antirez)
351 2010-04-13 Fixed a tiny memory leak when loading the configuration file. (Alex McHale)
352 2010-04-13 Merge branch 'hmget' of git:// (antirez)
353 2010-03-29 Validate numeric inputs. (Alex McHale)
354 2010-03-24 Remove trailing whitespace. (Alex McHale)
355 2010-04-12 Now all the commands returning a multi bulk reply against non existing keys will return an empty multi bulk, not a nil one (antirez)
356 2010-04-12 implemented HMGET (Pieter Noordhuis)
357 2010-04-12 implemented HMSET (Pieter Noordhuis)
358 2010-04-12 Sharing of small integer objects: may save a lot of memory with datasets having many of this (antirez)
359 2010-04-10 dict.c fixed to play well with enabling/disabling of the hash table (antirez)
360 2010-04-09 removed a no longer true assert in the VM code (antirez)
361 2010-04-09 shareobjects feautres killed - no gains most of the time, but VM complexities (antirez)
362 2010-04-09 use directly the real key object in VM I/O jobs to match by pointer, and to handle different keys with the same name living in different DBs, but being at the same moment in the IO job queues (antirez)
363 2010-04-08 last change reverted as it was unstable... more testing needed (antirez)
364 2010-04-08 Prevent hash table resize while there are active child processes in order to play well with copy on write (antirez)
365 2010-04-08 Merge branch 'issue_218' of git:// (antirez)
366 2010-04-08 -1 not needed... (antirez)
367 2010-04-08 Skiplist theoretical fix (antirez)
368 2010-04-07 Now when a child is terminated by a signal, the signal number is logged as well (antirez)
369 2010-04-07 First version of evented Redis Tcl client, that will be used for BLPOP and Pub/Sub tests (antirez)
370 2010-04-05 use long long reply type for HINCRBY (Pieter Noordhuis)
371 2010-04-05 last argument is never encoded for HINCRBY (Pieter Noordhuis)
372 2010-04-02 Now PUBLISH commands are replicated to slaves (antirez)
373 2010-04-01 use the right object when cleaning up after zunion/zinter (fixes issue 216) (Pieter Noordhuis)
374 2010-04-01 Merge branch 'zipmap' of git:// (antirez)
375 2010-04-01 reduce code complexity because zipmapLen now is O(1) (Pieter Noordhuis)
376 2010-04-01 update the zipmap entry in-place instead of appending it (Pieter Noordhuis)
377 2010-04-01 updated zipmap documentation to match the implementation (Pieter Noordhuis)
378 2010-04-01 allow 4 free trailing bytes for each value (Pieter Noordhuis)
379 2010-04-01 Pub/Sub pattern matching capabilities (antirez)
380 2010-04-01 use function to determine length of a single entry (Pieter Noordhuis)
381 2010-03-31 Deny EXEC under out of memory (antirez)
382 2010-03-29 No timeouts nor other commands for clients in a Pub/Sub context (antirez)
383 2010-03-29 free hash table entries about no longer active classes, so that PUBSUB can be abused with millions of different classes (antirez)
384 2010-03-29 Fixed a refcount stuff leading to PUBSUB crashes (antirez)
385 2010-03-29 fmacros added to linenoise, avoiding all the nice warnings... (antirez)
386 2010-03-29 First pubsub fix (antirez)
387 2010-03-29 PUBSUB implemented (antirez)
388 2010-03-29 Redis version is now 1.3.8 (antirez)
389 2010-03-28 removed references in code to ZIPMAP_EMPTY (Pieter Noordhuis)
390 2010-03-28 use first byte of zipmap to store length (Pieter Noordhuis)
391 2010-03-28 implemented strategy that doesn't use free blocks in zipmaps (Pieter Noordhuis)
392 2010-03-26 Merge branch 'hincrby' of git:// (antirez)
393 2010-03-26 removed unnecessary refcount increase that caused the HINCRBY memleak (Pieter Noordhuis)
394 2010-03-26 implements HINCRBY and tests (todo: find and fix small memleak) (Pieter Noordhuis)
395 2010-03-26 Removed a useless if spotted by Pieter Noordhuis (antirez)
396 2010-03-26 Fixed a critical replication bug: binary values issued with the multi bulk protocol caused a protocol desync with slaves. (antirez)
397 2010-03-24 Fixed the reply about denied write commands under maxmemory reached condition: now the error will no longer lead to a client-server protocol desync (antirez)
398 2010-03-24 CONFIG command implemened -- just a start but already useful (antirez)
399 2010-03-24 redis-cli prompt is now redis> (antirez)
400 2010-03-23 with --help states that you can use - as config file name to feed config via stdin (antirez)
401 2010-03-23 New INFO field: expired_keys (antirez)
402 2010-03-23 the Cron timer function is now called 10 times per second instead of 1 time per second to make Redis more responsibe to BGSAVE and to delete expired keys more incrementally (antirez)
403 2010-03-23 Use linenoise for line editing on redis-cli. (Michel Martens)
404 2010-03-23 Fix authentication for redis-cli on non-interactive mode. (Michel Martens)
405 2010-03-23 key deletion on empty value fix + some refactoring (antirez)
406 2010-03-23 Empty value trigger key removal in all the operations (antirez)
407 2010-03-22 Merged gnrfan patches fixing issues 191, 193, 194 (antirez)
408 2010-03-22 Merge branch 'issue_193' of git:// (antirez)
409 2010-03-22 Merge branch 'issue_191' of git:// (antirez)
410 2010-03-22 Redis master version is now 1.3.7 (antirez)
411 2010-03-19 support for include directive in config parser (Jeremy Zawodny)
412 2010-03-19 Removed a stupid overriding of config values due to a wrong cut&paste (antirez)
413 2010-03-19 VM hash type swappability implemented. Handling of failed pthread_create() call. (antirez)
414 2010-03-19 Solving issue #191 on Google Code: -v and --version should print the version of Redis (Antonio Ognio)
415 2010-03-19 Solves issue #194 on Google Code: --help parameter to redis-srver prints the usage message (Antonio Ognio)
416 2010-03-19 Fixing issue 193 (Antonio Ognio)
417 2010-03-18 increment server.dirty on HDEL (antirez)
418 2010-03-18 Redis 1.3.6 (antirez)
419 2010-03-18 test-redis.tcl dataset digest function Hash support (antirez)
420 2010-03-18 zipmap fix for large values (antirez)
421 2010-03-18 Optimization fixed and re-activated (antirez)
422 2010-03-18 reverted an optimization that makes Redis not stable (antirez)
423 2010-03-18 Fixed redis-cli auth code (antirez)
424 2010-03-17 HDEL fix, an optimization for comparison of objects in hash table lookups when they are integer encoding (antirez)
425 2010-03-17 Version is now 1.3.5 (antirez)
426 2010-03-17 Merged Pietern patch for VM key args helper function. Fixed an obvious bug in the redis-cli passwd auth stuff (antirez)
427 2010-03-17 Merge branch 'aggregates' of git:// (antirez)
428 2010-03-17 Added Authentication to redis-cli.c using -a switch Update usage fixed Makefile to delete redis-check-dump during make clean (root)
429 2010-03-17 HEXISTS and tests implemented (antirez)
430 2010-03-17 More hash tests (antirez)
431 2010-03-17 better HSET test (antirez)
432 2010-03-17 Fixed a bug in HSET, a memory leak, and a theoretical bug in dict.c (antirez)
433 2010-03-17 More Hash tests (antirez)
434 2010-03-13 added preloading keys from VM when using ZINTER or ZUNION (Pieter Noordhuis)
435 2010-03-13 added explicit AGGREGATE [SUM|MIN|MAX] option to ZUNION/ZINTER (Pieter Noordhuis)
