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Redis crashes on double 'KEYS *' #1208

badboy opened this Issue · 4 comments

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(This was tested against the dump.rdb of

894eba0, a316934 and 7ed7652 all crashed, crash dump log here:
I can provide the dump.rdb and core files if needed.

[17034] 22 Jul 16:58:09.893 # === ASSERTION FAILED ===
[17034] 22 Jul 16:58:09.893 # ==> networking.c:1470 'c->reply_bytes < ULONG_MAX-(1024*64)' is not true

What I did:> keys *
1) "loooooooooooongkey:4"
74180) "anotherlooooooooongkey:5"
74181) "yetanotherkeyinhere:server:name"
(1.29s)> keys *
Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused
not connected>

Thanks \o/ !!

Please could you send me the RDB file?


Mail sent.


Thanks, I can reproduce it (only on Linux strange enough). Working on it ASAP.

@antirez antirez referenced this issue from a commit
@antirez Fix setDeferredMultiBulkLength() c->reply_bytes handling with EMBSTR
This function missed proper handling of reply_bytes when gluing to the
previous object was used. The issue was introduced with the EMBSTR new
string object encoding.

This fixes issue #1208.

Fixed in dbaa5b0

@mattsta mattsta closed this
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