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Redis TODO
WARNING: are you a possible Redis contributor?
Before implementing what is listed what is listed in this file
please drop a message in the Redis google group or chat with
antirez or pietern on #redis to check if the work
is already in progress and if the feature is still interesting for
us, and *how* exactly this can be implemented to have good changes
of a merge. Otherwise it is probably wasted work! Thank you
* Check that 00/00 and ff/ff exist at startup, otherwise exit with error.
* Implement sync flush option, where data is written synchronously on disk when a command is executed.
* Implement MULTI/EXEC as transaction abstract API to diskstore.c, with transaction_start, transaction_end, and a journal to recover.
* Stop BGSAVE thread on shutdown and any other condition where the child is killed during normal bgsave.
* Fix RANDOMKEY to really do something interesting
* Fix DBSIZE to really do something interesting
* Add a DEBUG command to check if an entry is or not in memory currently
* PING between master and slave from time to time, so we can subject the
master-slave link to timeout, and detect when the connection is gone even
if the socket is still up.
* SORT: Don't copy the list into a vector when BY argument is constant.
* Write the hash table size of every db in the dump, so that Redis can resize the hash table just one time when loading a big DB.
* Read-only mode for slaves.
* Better INFO output with sections.
* Clients should be closed as far as the output buffer list is bigger than a given number of elements (configurable in redis.conf)
* Should the redis default configuration, and the default redis.conf, just bind
* What happens in the following scenario:
1) We are reading an AOF file.
What happens if between 1 and 2 for some reason (system under huge load
or alike) too many time passes? We should prevent expires while the
AOF is loading.
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