436 2010-03-16 HGET fix for integer encoded field against zipmap encoded hash (antirez)
437 2010-03-16 zrevrank support in redis-cli (antirez)
438 2010-03-16 HKEYS / HVALS / HGETALL (antirez)
439 2010-03-16 Solved a memory leak with Hashes (antirez)
440 2010-03-15 pretty big refactoring (antirez)
441 2010-03-15 An interesting refactoring + more expressive internal API (antirez)
442 2010-03-15 Fixed the same problem in ZREVRANK (antirez)
443 2010-03-15 Fixed a ZRANK bug (antirez)
444 2010-03-15 zipmap to hash conversion in HSET (antirez)
445 2010-03-14 max zipmap entries and max zipmap value parameters added into INFO output (antirez)
446 2010-03-14 HDEL and some improvement in DEBUG OBJECT command (antirez)
447 2010-03-14 Append only file support for hashes (antirez)
448 2010-03-13 utility to check rdb files for unprocessable opcodes (Pieter Noordhuis)
449 2010-03-12 A minor fix and a few debug messages removed (antirez)
450 2010-03-12 Applied the replication bug patch provided by Jeremy Zawodny, removing temp file collision after the slave got the dump.rdb file in the SYNC stage (antirez)
451 2010-03-11 Fix for HGET against non Hash type, debug messages used to understand a bit better a corrupted rdb file (antirez)
452 2010-03-09 fix: use zmalloc instead of malloc (Pieter Noordhuis)
453 2010-03-09 Merged zsetops branch from Pietern (antirez)
454 2010-03-09 Merged ZREMBYRANK from Pietern (antirez)
455 2010-03-09 Merged ZREVRANK from Pietern (antirez)
456 2010-03-09 use a struct to store both a dict and its weight for ZUNION and ZINTER, so qsort can be applied (Pieter Noordhuis)
457 2010-03-09 Hash auto conversion from zipmap to hash table, type fixed for hashes, hash loading from disk (antirez)
458 2010-03-09 replaced ZMERGE by ZUNION and ZINTER. note: key preloading by the VM does not yet work (Pieter Noordhuis)
459 2010-03-08 Hashes saving / fixes (antirez)
460 2010-03-08 use ZMERGE as starting point (Pieter Noordhuis)
461 2010-03-07 HSET fixes, now the new pointer is stored back in the object pointer field (antirez)
462 2010-03-07 added ZREVRANK (Pieter Noordhuis)
463 2010-03-06 Fix for replicaiton with over 2GB dump file initial SYNC stage (antirez)
464 2010-03-06 first implementation of HSET/HSET. More work needed (antirez)
465 2010-03-05 zipmaps functions to get, iterate, test for existence. Initial works for Hash data type (antirez)
466 2010-03-04 redis-benchmark now implements Set commands benchmarks (antirez)
467 2010-03-04 zipmap iteration code (antirez)
468 2010-03-04 moved code to delete a single node from a zset to a separate function (Pieter Noordhuis)
469 2010-03-04 rename zslDeleteRange to zslDeleteRangeByScore (to differentiate between deleting using score or rank) (Pieter Noordhuis)
470 2010-03-04 use 1-based rank across zsl*Rank functions consistently (Pieter Noordhuis)
471 2010-03-04 implemented ZREMBYRANK (Pieter Noordhuis)
472 2010-03-04 A fix for initialization of augmented skip lists (antirez)
473 2010-03-04 A fix for an invalid access when VM is disabled (antirez)
474 2010-03-04 Merge branch 'zsl-get-rank' of git:// (antirez)
475 2010-03-04 redis-cli now runs in interactive mode if no command is provided (antirez)
476 2010-03-04 merged memory reduction patch (Pieter Noordhuis)
477 2010-03-04 Now list push commands return the length of the new list, thanks to Gustavo Picon (antirez)
478 2010-03-04 first check if starting point is trivial (head or tail) before applying log(N) search (Pieter Noordhuis)
479 2010-03-04 use rank to find starting point for ZRANGE and ZREVRANGE (Pieter Noordhuis)
480 2010-03-04 lookup rank of a zset entry in a different function (Pieter Noordhuis)
481 2010-03-04 SUBSTR fix for integer encoded vals (antirez)
482 2010-03-04 fix ZRANK (realize that rank is 1-based due to the skip list header) (Pieter Noordhuis)
483 2010-03-03 initial implementation of SUBSTR (antirez)
484 2010-03-03 TODO updated (antirez)
485 2010-03-03 fpurge call removed from redis-cli (antirez)
486 2010-03-03 ZRANK stress tester (antirez)
487 2010-03-03 use less memory as element->span[0] will always be 1; any level 0 skip list is essentially a linked list (Pieter Noordhuis)
488 2010-03-03 rank is very unlikely to overflow integer range (Pieter Noordhuis)
489 2010-03-03 x->backward never equals zsl->header (Pieter Noordhuis)
490 2010-03-03 initial implementation for augmented zsets and the zrank command (Pieter Noordhuis)
491 2010-03-03 zipampDel() implemented (antirez)
492 2010-03-03 added quit and exit commands to redis-cli in order to quit the interactive mode (antirez)
493 2010-03-03 Merge remote branch 'djanowski/interactive' (antirez)
494 2010-03-02 Add support for MULTI/EXEC. (Damian Janowski & Michel Martens)
495 2010-03-02 Remove trailing newline in interactive mode. (Damian Janowski & Michel Martens)
496 2010-03-02 minor fix for a Linux warning (antirez)
497 2010-03-02 Add interactive mode to redis-cli. (Michel Martens & Damian Janowski)
498 2010-03-02 Better to increment the version minor number when a VM bug is fixed... it will be simpler to understand what's going on when users will report problems with the INFO trace. (antirez)
499 2010-03-02 Fixed a subtle VM bug... was not flushing the buffer so the child process read truncated data (antirez)
500 2010-03-01 KEYS now returns a multi bulk reply (antirez)
501 2010-02-27 Add DISCARD command to discard queued MULTI commands. (antirez)
502 2010-03-01 Swappability bug due to a typo fixed thanks to code review by Felix Geisendörfer @felixge (antirez)
503 2010-02-28 minor fixes for zipmap.c (antirez)
504 2010-02-27 first zipmap fix of a long sequence in the days to come ;) (antirez)
505 2010-02-27 initial zipmap.c implementation (antirez)
506 2010-02-27 Bug #169 fixed (BLOP/BRPOP interrupted connections are not cleared from the queue) (antirez)
507 2010-02-22 Fixed 32bit make target to work on Linux out of the box (antirez)
508 2010-02-19 A problem with replication with multiple slaves connectiong to a single master fixed. It was due to a typo, and reported on github by the user micmac. Also the copyright year fixed from many files. (antirez)
509 2010-02-10 Saner VM defaults for redis.conf (antirez)
510 2010-02-09 VM now is able to block clients on swapped keys for all the commands (antirez)
511 2010-02-07 ZCOUNT and ZRANGEBYSCORE new tests (antirez)
512 2010-02-07 ZRANGEBYSCORE now supports open intervals, prefixing double values with a open paren. Added ZCOUNT that can count the elements inside an interval of scores, this supports open intervals too (antirez)
513 2010-02-07 WITHSCORES in ZRANGEBYSCORE thanks to Sam Hendley (antirez)
514 2010-02-06 Added "withscores" option to zrangebyscore command. Based on withscores support in zrange function, ugliest part was the argument parsing to handle using it with the limit option. (Sam Hendley)
515 2010-02-06 DEBUG OBJECT provide info about serialized object length even when VM is disabled (antirez)
516 2010-02-06 multi bulk requests in redis-benchmark, default fsync policy changed to everysec, added a prefix character for DEBUG logs (antirez)
