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# Build a symbol table for static symbols of redis.c
# Useful to get stack traces on segfault without a debugger. See redis.c
# for more information.
# Copyright(C) 2009 Salvatore Sanfilippo, under the BSD license.
set fd [open redis.c]
set symlist {}
while {[gets $fd line] != -1} {
if {[regexp {^static +[A-z0-9]+[ *]+([A-z0-9]*)\(} $line - sym]} {
lappend symlist $sym
set symlist [lsort -unique $symlist]
puts "static struct redisFunctionSym symsTable\[\] = {"
foreach sym $symlist {
puts "{\"$sym\",(unsigned long)$sym},"
puts "{NULL,0}"
puts "};"
close $fd
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