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Sentinel test: restart_instance should refresh pid attrib.

Also kill_instance was modified to warn when a test will try to kill the
same instance multiple times for error.
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commit 630fb3539f402b07b4a27a65d8ab0fe21df2feb1 1 parent d3a3ef0
@antirez authored
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  1. +4 −0 tests/sentinel.tcl
4 tests/sentinel.tcl
@@ -280,6 +280,9 @@ proc get_instance_id_by_port {type port} {
# The instance can be restarted with restart-instance.
proc kill_instance {type id} {
set pid [get_instance_attrib $type $id pid]
+ if {$pid == -1} {
+ error "You tried to kill $type $id twice."
+ }
exec kill -9 $pid
set_instance_attrib $type $id pid -1
set_instance_attrib $type $id link you_tried_to_talk_with_killed_instance
@@ -302,6 +305,7 @@ proc restart_instance {type id} {
set prgname redis-sentinel
set pid [exec ../../src/${prgname} $cfgfile &]
+ set_instance_attrib $type $id pid $pid
lappend ::pids $pid
# Check that the instance is running
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