517 2010-02-04 APPEND tests (antirez)
518 2010-02-04 APPEND command (antirez)
519 2010-02-02 Faster version of the function hashing possibly encoded objects, leading to a general speed gain when working with Sets of integers (antirez)
520 2010-02-02 faster Set loading time from .rdb file resizing the hash table to the right size before loading elements (antirez)
521 2010-02-02 Log time taken to load the DB at startup, in seconds (antirez)
522 2010-01-31 Fixed VM corruption due to child fclosing the VM file directly or indirectly calling exit(), now replaced with _exit() in all the sensible places. Masked a few signals from IO threads. (antirez)
523 2010-01-28 loading side of the threaded VM (antirez)
524 2010-01-26 TODO cahnges (antirez)
525 2010-01-23 Fixed memory human style memory reporting, removed server.usedmemory, now zmalloc_used_memory() is used always. (antirez)
526 2010-01-22 VM tuning thanks to redis-stat vmstat. Now it performs much better under high load (antirez)
527 2010-01-21 Changelog updated (antirez)
528 2010-01-21 REDIS_MAX_COMPLETED_JOBS_PROCESSED is now in percentage, not number of jobs. Moved a debugging message a few lines forward as it was called where a few logged parameters where invalid, leading to a crash (antirez)
529 2010-01-20 fixed a deadlock caused by too much finished processes in queue so that I/O clients writing to the wirte side of the pipe used to awake the main thread where blocking. Then a BGSAVE started waiting for the last active thread to finish, condition impossible because all the I/O threads where blocking on threads. Takes this as a note to myself... (antirez)
530 2010-01-20 ae.c event loop does no longer support exception notifications, as they are fully pointless. Also a theoretical bug that never happens in practice fixed. (antirez)
531 2010-01-19 commercial tools stuff removed from the Redis makefile. cotools are now migrated into a different repos (antirez)
532 2010-01-19 removed a bug in the function to cancel an I/O job (antirez)
533 2010-01-17 static symbols update (antirez)
534 2010-01-16 removed support for REDIS_HELGRIND_FRIENDLY since Helgrind 3.5.0 is friendly enough even with many threads created and destroyed (antirez)
535 2010-01-15 now redis-cli understands -h (antirez)
536 2010-01-15 Create swap file only if not exists (antirez)
537 2010-01-15 I hate warnings (antirez)
538 2010-01-15 fixed a minor memory leak in configuration file parsing (antirez)
539 2010-01-15 minor fix (antirez)
540 2010-01-15 support for named VM swap file. Fixed a few important interaction issues between the background saving processes and IO threads (antirez)
541 2010-01-15 fix for the just added new test (antirez)
542 2010-01-15 useless debugging messages removed (antirez)
543 2010-01-15 new test added (antirez)
544 2010-01-15 thread safe zmalloc used memory counter (antirez)
545 2010-01-15 A define to make Redis more helgrind friendly (antirez)
546 2010-01-15 removed a few races from threaded VM (antirez)
547 2010-01-14 Fixed a never experienced, theoretical bug that can actually happen in practice. Basically when a thread is working on a I/O Job we need to wait it to finish before to cancel the Job in vmCancelThreadedIOJob(), otherwise the thread may mess with an object that is being manipulated by the main thread as well. (antirez)
548 2010-01-14 Set the new threads stack size to a LZF friendly amount (antirez)
549 2010-01-13 access to already freed job structure fixed by statements reoredering (antirez)
550 2010-01-13 removed a useless debugging message (antirez)
551 2010-01-13 Wait zero active threads condition before to fork() for BGSAVE or BGREWRITEAOF (antirez)
552 2010-01-13 list API is now thread safe (antirez)
553 2010-01-13 minor TODO and debugging info changes (antirez)
554 2010-01-12 support for blocking VM in config file (antirez)
555 2010-01-12 more non blocking VM changes (antirez)
556 2010-01-12 fix for test #11 (antirez)
557 2010-01-12 a few more stuff in INFO about VM. Test #11 changed a bit in order to be less lame (antirez)
558 2010-01-12 Added a define to configure how many completed IO jobs the handler should process at every call. (antirez)
559 2010-01-11 Fixed a bug in the IO Job canceling funtion (antirez)
560 2010-01-11 more steps towards a working non blocking VM (antirez)
561 2010-01-11 converted random printfs in debug logs (antirez)
562 2010-01-11 removed a bug introduced with non blocking VM (antirez)
563 2010-01-11 a few non blocking VM bugs fixed (antirez)
564 2010-01-11 More work on non-blocking VM. Should work in a few days (antirez)
565 2010-01-11 More threaded I/O VM work + Redis init script (antirez)
566 2010-01-10 more work on VM threaded I/O. Still nothing of usable (antirez)
567 2010-01-09 non-blocking VM data structures, just a start (antirez)
568 2010-01-08 used_memory_human added to INFO output. Human readable amount of memory used. (antirez)
569 2010-01-07 Now DEBUG OBJECT plays well with swapped out objects (antirez)
570 2010-01-07 fflush VM swap file after object swapping (antirez)
571 2010-01-07 added the fmacros to enable support for fseeko() lseeko() with 64bit off_t (antirez)
572 2010-01-07 VM now swaps objects out while loading datasets not fitting into vm-max-memory bytes of RAM (antirez)
573 2010-01-07 added process id information in INFO (antirez)
574 2010-01-06 vm-enabled set to no by default in redis.conf (antirez)
575 2010-01-06 a new default redis.conf (antirez)
576 2010-01-06 VM stats in INFO command (antirez)
577 2010-01-06 Introduced a new log verbosity level, so now DEBUG is really for debugging. Refactored a bit maxmemory. When virtual memory is short in RAM free the objects freelist as well as swapping things out. (antirez)
578 2010-01-05 fixed a bug in bgsave when VM is off but still it was testing for obj->storage field (antirez)
579 2010-01-05 converted a few calls to assert() => redisAssert() to print stack trace (antirez)
580 2010-01-05 BGREWRITEAOF now works with swapping on (antirez)
581 2010-01-05 A first fix for SET key overwrite (antirez)
582 2010-01-05 SAVE now works with VM (antirez)
583 2010-01-05 swapping algorithm a bit more aggressive under low memory (antirez)
584 2010-01-05 basic VM mostly working! (antirez)
585 2010-01-05 New object field (one of the unused bytes) to hold the type of the swapped out value object in key objects (antirez)
586 2010-01-05 VM internals bugfixes, set 1 (antirez)
587 2010-01-05 load key from swap on key lookup (antirez)
588 2010-01-05 more object-level VM primitives (antirez)
589 2010-01-05 Redis objects swapping / loading (antirez)
590 2010-01-05 rdbLoadObject() as a separated function to load objects from disk. Dropped support for RDB version 0, I guess no longer has this legacy DBs around (antirez)
591 2010-01-04 VM low level pages handling (antirez)
592 2010-01-04 vm swap file creation, and some basic configuration (antirez)
593 2010-01-04 version marked 1.3.2 (antirez)
594 2010-01-04 saving code refactored a bit, added a function returning the number of bytes an object will use on disk (antirez)
595 2010-01-02 Now the PUSH side of RPOPLPUSH is able to unblock clients blocked on BLPOP (antirez)
