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2009-09-03 Redis 1.0.0 release
2009-09-02 Redis version pushed to 1.0
2009-09-02 Ruby client lib updated to the latest git version
2009-09-02 update-scala-client script added
2009-09-02 Scala client added thanks to Alejanro Crosa
2009-09-02 QuickStart added
2009-09-01 Fixed crash with only space and newline as command (issue 61), thanks to a guy having as nick "fixxxerrr"
2009-08-11 TODO list modified
2009-07-24 more snow leopard related fixes (for 32bit systems)
2009-07-24 fixed compilation with Snow Leopard, thanks to Lon Baker for providing SSH access to Snow Leopard box
2009-07-22 Fixed NetBSD compile problems
2009-07-17 now the size of the shared pool can be really modified via config, also the number of objects in the sharing pool is logged when the log level is set to debug. Thanks to Aman Gupta
2009-07-05 added utils/redis-copy.rb, a script that is able to copy data from one Redis server to another one on the fly.
2009-07-04 Applied three different patches thanks to Chris Lamb, one to fix compilation and get the IP register value on Linux IA64 and other systems. One in order to log the overcommit problem on the logs instead of the standard output when Redis is demonized. The latest in order to suggest a more consistent way in order to switch to 1 the memory overcommit Linux feature.
2009-07-03 bugfix: EXPIRE now propagates to the Slave.
2009-06-16 Redis version modified to 0.900
2009-06-16 update-ruby-client script already points to ezmobius repo
2009-06-16 client libraries updated
2009-06-16 Redis release candidate 1
2009-06-16 Better handling of background saving process killed or crashed
2009-06-14 number of keys info in INFO command thanks to Diego Rosario Brogna
2009-06-14 SPOP documented
2009-06-14 Clojure library thanks to Ragnar Dahlén
2009-06-10 It is now possible to specify - as config file name to read it from stdin
2009-06-10 sync with jodosha redis-rb
2009-06-10 Redis-rb sync
2009-06-10 max inline request raised again to 1024*1024*256 bytes
2009-06-10 max bytes in an inline command raised to 1024*1024 bytes, in order to allow for very large MGETs and still protect from client crashes
2009-06-08 SPOP implemented. Hash table resizing for Sets and Expires too. Changed the resize policy to play better with RANDOMKEY and SPOP.
2009-06-07 some minor changes to the backtrace code
2009-06-07 enable backtrace capabilities only for Linux and MacOSX
2009-06-07 Dump a backtrace on sigsegv/sigbus, original coded thanks to Diego Rosario Brogna, modified in order to work on different OSes and to enhance reliability
2009-06-06 Merge git://
2009-06-06 add more output
2009-06-06 store static function pointer for a useful stack trace
2009-06-06 TODO updated
2009-06-06 Makefile dependencies updated
2009-06-05 Avoid a busy loop while sending very large replies against very fast links, this allows to be more responsive with other clients even under a KEY * against the loopback interface
2009-06-05 Kill the background saving process before performing SHUTDOWN to avoid races
2009-06-05 LREM now returns :0 for non existing keys
2009-06-05 - put some order in code - better output
2009-06-05 added config.h for #ifdef business isolation, added fstat64 for Mac OS X
2009-06-04 remove die() :-)
2009-06-04 add compile options to debug
2009-06-04 initial commit print stack trace
2009-06-04 initial commit print stack trace
2009-06-04 macosx specific zmalloc.c, uses malloc_size function in order to avoid to waste memory and time to put an additional header
2009-06-04 DEBUG OBJECT implemented
2009-06-04 backtrace support removed: unreliable stack trace :(
2009-06-04 initial backtrace dumping on sigsegv/sigbus + debug command
2009-06-03 Python lib updated
2009-06-03 shareobjectspoolsize implemented in reds.conf, in order to control the pool size when object sharing is on
2009-05-30 Erlang client updated
2009-05-30 Python client library updated
2009-05-29 Redis-rb minor bool convertion fix
2009-05-29 ruby library client is not Redis-rb merged with RubyRedis "engine" by Brian McKinney
2009-05-28 __P completely removed from pqsort.c/h
2009-05-28 another minor fix for Solaris boxes
2009-05-28 minor fix for Solaris boxes
2009-05-28 minor fix for Solaris boxes
2009-05-27 maxmemory implemented
2009-05-26 Redis git version modified to 0.101 in order to distinguish that from the latest tar.gz via INFO ;)
2009-05-26 Redis 0.100 released
2009-05-26 client libraries synched in git
2009-05-26 ignore gcc warning about write() return code not checked. It is esplicitily this way since the "max number of clients reached" is a best-effort error
2009-05-26 max bytes of a received command enlarged from 1k to 16k
2009-05-26 RubyRedis: set TCP_NODELAY TCP socket option to to disable the neagle algorithm. Makes a huge difference under some OS, notably Linux
2009-05-25 maxclients implemented, see redis.conf for details
2009-05-25 INFO command now reports replication info
2009-05-25 minor fix to RubyRedis about bulk commands sent without arguments
2009-05-24 Warns if using the default config
2009-05-24 Issue with redis-client used in scripts solved, now to check if the latest argument must come from standard input we do not check that stdin is or not a tty but the command arity
2009-05-23 RubyRedis: now sets are returned as arrays again, and not as Set objects
2009-05-23 SLAVEOF command documented
2009-05-23 SLAVEOF command implemented for replication remote control
2009-05-22 Fix: no connection timeout for the master!
