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#ifndef __INTSET_H
#define __INTSET_H
#include <stdint.h>
typedef struct intset {
uint32_t encoding;
uint32_t length;
int8_t contents[];
} intset;
intset *intsetNew(void);
intset *intsetAdd(intset *is, int64_t value, uint8_t *success);
intset *intsetRemove(intset *is, int64_t value, int *success);
uint8_t intsetFind(intset *is, int64_t value);
int64_t intsetRandom(intset *is);
uint8_t intsetGet(intset *is, uint32_t pos, int64_t *value);
uint32_t intsetLen(intset *is);
size_t intsetBlobLen(intset *is);
#endif // __INTSET_H
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