596 2010-01-02 Version is now 1.3.1 (antirez)
597 2010-01-02 New vararg BLPOP able to block against multiple keys (antirez)
598 2009-12-29 fixed a problem with BLPOP timeout of zero, now it blocks forever (antirez)
599 2009-12-29 BLPOP timeouts implemented (antirez)
600 2009-12-29 first working implementation of BLPOP and BRPOP, still everything is to test well (antirez)
601 2009-12-29 a few more fixes, still broken (antirez)
602 2009-12-29 First fix, still broken (antirez)
603 2009-12-29 minor fix for Linux 64 bit (antirez)
604 2009-12-29 not yet working BLPOP implementation (antirez)
605 2009-12-27 AOFSYNC removed, got a better idea... (antirez)
606 2009-12-27 AOFSYNC command implemented (antirez)
607 2009-12-27 Version changed to 1.3.0, welcome to the new unstable (antirez)
608 2009-12-27 Now MULTI returns +OK as well (antirez)
609 2009-12-27 MULTI/EXEC first implementation (antirez)
610 2009-12-24 Fixed a minor bug in GETSET, now the SET part is not performed if the GET fails because the key does not contain a string value (antirez)
611 2009-12-23 html doc readded (antirez)
612 2009-12-23 ZRANGE WITHSCORES test added (antirez)
613 2009-12-23 version is now 1.1.94 (antirez)
614 2009-12-23 Add the command name in the unknown command error message. (antirez)
615 2009-12-22 ZRANGE, ZREVRANGE now support WITHSCORES options (antirez)
616 2009-12-22 html docs update (ZINCRBY added) (antirez)
617 2009-12-18 TODO list update (antirez)
618 2009-12-18 the pipelining test was ran against DB 1 for error, now it runs on DB 9 like all the other tests (antirez)
619 2009-12-18 still more tests (antirez)
620 2009-12-18 SORT STORE test added (antirez)
621 2009-12-18 Now SORT returns an empty bulk reply if the key does not exist (antirez)
622 2009-12-18 modified a bit the ZREVRANGE test to cover a few lines of code more (antirez)
623 2009-12-18 SHUTDOWN now does the right thing when append only is on, that is, fsync instead to save the snapshot. (antirez)
624 2009-12-18 Added a missing server.dirty increment in a non critical place, added more tests (antirez)
625 2009-12-18 LTRIM stress testing test added (antirez)
626 2009-12-18 LTRIM now returns +OK against non existing keys. More tests in test-redis.tcl (antirez)
627 2009-12-18 added sdstoupper() declaration in sds.h (antirez)
628 2009-12-18 Fixed sds.c bug #124 (antirez)
629 2009-12-16 LZF compression re-enabled by default, but with INIT_HTAB set to 0 to avoid the very costly memset initialization. Note that with this option set valgrind will output some false positive about lzf_c.c (antirez)
630 2009-12-16 lzf compression switched off by default now, with config file option to enable it in redis.conf (antirez)
631 2009-12-16 Regression for epoll bug in redis-test.tcl, version is now 1.1.93 (antirez)
632 2009-12-16 Fixed a lame epoll issue (antirez)
633 2009-12-15 html doc updated (antirez)
634 2009-12-15 version is now 1.1.92 (antirez)
635 2009-12-15 Two important fixes to append only file: zero length values and expires. A pretty neat new test to check consistency of randomly build datasets against snapshotting and AOF. (antirez)
636 2009-12-15 debug loadaof implemented in order to add more consistency tests in test-redis.tcl (antirez)
637 2009-12-15 Added a new test able to stress a lot the snapshotting engine (antirez)
638 2009-12-15 Unified handling of empty queries with normal queries. (antirez)
639 2009-12-15 Fixed some subtle bug in the command processing code almost impossible to spot in the real world, thanks to gcov (antirez)
640 2009-12-15 Regression test for SINTERSTORE added (antirez)
641 2009-12-15 Fixed issue #121 (antirez)
642 2009-12-14 a few more tests and ability to run a specific test in test-redis.tcl (antirez)
643 2009-12-13 Changed the reply of BGSAVE and BGREWRITEAOF from +OK to a more meaningful message that makes the user aware of an operation that just started and is not yet finished. (antirez)
644 2009-12-13 Set the master->slave logical client as authenticated on creation, so that if the slave requires a password replication works anyway (antirez)
645 2009-12-13 TODO update (antirez)
646 2009-12-12 bgrewriteaof_in_progress added to INFO (antirez)
647 2009-12-12 TODO list modified. What's planned for 1.4 is now written in the stone ;) (antirez)
648 2009-12-12 better handling of non blocking connect on redis-benchmark: EPIPE on read does not print an error message now (antirez)
649 2009-12-11 some change to redis-sha1.rb utility to make it more robust against non-meaningful changes in the dataset (antirez)
650 2009-12-10 redis-sha1.rb utility updated (antirez)
651 2009-12-10 a bit more verbose -ERR wrong number o arguments error, now gives info about the command name causing the error (antirez)
652 2009-12-10 TODO change and minor SETNX optimization (antirez)
653 2009-12-06 in rdbLoadDoubleValue now the buffer is nul terminated correctly. Thanks valgrind. (antirez)
654 2009-12-06 printf format warnings fixed by casting (antirez)
655 2009-12-06 Regression tests for SETNX and MSETNX bugs added (antirez)
656 2009-12-06 SETNX and MSETNX now respect the delete-on-write operation of EXPIREing keys (antirez)
657 2009-12-06 Fixed daemonization when using kqueue/kevent. Now the server initialization is performed *after* the daemonization (antirez)
658 2009-12-05 more HTML doc changes (antirez)
659 2009-12-05 HTML doc update (antirez)
660 2009-12-05 a few redis-cli format specified fixed (antirez)
661 2009-12-05 use __attribute__ format in sdscatprintf() when the compiler is GCC. Fixed format bugs resulting from the new warnings. (antirez)
662 2009-12-01 TODO update (antirez)
663 2009-12-01 compilation problem on 64bit mac os x 10.5 possibly fixed (antirez)
664 2009-12-01 virtual memory design doc typos (antirez)
665 2009-12-01 design documents added to the project (antirez)
666 2009-11-30 Fixed issued #85 (getDecodedObject: Assertion 1 != 1 failed. While sorting a set), added a smarter assert() function to dump the stacktrace, provided a macro to initalize Redis objects on the stack to avoid this kind of bugs. (antirez)
667 2009-11-30 fixed a subtle bug in redis-cli not having visible effects (antirez)
668 2009-11-29 TODO updated (antirez)
669 2009-11-29 Version chagned to 1.100, also known as the first first 2.0 beta version (antirez)
670 2009-11-29 more tests in test-redis.tcl, some minor fix (antirez)
671 2009-11-29 SORT support for sorted sets (antirez)
672 2009-11-28 Implemented LIMIT option in ZRANGEBYSCORE. We now enter feature-freeze (antirez)
673 2009-11-28 Changelog updated (antirez)
674 2009-11-28 html doc updated (antirez)
675 2009-11-28 enable kqueue/kevent only for Mac OS X 10.6.x as it seems that 10.5.x has a broken implementation of this syscalls. (antirez)
676 2009-11-28 TODO updated (antirez)
677 2009-11-28 ZRANGEBYSCORE fuzzy test (antirez)
678 2009-11-28 ZRANGEBYSCORE memory leak fixed, ZRANGEBYSCORE initial test added (antirez)
679 2009-11-28 INFO refactored. Stack trace on memory corruption now dumps the same information as the INFO command (antirez)
