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+2010-05-21 redis version is now 1.3.14 (aka 2.0.0 RC1) (antirez)
+2010-05-21 html doc updated (antirez)
+2010-05-21 by default test with valgrind does not show full leak info (antirez)
+2010-05-21 minor fix for the skiplist code, resulting in a false positive with valgrind, and in general into a useless small allocation (antirez)
+2010-05-21 Merge branch 'master' of (antirez)
+2010-05-21 tests suite initial support for valgrind, fixed the old test suite until the new one is able to target a specific host/port (antirez)
+2010-05-20 Don't exit with error in tests temp file cleanup if there are no files to clean (antirez)
+2010-05-20 fix memory leak on 32-bit builds (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-20 Merge branch 'master' of (antirez)
+2010-05-20 Fix for DEBUG DIGEST (antirez)
+2010-05-20 Merge branch 'test_vm' of git:// (antirez)
+2010-05-20 code to enable running tests with the vm enabled (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-20 minor change to shutdown (antirez)
+2010-05-20 shutdown on SIGTERM (antirez)
+2010-05-20 Merge (antirez)
+2010-05-20 fix compile error on solaris (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-20 added regression for zipmap bug (antirez)
+2010-05-20 fix lookup of keys with length larger than ZIPMAP_BIGLEN (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-19 TODO updated (antirez)
+2010-05-19 initial tests for AOF (and small changes to server.tcl to support these) (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-19 Merge branch 'master' into integration (Pieter Noordhuis)
+2010-05-19 Fix for 'CONFIG SET appendonly no' (antirez)
+2010-05-19 It's now possible to turn off and on the AOF via CONFIG (antirez)
+2010-05-18 git hash 00000000 in reelase.h when git is not found enabled again after some shell scripting fix that is now compatible with most shells (antirez)
+2010-05-18 build fixed when simpler shells are used to create release.h (antirez)
+2010-05-18 use git diff when generating release.h to check for dirty status (antirez)
+2010-05-18 Solaris fixes (antirez)
+2010-05-18 html doc rebuild (antirez)
+2010-05-18 buliding of release.h moved into an external script. Avoided recompialtion of redis.c if git sha1 is the same as the previous one (antirez)
+2010-05-17 create release.h in make process and add this information to INFO listing (Pieter Noordhuis)
2010-05-16 Redis version is now 1.3.12 (antirez)
2010-05-16 redis version is now 1.3.11 (antirez)
2010-05-16 random refactoring and speedups (antirez)
2010-05-16 faster INCR with very little efforts... (antirez)
+2010-05-15 print warnings in redis log when a test raises an exception (very likely to be caused by something like a failed assertion) (Pieter Noordhuis)
2010-05-15 Merge branch 'redis-cli-fix' of (antirez)
2010-05-15 added pid info to the check memory leaks test, so that those tests don't appear to be duplicated (antirez)
2010-05-15 Merge branch 'integration' of git:// (antirez)
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2010-05-14 Don't rely on cliReadReply being able to return on shutdown (Bruno Deferrari)
2010-05-14 If command is a shutdown, ignore errors on reply (Bruno Deferrari)
2010-05-14 DEBUG DIGEST implemented, in order to improve the ability to test persistence and replication consistency (antirez)
+2010-05-13 Add SIGTERM shutdown handling. (Ashley Martens)
2010-05-13 makefile deps updated (antirez)
2010-05-13 conflicts resolved (antirez)
2010-05-13 feed SETEX as SET and EXPIREAT to AOF (Pieter Noordhuis)

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