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compile error with redis-2.4.8 #390

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Hello, I'm studying redis these days. My Machine is x86_64, My OS is SunOS 5.10. I can't compile sucessful firstly. Then I read your source code, I find that there was no Makefile in deps/jemalloc but a, so I ADD "-f" after $(MAKE) in "./Makefile" line 15.
The second Problem is there is no "execinfo.h" and "ucontext.h" in SunOS 5.10, So I REMOVE "|| defined(sun)" in the end of line 29 in "./src/config.h".
Then I can compile it with gcc -m32. so there was another problem is that when I compile redis-2.4.8 with gcc -m64, it tell me that BYTE_ORDER is not defined or invalid. I find it in "./src/sha1.c". I think you must forget macro __x86_64
defined in line 43, but with macro i386 only.
May it can help.

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