680 2009-11-28 ifdefs added to use kevent on Free Open and Net BSD as well. INFO and ae.c modified in order to report the multiplexing API in use (antirez)
681 2009-11-28 Enabled object encoding for multiple keys in MSET. Added a test for memory leaks in test-redis.tcl when running on Mac OS X (antirez)
682 2009-11-28 Merge branch 'kqueue' of git:// (antirez)
683 2009-11-28 Changes to TODO list, commented a function in redis.c (antirez)
684 2009-11-28 Added support for kqueue. (Harish Mallipeddi)
685 2009-11-27 TODO updated (antirez)
686 2009-11-26 zero length bulk data reading fixed in loadAppendOnlyFile() (antirez)
687 2009-11-26 append only file fixes (antirez)
688 2009-11-26 log rebuilding, random refactoring, work in progress please wait for an OK commit before to use this version (antirez)
689 2009-11-24 DEBUG RELOAD implemented, and test-redis.tcl modified to use it to check for persistence consistency. (antirez)
690 2009-11-24 Redis version set to 1.07 (antirez)
691 2009-11-24 sorted sets saving fixed (antirez)
692 2009-11-24 minor TODO change (antirez)
693 2009-11-24 minor fix to avoid a false valgrind warning. (antirez)
694 2009-11-23 epoll support enabled by default for Linux builds (antirez)
695 2009-11-23 epoll module for ae.c implemented. Some more testing needed (antirez)
696 2009-11-23 commented the HAVE_EPOLL test in config.h to allow compilation under Linux now that the epoll module is still missing (antirez)
697 2009-11-23 ae_select module added (antirez)
698 2009-11-23 ae.c now supports multiple polling API modules, even if only ae_select.c is implemented currently. Also adding and removing an event is now O(1). (antirez)
699 2009-11-23 ae.c initial refactoring for epoll implementation (antirez)
700 2009-11-21 version incremented up to 1.06 (antirez)
701 2009-11-21 TODO aesthetic changes (antirez)
702 2009-11-21 TODO updated with plans up to 1.5 (antirez)
703 2009-11-21 SRANDMEMBER test (antirez)
704 2009-11-21 Fixed a SORT memory leak that should never happen in practice (antirez)
705 2009-11-21 SORT GET # implemented, with a test (antirez)
706 2009-11-21 EXPIREAT test (antirez)
707 2009-11-20 EXPIRE tests (antirez)
708 2009-11-20 more RPOPLPUSH tests (antirez)
709 2009-11-20 RPOPLPUSH tests added (antirez)
710 2009-11-20 ZINCRBY return value fixed (antirez)
711 2009-11-20 ZINCRSCOREBY => ZINCRBY (antirez)
712 2009-11-19 ZINCRSCOREBY implemented (antirez)
713 2009-11-19 writev() finally uncommented again (antirez)
714 2009-11-19 redis-benchmark hopefully last bug with multi bulk reply fixed (antirez)
715 2009-11-19 debug mode in redis-bench (antirez)
716 2009-11-19 Use writev(2) if glue output buffers is disabled (antirez)
717 2009-11-19 benchmark.c fixes (antirez)
718 2009-11-18 more experiments with long replies, glue output buffer, and writev. (antirez)
719 2009-11-18 benchmarking with different number of LRANGE elements. Ability to change the glue output buffer limit by #define (antirez)
720 2009-11-18 more writev tests/work (antirez)
721 2009-11-18 redis-benchmark multi bulk reply support hopefully fixed (antirez)
722 2009-11-17 support for writev implemented but currently ifdef-ed in order to understan why I can't see the improvements expected. Btw code provided by Stefano Barbato (antirez)
723 2009-11-17 multi-bulk reply support for redis-bench, and as a result LRANGE is not tested, providing some number for the tuning of multi-bulk requests performances server-side (antirez)
724 2009-11-12 Solaris fix thanks to Alan Harder (antirez)
725 2009-11-12 Merge git:// (antirez)
726 2009-11-12 ZSCORE fixed, now returns NULL on missing key or missing element (antirez)
727 2009-11-12 Redis test will not fail the SAVE test even if a background save is in progress (antirez)
728 2009-11-12 LPOPPUSH renamed into RPOPLPUSH (antirez)
729 2009-11-11 can select db num (ian)
730 2009-11-11 Workaround for test-redis.tcl and Tcl 8.4.x about ZSCORE test (antirez)
731 2009-11-11 Removed a long time warning compiling with recent GCC on Linux (antirez)
732 2009-11-11 TODO updated (antirez)
733 2009-11-11 LPUSHPOP first implementation (antirez)
734 2009-11-10 Tcl script, make target, and redis.c changes to build the static symbol table automagically (antirez)
735 2009-11-10 Implemented a much better lazy expiring algorithm for EXPIRE (antirez)
736 2009-11-10 Fixed issue 92 in redis: redis-cli (nil) return value lacks CR/LF (antirez)
737 2009-11-10 Minor TODO change with new expiring algorithm description. New expiring algorithm moved since it'll go in 1.1 (antirez)
738 2009-11-04 redis-test is now a better Redis citizen, testing everything against DB 9 and 10 and only if this DBs are empty. (antirez)
739 2009-11-04 fixed a refcounting bug with SORT ... STORE leading to random crashes (root)
740 2009-11-04 masterauth option merged, thanks to Anthony Lauzon (antirez)
741 2009-11-03 ZSets double to string serialization fixed (antirez)
742 2009-11-03 client-libraries directory readded (antirez)
743 2009-11-03 redis.tcl put at toplevel since it's uesd for the test-redis.tcl script (antirez)
744 2009-11-03 client libs removed from Redis git (antirez)
745 2009-11-03 redis-cli now accepts a -r (repeat) switch. Still there is a memory leaks to fix (antirez)
746 2009-11-01 TODO updated again (antirez)
747 2009-11-01 TODO updated (antirez)
748 2009-11-01 redis-cli now makes clear when the returned string is an integer (antirez)
749 2009-11-01 SORT STORE option (antirez)
750 2009-11-01 now Redis prints DB stats just after the startup without to wait a second for the first report (antirez)
751 2009-11-01 another fix for append only mode, now read-only operations are not appended (antirez)
752 2009-11-01 appendfsync parsing in config file fixed. If you benchmarked Redis against different appendfsync options is time to try again ;) (antirez)
753 2009-11-01 append only file loading fixed (antirez)
754 2009-11-01 first version of append only file loading -- STILL BROKEN don't use it (antirez)
755 2009-10-31 Fixed Issue 83:Using TYPE on a zset results in a malformed response from the Redis server (antirez)
756 2009-10-31 Fixed compilation on Linux (antirez)
757 2009-10-30 append only mode is now able to translate EXPIRE into EXPIREAT transparently (antirez)
758 2009-10-30 appendfsync is now set to NO by default (antirez)
759 2009-10-30 support for appendonly mode no, always, everysec (antirez)
760 2009-10-30 first fix for append only mode (antirez)
761 2009-10-30 Initial implementation of append-only mode. Loading still not implemented. (antirez)
762 2009-10-30 EXPIRE behaviour changed a bit, a negative TTL or an EXPIREAT with unix time in the past will now delete the key. It seems saner to me than doing nothing. (antirez)
763 2009-10-30 EXPIREAT implemented, will be useful for the append-only mode (antirez)
764 2009-10-29 Fixed Issue 74 (ERR just returned on invalid password), now the error message is -ERR invalid password. (antirez)
765 2009-10-29 Fixed issue 72 (SLAVEOF shutdowns redis-server on malformed reply) (antirez)
766 2009-10-29 Fixed issue 77 (Incorrect time in log files) thanks to youwantalex (antirez)
