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* Github issues SHOULD ONLY BE USED to report bugs, and for DETAILED feature
requests. Everything else belongs to the Redis Google Group.
PLEASE DO NOT POST GENERAL QUESTIONS that are not about bugs or suspected
bugs in the Github issues system. We'll be very happy to help you and provide
all the support in the Redis Google Group.
Redis Google Group address:!forum/redis-db
# How to provide a patch for a new feature
1. Drop a message to the Redis Google Group with a proposal of semantics/API.
2. If in steps 1 you get an acknowledge from the project leaders, use the
following procedure to submit a patch:
a. Fork Redis on github ( )
b. Create a topic branch (git checkout -b my_branch)
c. Push to your branch (git push origin my_branch)
d. Initiate a pull request on github ( )
e. Done :)
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