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+2009-09-03 Redis 1.0.0 release
+2009-09-02 Redis version pushed to 1.0
+2009-09-02 Ruby client lib updated to the latest git version
+2009-09-02 update-scala-client script added
+2009-09-02 Scala client added thanks to Alejanro Crosa
2009-09-02 QuickStart added
2009-09-01 Fixed crash with only space and newline as command (issue 61), thanks to a guy having as nick "fixxxerrr"
2009-08-11 TODO list modified
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-BEFORE REDIS 1.0.0-rc1
- * Cover most of the source code with test-redis.tcl
* Expiring algorithm should be adaptive, if there are a lot of keys with an expire set and many of this happen to be already expired it should be, proportionally, more aggressive.
-AFTER 1.0 stable release
* Add a command to inspect the currently selected DB index
* Consistent hashing implemented in all the client libraries having an user base
* SORT: Don't copy the list into a vector when BY argument is constant.
@@ -22,7 +16,7 @@ AFTER 1.0 stable release
the elements by 'score', with the actual value being the key. On the other
side the type also takes an hash table with key->score mapping, so that when
there is an update we lookup the current score and can traverse the tree.
- * BITMAP type
* LRANGE 4 0 should return the same elements as LRANGE 0 4 but in reverse order (only if we get enough motivated requests about it)
* zmalloc() should avoid to add a private header for archs where there is some other kind of libc-specific way to get the size of a malloced block.

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