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Merge pull request #63 from djanowski/tcl

Add warning when `tcl` is not available to run tests
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2 parents c1c9d55 + b3bc445 commit a004de0f1509c0ff499e6fc28da2f7e308e14e40 @antirez committed
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2 src/Makefile
@@ -196,7 +196,7 @@ dep:
$(CC) -MM *.c -I ../deps/hiredis -I ../deps/linenoise
test: redis-server
- (cd ..; tclsh8.5 tests/test_helper.tcl --tags "${TAGS}" --file "${FILE}")
+ @(cd ..; (which tclsh >/dev/null && tclsh tests/test_helper.tcl --tags "${TAGS}" --file "${FILE}") || echo "You need to install Tcl in order to run tests.")

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