767 2009-10-29 Fixed Issue 76 (redis-server crashes when it can't connect to MASTER and client connects to SLAVE) (antirez)
768 2009-10-29 ZREMRANGEBYSCORE implemented. Remove a range of elements with score between min and max (antirez)
769 2009-10-28 TODO changes and mostly theoretical minor skiplist change (antirez)
770 2009-10-28 ZLEN renamed ZCARD for consistency with SCARD (antirez)
771 2009-10-27 TODO reworked to reflect the real roadmap (antirez)
772 2009-10-27 Fix for 'make 32bit' (antirez)
773 2009-10-27 a fix for the solaris fix itself ;) (antirez)
774 2009-10-27 More Solaris fixes (antirez)
775 2009-10-27 A lot of ZSETs tests implemented, and a bug fixed thanks to this new tests (antirez)
776 2009-10-27 zmalloc Solaris fixes thanks to Alan Harder (antirez)
777 2009-10-27 ZSCORE implemented (antirez)
778 2009-10-26 fix for ZRANGEBYSCORE (antirez)
779 2009-10-26 ZRANGEBYSCORE implemented. Redis got range queries! (antirez)
780 2009-10-26 A trivial change makes the new implementation O(log(N)) instead of O(log(N))+O(M) when there are M repeated scores! (antirez)
781 2009-10-26 ZSET now saved on disk like any other type (antirez)
782 2009-10-26 double serialization routines implemented (antirez)
783 2009-10-26 ZSETs random fixes. Now the implementation appears to be pretty stable (antirez)
784 2009-10-26 another leak fixed. Can't find more for now, but still a bug in ZSETs to fix (antirez)
785 2009-10-26 ZSETs memory leak #1 solved, another one missing (antirez)
786 2009-10-26 Fix for skiplists backward link (antirez)
787 2009-10-26 Merged Solaris patches provided by Alan Harder (antirez)
788 2009-10-26 backward support to skiplists for ZREVRANGE, still broken, committing since I've to merge the Solaris patches (antirez)
789 2009-10-26 TODO updated (antirez)
790 2009-10-26 ZREM implemented (antirez)
791 2009-10-24 fix for ZADD in score update mode (antirez)
792 2009-10-24 some work on ZADD against existing element (score update), still broken... (antirez)
793 2009-10-23 zrange now starts to work. zadd still does not support update and will crash or leak or b000mmmmm (antirez)
794 2009-10-23 zrange initial hack (not working for now) (antirez)
795 2009-10-23 first skiplist fix, courtesy of valgrind (antirez)
796 2009-10-23 zset symbols added to stack trace code. ZSets will simply crash at the moment (antirez)
797 2009-10-23 more work on ZSETs and a new make target called 32bit to build i386 binaries on mac os x leopard (antirez)
798 2009-10-23 initial skiplist implementation. Most memory checks removed and zmalloc() modified to fail with an error message and abort. Anyway Redis is not designed to recover from out of memory conditions. (antirez)
799 2009-10-23 Fixed compilation in mac os x snow leopard when compiling a 32 bit binary. (antirez)
800 2009-10-22 version incremented to 1.050 to distinguish from 1.001 stable and next stable versions with minor fixes (antirez)
801 2009-10-21 TODO updated (antirez)
802 2009-10-21 SRANDMEMBER added (antirez)
803 2009-10-20 Imporant bug leading to data corruption fixed (NOT affecting stable distribution), Tcl client lib MSET/MSETNX implementation fixed, Added new tests for MSET and MSETNX in test-redis.tcl (antirez)
804 2009-10-17 added multi-bulk protocol support to redis-cli and support for MSET and MSETNX (antirez)
805 2009-10-17 MSET fixed, was not able to replace keys already set for a stupid bug (antirez)
806 2009-10-16 some dead code removed (antirez)
807 2009-10-16 multi bulk input protocol fixed (antirez)
808 2009-10-16 MSET and MSETNX commands implemented (antirez)
809 2009-10-07 undoed all the sds hacking that lead just to random bugs and no memory saving ;) (antirez)
810 2009-10-07 initial multi-bulk query protocol, this will allow MSET and other interesting features. (antirez)
811 2009-10-03 benchmark now outputs the right command line to shorten the TIME_WAIT interval on Mac OS X when keep alive is set (antirez)
812 2009-10-02 Issue 69 fixed. Object integer encoding now works with replication and MONITORing again. (antirez)
813 2009-09-18 LREM fixed, used to crash since the new object integer encoding is on the stage (antirez)
814 2009-09-17 maxmemory didn't worked in 64 systems for values > 4GB since it used to be an unsigned int. Fixed (antirez)
815 2009-09-10 incremented version number to 1.001, AKA Redis edge is no longer stable... (antirez)
816 2009-09-10 in-memory specialized object encoding (for now 32 signed integers only) (antirez)
817 2009-09-03 Latest doc changes for 1.0 (antirez)
818 2009-09-03 Redis 1.0.0 release (antirez)
819 2009-09-02 Redis version pushed to 1.0 (antirez)
820 2009-09-02 Ruby client lib updated to the latest git version (antirez)
821 2009-09-02 update-scala-client script added (antirez)
822 2009-09-02 Scala client added thanks to Alejanro Crosa (antirez)
823 2009-09-02 QuickStart added (antirez)
824 2009-09-01 Fixed crash with only space and newline as command (issue 61), thanks to a guy having as nick "fixxxerrr" (antirez)
825 2009-08-11 TODO list modified (antirez)
826 2009-07-24 more snow leopard related fixes (for 32bit systems) (antirez)
827 2009-07-24 fixed compilation with Snow Leopard, thanks to Lon Baker for providing SSH access to Snow Leopard box (antirez)
828 2009-07-22 Fixed NetBSD compile problems (antirez)
829 2009-07-17 now the size of the shared pool can be really modified via config, also the number of objects in the sharing pool is logged when the log level is set to debug. Thanks to Aman Gupta (antirez)
830 2009-07-05 added utils/redis-copy.rb, a script that is able to copy data from one Redis server to another one on the fly. (antirez)
831 2009-07-04 Applied three different patches thanks to Chris Lamb, one to fix compilation and get the IP register value on Linux IA64 and other systems. One in order to log the overcommit problem on the logs instead of the standard output when Redis is demonized. The latest in order to suggest a more consistent way in order to switch to 1 the memory overcommit Linux feature. (antirez)
832 2009-07-03 bugfix: EXPIRE now propagates to the Slave. (antirez)
833 2009-06-16 Redis version modified to 0.900 (antirez)
834 2009-06-16 update-ruby-client script already points to ezmobius repo (antirez)
835 2009-06-16 client libraries updated (antirez)
836 2009-06-16 Redis release candidate 1 (antirez)
837 2009-06-16 Better handling of background saving process killed or crashed (antirez)
838 2009-06-14 number of keys info in INFO command thanks to Diego Rosario Brogna (antirez)
839 2009-06-14 SPOP documented (antirez)
840 2009-06-14 Clojure library thanks to Ragnar Dahlén (antirez)
841 2009-06-10 It is now possible to specify - as config file name to read it from stdin (antirez)
842 2009-06-10 sync with jodosha redis-rb (antirez)
843 2009-06-10 Redis-rb sync (antirez)
844 2009-06-10 max inline request raised again to 1024*1024*256 bytes (antirez)
845 2009-06-10 max bytes in an inline command raised to 1024*1024 bytes, in order to allow for very large MGETs and still protect from client crashes (antirez)
