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Fix script cache bug in the scripting engine.

This commit fixes a serious Lua scripting replication issue, described
by Github issue #1549. The root cause of the problem is that scripts
were put inside the script cache, assuming that slaves and AOF already
contained it, even if the scripts sometimes produced no changes in the
data set, and were not actaully propagated to AOF/slaves.


    eval "if tonumber(KEYS[1]) > 0 then'incr', 'x') end" 1 0


    evalsha <sha1 step 1 script> 1 0

At this step sha1 of the script is added to the replication script cache
(the script is marked as known to the slaves) and EVALSHA command is
transformed to EVAL. However it is not dirty (there is no changes to db),
so it is not propagated to the slaves. Then the script is called again:

    evalsha <sha1 step 1 script> 1 1

At this step master checks that the script already exists in the
replication script cache and doesn't transform it to EVAL command. It is
dirty and propagated to the slaves, but they fail to evaluate the script
as they don't have it in the script cache.

The fix is trivial and just uses the new API to force the propagation of
the executed command regardless of the dirty state of the data set.

Thank you to @minus-infinity on Github for finding the issue,
understanding the root cause, and fixing it.
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antirez committed Feb 13, 2014
1 parent 96973a7 commit 9b73a274acb8a9b6297aed95bccc0daa46d07ece
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  1. +1 −0 src/scripting.c
@@ -958,6 +958,7 @@ void evalGenericCommand(redisClient *c, int evalsha) {

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