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Redis 2.8.7.

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@@ -14,6 +14,52 @@ HIGH: There is a critical bug that may affect a subset of users. Upgrade!
CRITICAL: There is a critical bug affecting MOST USERS. Upgrade ASAP.
+--[ Redis 2.8.7 ] Release date: 5 Mar 2014
+# UPGRADE URGENCY: LOW for Redis, LOW for Sentinel. However this release adds
+ new features so users may want to upgrade in order to
+ exploit the new functionalities.
+* [FIX] Sometimes the absolute config file path was obtained in a wrong way.
+ This happened when there was a "dir" directive inside the config file
+ and at the same time the configuration file was given as a relative
+ path to redis-server or redis-sentinel executables.
+* [FIX] redis-cli: Automatically enter --slave mode when SYNC or PSYNC are
+ called during an interactive session.
+* [FIX] Sentinel "IDONTKNOW" error removed as it does not made sense with the
+ new Sentinel design. This error was actually a fix for a design error
+ in the first implementation of Sentinel.
+* [FIX] Sentinel: added a missing exit() call to abort after config file
+ checks at startup. This error was introduced with an improvement in
+ a previous 2.8 release.
+* [FIX] BITCOUNT: fixed unaligned access causing issues in sparc and other
+ archs not capable of dealing with unaligned accesses. This also makes
+ the code faster in archs where unaligned accesses are allowed.
+* [FIX] Sentinel: better nodes fail over start time desynchronization to avoid
+ split-brain during the voting process needed to get authorization to
+ fail over. This means the system is less likely to need to retry
+ and will fail over faster. No changes in behavior / correctness.
+* [FIX] Force INFO used_memory_peak to match peak memory. This generated some
+ confusion among users even if it was not an actual bug.
+* [NEW] Sentinel unit tests and framework. More tests needed and units must
+ be improved in order to have less false positives, but it is a start
+ and features a debugging console that is useful to fix tests or to
+ inspect bugs causing tests failures.
+* [NEW] New Sentinel events: +/-monitor and +set used to monitor when an
+ instance to monitor is added or removed, or when a configuration
+ is modified via SENTINEL SET.
+* [NEW] Redis-cli updated to use SCAN instead of random sampling via
+ RANDOMKEY in order to implement --bigkeys feature. Moreover the
+ implementation now supports pipelining and reports more information
+ at the end of the scan. Much faster, much better. A special thank
+ you to Michael Grunder for this improvement.
+* [NEW] redis-cli now supports a new --intrinsic-latency mode that is able
+ to meter the latency of a system due to kernel / hypervisor.
+ How to use it is explained at
+* [NEW] New command BITPOS: find first bit set or clear in a bitmap.
+* [NEW] CONFIG REWRITE calls are now logged.
--[ Redis 2.8.6 ] Release date: 13 Feb 2014
# UPGRADE URGENCY: HIGH for Redis, LOW for Sentinel. Redis users using Lua
@@ -1 +1 @@
-#define REDIS_VERSION "2.8.6"
+#define REDIS_VERSION "2.8.7"

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