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# Example sentinel.conf
# port <sentinel-port>
# The port that this sentinel instance will run on
port 26379
# sentinel monitor <name> <ip> <redis-port> <quorum>
# Tells Sentinel to monitor this slave, and to consider it in O_DOWN
# (Objectively Down) state only if at least <quorum> sentinels agree.
# Note: master name should not include special characters or spaces.
# The valid charset is A-z 0-9 and the three characters ".-_".
sentinel monitor mymaster 6379 2
# sentinel down-after-milliseconds <mymaster> <milliseconds>
# Number of milliseconds the master (or any attached slave or sentinel) should
# be unreachable (as in, not acceptable reply to PING, continuously, for the
# specified period) in order to consider it in S_DOWN state (Subjectively
# Down).
# Default is 30 seconds.
sentinel down-after-milliseconds mymaster 30000
# sentinel can-failover <mymaster> <yes|no>
# Specify if this Sentinel can start the failover for this master.
sentinel can-failover mymaster yes
# sentinel parallel-syncs <mymaster> <numslaves>
# How many slaves we can reconfigure to point to the new slave simultaneously
# during the failover. Use a low number if you use the slaves to serve query
# to avoid that all the slaves will be unreachable at about the same
# time while performing the synchronization with the master.
sentinel parallel-syncs mymaster 1
# sentinel failover-timeout <mymaster> <milliseconds>
# Specifies the failover timeout in milliseconds. When this time has elapsed
# without any progress in the failover process, it is considered concluded by
# the sentinel even if not all the attached slaves were correctly configured
# to replicate with the new master (however a "best effort" SLAVEOF command
# is sent to all the slaves before).
# Also when 25% of this time has elapsed without any advancement, and there
# is a leader switch (the sentinel did not started the failover but is now
# elected as leader), the sentinel will continue the failover doing a
# "takeover".
# Default is 15 minutes.
sentinel failover-timeout mymaster 900000
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