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@@ -24,6 +24,34 @@ After building Redis is a good idea to test it, using:
% make test
+NOTE: if after building Redis with a 32 bit target you need to rebuild it
+ with a 64 bit target you need to perform a "make clean" in the root
+ directory of the Redis distribution.
+By default Redis compiles and links against jemalloc under Linux, since
+glibc malloc() has memory fragmentation problems.
+To force a libc malloc() build use:
+In all the other non Linux systems the libc malloc() is used by default.
+On Mac OS X you can force a jemalloc based build using the following:
+ make USE_JEMALLOC=yes
+Verbose build
+Redis will build with a user friendly colorized output by default.
+If you want to see a more verbose output use the following:
+ make V=1
Running Redis

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