2009-05-22 replication slave timeout when receiving the initial bulk data set to 3600 seconds, now that replication is non-blocking the server must save the db before to start the async replication and this can take a lot of time with huge datasets
2009-05-22 README tutorial now reflects the new proto
2009-05-22 critical bug about glueoutputbuffers=yes fixed. Under load and with pipelining and clients disconnecting on the middle of the chat with the server, Redis could block. Now it's ok
2009-05-22 TTL command doc added
2009-05-22 TTL command implemented
2009-05-22 S*STORE now return the cardinality of the resulting set
2009-05-22 rubyredis more compatible with Redis-rb
2009-05-21 minor indentation fix
2009-05-21 timeout support and Redis-rb compatibility aliases implemented in RubyRedis
2009-05-21 RubyRedis info postprocessor rewritten in a more functional way
2009-05-21 dead code removed from RubyRedis
2009-05-21 command postprocessing implemented into RubyRedis
2009-05-20 Automagically reconnection of RubyRedis
2009-05-20 RubyRedis: Array alike operators implemented
2009-05-20 random testing code removed
2009-05-20 RubyRedis DB selection forced at object creation
2009-05-20 Initial version of an alternative Ruby client added
2009-05-20 SDIFF / SDIFFSTORE added to doc
2009-05-20 Aman Gupta changes merged
2009-05-20 Merge git://
2009-05-19 Allow timeout=0 config to disable client timeouts
2009-05-19 Partial qsort implemented in SORT command, only when both BY and LIMIT is used. minor fix for a warning compiling under Linux.
2009-05-19 psort.c/h added. This is a partial qsort implementation that Redis will use when SORT+LIMIT is requested
2009-05-17 Fix SINTER/UNIONSTORE to allow for &=/|= style operations (i.e. SINTERSTORE set1 set1 set2)
2009-05-17 Optimize SDIFF to return as soon as the result set is empty
2009-05-17 SDIFF/SDIFFSTORE implemnted unifying it with the implementation of SUNION/SUNIONSTORE
2009-05-11 timestamp in log lines
2009-05-11 Python client updated pushing from Ludo's repository
2009-05-11 disconnect when we cannot read from the socket
2009-05-11 benchmark utility now supports random keys
2009-05-10 minor doc changes
2009-05-09 added tests for vararg DEL
2009-05-09 DEL is now a vararg, IMPORTANT: memory leak fixed in loading DB code
2009-05-09 doc changes
2009-05-09 CPP client added thanks to Brian Hammond
2009-05-06 Infinite number of arguments for MGET and all the other commands
2009-05-04 Warns if /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory is set to 0 on Linux. Also make sure to don't resize the hash tables while the child process is saving in order to avoid copy-on-write of memory pages
2009-04-30 zmalloc fix, return NULL or real malloc failure
2009-04-30 more fixes for dict.c and the 150 million keys limit
2009-04-30 dict.c modified to be able to handle more than 150,000,000 keys
2009-04-29 fuzz stresser implemented in redis-test
2009-04-29 fixed for HT resize check 32bits overflow
2009-04-29 Check for fork() failure in background saving
2009-04-29 fix for the LZF off-by-one bug added
2009-04-28 print bytes used at exit on SHUTDOWN
2009-04-28 SMOVE test added
2009-04-28 SMOVE command implemented
2009-04-28 less CPU usage in command parsing, case insensitive config directives
2009-04-28 GETSET command doc added
2009-04-28 GETSET tests
2009-04-28 GETSET implemented
2009-04-27 ability to specify a different file name for the DB
2009-04-27 log file parsing code improved a bit
2009-04-27 bgsave_in_progress field in INFO output
2009-04-27 INCRBY/DECRBY now support 64bit increments, with tests
2009-04-23 RANDOMKEY regression test added
2009-04-23 dictGetRandomKey bug fixed, RANDOMKEY will not block the server anymore
2009-04-22 FLUSHALL/FLUSHDB no longer sync on disk. Just increment the dirty counter by the number of elements removed, that will probably trigger a background saving operation
2009-04-21 forgot to comment testing code in PHP lib. Now it is ok
2009-04-21 PHP client ported to PHP5 and fixed
2009-04-21 doc update
2009-04-20 Non blocking replication (finally!). C-side linked lists API improved.
