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proc start_bg_complex_data {host port db ops} {
set tclsh [info nameofexecutable]
exec $tclsh tests/helpers/bg_complex_data.tcl $host $port $db $ops &
proc stop_bg_complex_data {handle} {
catch {exec /bin/kill -9 $handle}
start_server {tags {"repl"}} {
start_server {} {
set master [srv 0 client]
set master_host [srv 0 host]
set master_port [srv 0 port]
set load_handle0 [start_bg_complex_data $master_host $master_port 9 100000]
set load_handle1 [start_bg_complex_data $master_host $master_port 11 100000]
set load_handle2 [start_bg_complex_data $master_host $master_port 12 100000]
test {First server should have role slave after SLAVEOF} {
r -1 slaveof [srv 0 host] [srv 0 port]
after 1000
s -1 role
} {slave}
test {Test replication with parallel clients writing in differnet DBs} {
lappend slave [srv 0 client]
after 5000
stop_bg_complex_data $load_handle0
stop_bg_complex_data $load_handle1
stop_bg_complex_data $load_handle2
set retry 10
while {$retry && ([$master debug digest] ne [$slave debug digest])}\
after 1000
incr retry -1
assert {[$master dbsize] > 0}
if {[r debug digest] ne [r -1 debug digest]} {
set csv1 [csvdump r]
set csv2 [csvdump {r -1}]
set fd [open /tmp/repldump1.txt w]
puts -nonewline $fd $csv1
close $fd
set fd [open /tmp/repldump2.txt w]
puts -nonewline $fd $csv2
close $fd
puts "Master - Slave inconsistency"
puts "Run diff -u against /tmp/repldump*.txt for more info"
assert_equal [r debug digest] [r -1 debug digest]
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