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EVAL addReply() & redisProtocolToLuaType() can be one step #379

JakSprats opened this Issue Mar 10, 2012 · 4 comments

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currently lua scripts call a client that writes a response like (if the response were: [3,4,5])
this string is then parsed in redisProtocolToLuaType() to be 3 integers, which are put onto lua's stack.

The first step could push an integer onto the stack instead of writing ":3\r\n" by overriding the logic in addReply() to have a different behaviour if the redisClient is the server.lua_client. This skips doing a write (":3/r/n") and a parse (":3\r\n")


bug #392 was a repeat of this one, it has an alternate explanation of what I was trying to say and may be worth looking at.

pietern commented Mar 15, 2012

I agree this needs to be tackled, but I want to take a strong look at the existing networking code and see if we can extract a unified API that either writes a reply or puts a reply on the Lua stack. The protocol writing and parsing for every call is pretty low hanging fruit performance-wise ;-)


Hi Pieter,

good stuff, you understood exactly what I meant :)

good luck on it, it is kind of a lot of code, but once refactored, should be much less code, so that is a good thing too.

as always thanks,

Russ (aka: jaksprats)

antirez commented Oct 15, 2015

Things against this proposal, now very old btw:

  1. Profiling shows parsing the reply is not the critical path performance wise. I was very surprised, but tested it multiple times.
  2. Refactoring such this is going to be huge, and given 1 ...
  3. There is a much more interesting way to speedup things in this regard which is, for common commands, to provide directly a Lua implementation, so that the command is not dispatched at all inside Redis but simply re-implemented. However I tested even this and like in "1" I did not noticed so great speedups.
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