2009-04-19 SUNION, SUNIONSTORE, Initial work on non blocking replication
2009-04-10 Redis 0.091 released
2009-04-10 SINTER/SINTERSTORE/SLEMENTS fix: misisng keys are now not errors, but just like empty sets
2009-04-09 doc changes
2009-04-08 TODO changes, minor change to default redis.conf
2009-04-08 html doc updated
2009-04-08 library clients update scripts
2009-04-08 Ruby client updated
2009-04-08 Lua client updated
2009-04-08 Changelog updated
2009-04-08 Merge git://
2009-04-08 add expire command to the php lib
2009-04-08 fix decode bug, add flush and info commands
2009-04-07 Rearrange redisObject struct to reduce memory usage in 64bit environments (as recommended
2009-04-07 ruby19 compat: use each_line on string
2009-04-07 64bit fixes for usedmemory
2009-04-08 RANDOMKEY issue 26 fixed, generic test + regression added
2009-04-06 Don't accept SAVE if BGSAVE is in progress
2009-04-06 add expire command to the python lib
2009-04-03 persistent EXPIRE
2009-04-03 dirty increment was missing in two points. TODO updated
2009-04-02 LZF configured to initalize the HT in order to be determinsitic and play well with valgrind
2009-04-02 fix select test
2009-04-02 fix trailing cr+nl in values
2009-04-02 compression/decompression of large values on disk now working
2009-04-02 disable LZF compression since it's not able to load the DB for now, the load part is missing
2009-04-02 new LZF files added
2009-04-02 Fixed issue 23 about AUTH
2009-04-02 Issue 22 fixed
2009-04-01 non-lazy expired keys purging implemented
2009-04-01 fastlz dependence removed
2009-04-01 Initial implementation of EXPIRE
2009-03-30 TODO updated
2009-03-30 changelog added
2009-03-28 redis-sha1 utility added
2009-03-28 Integer encoding implemented in dump file. Doc updated
2009-03-27 feature macros defined to play well with C99
2009-03-27 feature macros defined to play well with C99
2009-03-27 now Redis is C99-ok
2009-03-27 IMPORTANT FIX: new dump format implementation was broken. Now it's ok but tests for the 32-bit case values are needed
2009-03-27 ANSI-C compatibility changes
2009-03-27 Ruby client library updated. Important changes in this new version!
2009-03-26 Lua client added thanks to Daniele Alessandri
2009-03-26 Lua client added thanks to Daniele Alessandri
2009-03-26 AUTH merged from Brian Hammond fork, reworked a bit to fix minor problems
2009-03-25 Adds AUTH command.
2009-03-25 Nasty bug of the new DB format fixed, objects sharing implemented
2009-03-25 doc update
2009-03-25 Erlang client synched with Valentiono's repo
2009-03-25 New file dump format, perl client library added
2009-03-25 New protocol fix for LREM
2009-03-24 two typos fixed
2009-03-24 Now the Redis test uses the proper Tcl client library
2009-03-24 Tcl client library
2009-03-24 redis-benchmark sync with the new protocol
2009-03-24 git mess :)
2009-03-24 sync python client to the new protocol
2009-03-24 protocol fix in SORT reply with null elements
2009-03-24 protocol doc changed
2009-03-24 Server replies now in the new format, test-redis.tcl and redis-cli modified accordingly
2009-03-24 Python client library updated, thanks to Ludo!
2009-03-24 random tested mode for test-redis.tcl, minor other stuff, version switched to 0.8
2009-03-23 Now MONITOR/SYNC cannot be issued multiple times
2009-03-23 MONITOR command implemented.
2009-03-23 lucsky changes imported. pid file path can now be configured, redis-cli fixes
2009-03-23 Merge git://
2009-03-23 another missing free->zfree replacement fixed. Thanks to Ludo
2009-03-23 Fixed redis-cli readLine loop to correctly handle EOF.
2009-03-23 Display the port on server startup.
2009-03-23 Allow to specify the pid file from the config file.
2009-03-23 Added gitignore file.
2009-03-22 MGET tests added
2009-03-22 doc changes
2009-03-22 added doc for MGET
2009-03-22 redis-cli now checks the arity of vararg commnads
2009-03-22 INFO fixed, MGET implemented, redis-cli implements INFO/MGET
2009-03-22 first commit
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