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halur commented Mar 22, 2012


I have redis data of more then 43 GB in memory. i need to have security, ie if my server goes down how to bring it up will minimum loss.
Whenever i try to have BGSAVE server is server die with maximum CPU utilization error. Should i use AOF or is there any way by which i can optimise BGSAVE.

Need some information,
What should be maximum size redis support. ?

I need to mine some 900million of log lines everyday. Inorder to churn it i am trying to use redis. Redis work great with data churning But it fails when i try to add some data security measures.



antirez commented Mar 22, 2012

Hello, why on the earth a server should die because you are using too many CPU? May you report the exact error please? How RAM is installed in the system? Thanks.

halur commented Mar 22, 2012


i am benchmarking on 8 core, 64GB Ram server.
And i have some 900 million log lines. And some 150+ million keys. Everything works well till i don't think of data security.
As soon as i try to benchmark for backup and recovery. It failing.
Can you suggest what could be the best process by which i can assure 99.99% data assurance in terms of crash.

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