846 2009-06-08 SPOP implemented. Hash table resizing for Sets and Expires too. Changed the resize policy to play better with RANDOMKEY and SPOP. (antirez)
847 2009-06-07 some minor changes to the backtrace code (antirez)
848 2009-06-07 enable backtrace capabilities only for Linux and MacOSX (antirez)
849 2009-06-07 Dump a backtrace on sigsegv/sigbus, original coded thanks to Diego Rosario Brogna, modified in order to work on different OSes and to enhance reliability (antirez)
850 2009-06-06 Merge git:// (antirez)
851 2009-06-06 add more output (hrothgar)
852 2009-06-06 store static function pointer for a useful stack trace (hrothgar)
853 2009-06-06 TODO updated (antirez)
854 2009-06-06 Makefile dependencies updated (antirez)
855 2009-06-05 Avoid a busy loop while sending very large replies against very fast links, this allows to be more responsive with other clients even under a KEY * against the loopback interface (antirez)
856 2009-06-05 Kill the background saving process before performing SHUTDOWN to avoid races (antirez)
857 2009-06-05 LREM now returns :0 for non existing keys (antirez)
858 2009-06-05 - put some order in code - better output (hrothgar)
859 2009-06-05 added config.h for #ifdef business isolation, added fstat64 for Mac OS X (antirez)
860 2009-06-04 remove die() :-) (hrothgar)
861 2009-06-04 add compile options to debug (hrothgar)
862 2009-06-04 initial commit print stack trace (hrothgar)
863 2009-06-04 initial commit print stack trace (hrothgar)
864 2009-06-04 macosx specific zmalloc.c, uses malloc_size function in order to avoid to waste memory and time to put an additional header (antirez)
865 2009-06-04 DEBUG OBJECT implemented (antirez)
866 2009-06-04 backtrace support removed: unreliable stack trace :( (antirez)
867 2009-06-04 initial backtrace dumping on sigsegv/sigbus + debug command (antirez)
868 2009-06-03 Python lib updated (antirez)
869 2009-06-03 shareobjectspoolsize implemented in reds.conf, in order to control the pool size when object sharing is on (antirez)
870 2009-05-30 Erlang client updated (antirez)
871 2009-05-30 Python client library updated (antirez)
872 2009-05-29 Redis-rb minor bool convertion fix (antirez)
873 2009-05-29 ruby library client is not Redis-rb merged with RubyRedis "engine" by Brian McKinney (antirez)
874 2009-05-28 __P completely removed from pqsort.c/h (antirez)
875 2009-05-28 another minor fix for Solaris boxes (antirez)
876 2009-05-28 minor fix for Solaris boxes (antirez)
877 2009-05-28 minor fix for Solaris boxes (antirez)
878 2009-05-27 maxmemory implemented (antirez)
879 2009-05-26 Redis git version modified to 0.101 in order to distinguish that from the latest tar.gz via INFO ;) (antirez)
880 2009-05-26 Redis 0.100 released (antirez)
881 2009-05-26 client libraries synched in git (antirez)
882 2009-05-26 ignore gcc warning about write() return code not checked. It is esplicitily this way since the "max number of clients reached" is a best-effort error (antirez)
883 2009-05-26 max bytes of a received command enlarged from 1k to 16k (antirez)
884 2009-05-26 RubyRedis: set TCP_NODELAY TCP socket option to to disable the neagle algorithm. Makes a huge difference under some OS, notably Linux (antirez)
885 2009-05-25 maxclients implemented, see redis.conf for details (antirez)
886 2009-05-25 INFO command now reports replication info (antirez)
887 2009-05-25 minor fix to RubyRedis about bulk commands sent without arguments (antirez)
888 2009-05-24 Warns if using the default config (antirez)
889 2009-05-24 Issue with redis-client used in scripts solved, now to check if the latest argument must come from standard input we do not check that stdin is or not a tty but the command arity (antirez)
890 2009-05-23 RubyRedis: now sets are returned as arrays again, and not as Set objects (antirez)
891 2009-05-23 SLAVEOF command documented (antirez)
892 2009-05-23 SLAVEOF command implemented for replication remote control (antirez)
893 2009-05-22 Fix: no connection timeout for the master! (antirez)
894 2009-05-22 replication slave timeout when receiving the initial bulk data set to 3600 seconds, now that replication is non-blocking the server must save the db before to start the async replication and this can take a lot of time with huge datasets (antirez)
895 2009-05-22 README tutorial now reflects the new proto (antirez)
896 2009-05-22 critical bug about glueoutputbuffers=yes fixed. Under load and with pipelining and clients disconnecting on the middle of the chat with the server, Redis could block. Now it's ok (antirez)
897 2009-05-22 TTL command doc added (antirez)
898 2009-05-22 TTL command implemented (antirez)
899 2009-05-22 S*STORE now return the cardinality of the resulting set (antirez)
900 2009-05-22 rubyredis more compatible with Redis-rb (antirez)
901 2009-05-21 minor indentation fix (antirez)
902 2009-05-21 timeout support and Redis-rb compatibility aliases implemented in RubyRedis (antirez)
903 2009-05-21 RubyRedis info postprocessor rewritten in a more functional way (antirez)
904 2009-05-21 dead code removed from RubyRedis (antirez)
905 2009-05-21 command postprocessing implemented into RubyRedis (antirez)
906 2009-05-20 Automagically reconnection of RubyRedis (antirez)
907 2009-05-20 RubyRedis: Array alike operators implemented (antirez)
908 2009-05-20 random testing code removed (antirez)
909 2009-05-20 RubyRedis DB selection forced at object creation (antirez)
910 2009-05-20 Initial version of an alternative Ruby client added (antirez)
911 2009-05-20 SDIFF / SDIFFSTORE added to doc (antirez)
912 2009-05-20 Aman Gupta changes merged (antirez)
913 2009-05-20 Merge git:// (antirez)
914 2009-05-19 Allow timeout=0 config to disable client timeouts (Aman Gupta)
915 2009-05-19 Partial qsort implemented in SORT command, only when both BY and LIMIT is used. minor fix for a warning compiling under Linux. (antirez)
916 2009-05-19 psort.c/h added. This is a partial qsort implementation that Redis will use when SORT+LIMIT is requested (antirez)
917 2009-05-17 Fix SINTER/UNIONSTORE to allow for &=/|= style operations (i.e. SINTERSTORE set1 set1 set2) (Aman Gupta)
918 2009-05-17 Optimize SDIFF to return as soon as the result set is empty (Aman Gupta)
919 2009-05-17 SDIFF/SDIFFSTORE implemnted unifying it with the implementation of SUNION/SUNIONSTORE (antirez)
920 2009-05-11 timestamp in log lines (antirez)
921 2009-05-11 Python client updated pushing from Ludo's repository (antirez)
922 2009-05-11 disconnect when we cannot read from the socket (Ludovico Magnocavallo)
923 2009-05-11 benchmark utility now supports random keys (antirez)
924 2009-05-10 minor doc changes (antirez)
925 2009-05-09 added tests for vararg DEL (antirez)
926 2009-05-09 DEL is now a vararg, IMPORTANT: memory leak fixed in loading DB code (antirez)
927 2009-05-09 doc changes (antirez)
928 2009-05-09 CPP client added thanks to Brian Hammond (antirez)
929 2009-05-06 Infinite number of arguments for MGET and all the other commands (antirez)
930 2009-05-04 Warns if /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory is set to 0 on Linux. Also make sure to don't resize the hash tables while the child process is saving in order to avoid copy-on-write of memory pages (antirez)
