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Fixed typo in parseScanCursorOrReply(): ad -> at.

Thanks to @badboy for reporting it.
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1 parent 060d56e commit 3a66e0c157771f2f542949969e05b968be2b744d @antirez committed Nov 5, 2013
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@@ -340,7 +340,7 @@ void scanCallback(void *privdata, const dictEntry *de) {
if (val) listAddNodeTail(keys, val);
-/* Try to parse a SCAN cursor stored ad object 'o':
+/* Try to parse a SCAN cursor stored at object 'o':
* if the cursor is valid, store it as unsigned integer into *cursor and
* returns REDIS_OK. Otherwise return REDIS_ERR and send an error to the
* client. */

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