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Show attached slaves in INFO output #219

antirez opened this Issue · 6 comments

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This is a feature request for a new field in the INFO output in the replication section to show the ip:port pair of the attached slaves. Without this feature there is no easy way to check, given a master, what are the slave instance attached.

As part of this feature, also augment the information in CLIENT LIST when the client is a slave adding more slave-specific flags.

@antirez antirez was assigned

This would be great to use in our monitoring system too. Thanks!


Hi Jeremy, I was thinking to use the following format: IP:PORT:REPL_STATE separating all the slaves with a comma, so the actual output should look like the following:


(the other possible state is "send_bulk")

Makes sense or another format would be preferable for your use case?

It is however possible to use the CLIENT LIST command to obtain detailed info about every single slave.



That seems fine to me. Really, as long as it's easy to parse, I'll all for it. It'll be great to be able to sanity check replication from both ends with this.


Great, marking as 2.4 backport candidate to have it ASAP in a production release. Thanks.


Done, closing.

@antirez antirez closed this

I am wondering why the issue said

there is no easy way to check, given a master, what are the slave instance attached

when CLIENT LIST since 2.4 produced that information.

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