931 2009-04-30 zmalloc fix, return NULL or real malloc failure (antirez)
932 2009-04-30 more fixes for dict.c and the 150 million keys limit (antirez)
933 2009-04-30 dict.c modified to be able to handle more than 150,000,000 keys (antirez)
934 2009-04-29 fuzz stresser implemented in redis-test (antirez)
935 2009-04-29 fixed for HT resize check 32bits overflow (antirez)
936 2009-04-29 Check for fork() failure in background saving (antirez)
937 2009-04-29 fix for the LZF off-by-one bug added (antirez)
938 2009-04-28 print bytes used at exit on SHUTDOWN (antirez)
939 2009-04-28 SMOVE test added (antirez)
940 2009-04-28 SMOVE command implemented (antirez)
941 2009-04-28 less CPU usage in command parsing, case insensitive config directives (antirez)
942 2009-04-28 GETSET command doc added (antirez)
943 2009-04-28 GETSET tests (antirez)
944 2009-04-28 GETSET implemented (antirez)
945 2009-04-27 ability to specify a different file name for the DB (antirez)
946 2009-04-27 log file parsing code improved a bit (antirez)
947 2009-04-27 bgsave_in_progress field in INFO output (antirez)
948 2009-04-27 INCRBY/DECRBY now support 64bit increments, with tests (antirez)
949 2009-04-23 RANDOMKEY regression test added (antirez)
950 2009-04-23 dictGetRandomKey bug fixed, RANDOMKEY will not block the server anymore (antirez)
951 2009-04-22 FLUSHALL/FLUSHDB no longer sync on disk. Just increment the dirty counter by the number of elements removed, that will probably trigger a background saving operation (antirez)
952 2009-04-21 forgot to comment testing code in PHP lib. Now it is ok (antirez)
953 2009-04-21 PHP client ported to PHP5 and fixed (antirez)
954 2009-04-21 doc update (antirez)
955 2009-04-20 Non blocking replication (finally!). C-side linked lists API improved. (antirez)
956 2009-04-19 SUNION, SUNIONSTORE, Initial work on non blocking replication (antirez)
957 2009-04-10 Redis 0.091 released (antirez)
958 2009-04-10 SINTER/SINTERSTORE/SLEMENTS fix: misisng keys are now not errors, but just like empty sets (antirez)
959 2009-04-09 doc changes (antirez)
960 2009-04-08 TODO changes, minor change to default redis.conf (antirez)
961 2009-04-08 html doc updated (antirez)
962 2009-04-08 library clients update scripts (antirez)
963 2009-04-08 Ruby client updated (antirez)
964 2009-04-08 Lua client updated (antirez)
965 2009-04-08 Changelog updated (antirez)
966 2009-04-08 Merge git:// (antirez)
967 2009-04-08 add expire command to the php lib (Ludovico Magnocavallo)
968 2009-04-08 fix decode bug, add flush and info commands (Ludovico Magnocavallo)
969 2009-04-07 Rearrange redisObject struct to reduce memory usage in 64bit environments (as recommended (Bob Potter)
970 2009-04-07 ruby19 compat: use each_line on string (Bob Potter)
971 2009-04-07 64bit fixes for usedmemory (Bob Potter)
972 2009-04-08 RANDOMKEY issue 26 fixed, generic test + regression added (antirez)
973 2009-04-06 Don't accept SAVE if BGSAVE is in progress (antirez)
974 2009-04-06 add expire command to the python lib (Ludovico Magnocavallo)
975 2009-04-03 persistent EXPIRE (antirez)
976 2009-04-03 dirty increment was missing in two points. TODO updated (antirez)
977 2009-04-02 LZF configured to initalize the HT in order to be determinsitic and play well with valgrind (antirez)
978 2009-04-02 fix select test (Ludovico Magnocavallo)
979 2009-04-02 fix trailing cr+nl in values (Ludovico Magnocavallo)
980 2009-04-02 compression/decompression of large values on disk now working (antirez)
981 2009-04-02 disable LZF compression since it's not able to load the DB for now, the load part is missing (antirez)
982 2009-04-02 new LZF files added (antirez)
983 2009-04-02 Fixed issue 23 about AUTH (antirez)
984 2009-04-02 Issue 22 fixed (antirez)
985 2009-04-01 non-lazy expired keys purging implemented (antirez)
986 2009-04-01 fastlz dependence removed (antirez)
987 2009-04-01 Initial implementation of EXPIRE (antirez)
988 2009-03-30 TODO updated (antirez)
989 2009-03-30 changelog added (antirez)
990 2009-03-28 redis-sha1 utility added (antirez)
991 2009-03-28 Integer encoding implemented in dump file. Doc updated (antirez)
992 2009-03-27 feature macros defined to play well with C99 (antirez)
993 2009-03-27 feature macros defined to play well with C99 (antirez)
994 2009-03-27 now Redis is C99-ok (antirez)
995 2009-03-27 IMPORTANT FIX: new dump format implementation was broken. Now it's ok but tests for the 32-bit case values are needed (antirez)
996 2009-03-27 ANSI-C compatibility changes (antirez)
997 2009-03-27 Ruby client library updated. Important changes in this new version! (antirez)
998 2009-03-26 Lua client added thanks to Daniele Alessandri (antirez)
999 2009-03-26 Lua client added thanks to Daniele Alessandri (antirez)
1000 2009-03-26 AUTH merged from Brian Hammond fork, reworked a bit to fix minor problems (antirez)
1001 2009-03-25 Adds AUTH command. (Brian Hammond)
1002 2009-03-25 Nasty bug of the new DB format fixed, objects sharing implemented (antirez)
1003 2009-03-25 doc update (antirez)
1004 2009-03-25 Erlang client synched with Valentiono's repo (antirez)
1005 2009-03-25 New file dump format, perl client library added (antirez)
1006 2009-03-25 New protocol fix for LREM (antirez)
1007 2009-03-24 two typos fixed (antirez)
1008 2009-03-24 Now the Redis test uses the proper Tcl client library (antirez)
1009 2009-03-24 Tcl client library (antirez)
1010 2009-03-24 redis-benchmark sync with the new protocol (antirez)
1011 2009-03-24 git mess :) (Ludovico Magnocavallo)
1012 2009-03-24 sync python client to the new protocol (Ludovico Magnocavallo)
1013 2009-03-24 protocol fix in SORT reply with null elements (antirez)
1014 2009-03-24 protocol doc changed (antirez)
1015 2009-03-24 Server replies now in the new format, test-redis.tcl and redis-cli modified accordingly (antirez)
1016 2009-03-24 Python client library updated, thanks to Ludo! (antirez)
1017 2009-03-24 random tested mode for test-redis.tcl, minor other stuff, version switched to 0.8 (antirez)
1018 2009-03-23 Now MONITOR/SYNC cannot be issued multiple times (antirez)
1019 2009-03-23 MONITOR command implemented. (antirez)
1020 2009-03-23 lucsky changes imported. pid file path can now be configured, redis-cli fixes (antirez)
1021 2009-03-23 Merge git:// (antirez)
1022 2009-03-23 another missing free->zfree replacement fixed. Thanks to Ludo (antirez)
1023 2009-03-23 Fixed redis-cli readLine loop to correctly handle EOF. (Luc Heinrich)
1024 2009-03-23 Display the port on server startup. (Luc Heinrich)
1025 2009-03-23 Allow to specify the pid file from the config file. (Luc Heinrich)
1026 2009-03-23 Added gitignore file. (Luc Heinrich)
1027 2009-03-22 MGET tests added (antirez)
1028 2009-03-22 doc changes (antirez)
1029 2009-03-22 added doc for MGET (antirez)
1030 2009-03-22 redis-cli now checks the arity of vararg commnads (antirez)
1031 2009-03-22 INFO fixed, MGET implemented, redis-cli implements INFO/MGET (antirez)
1032 2009-03-22 first commit (antirez)
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