Better bgrewritebuf allocation behavior #476

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yossigo commented Apr 23, 2012

There is currently no control over the growth of bgrewritebuf, and in some cases I've seen this lead to out-of-memory crashes (e.g., large redis DB which leads to long-running rewrite while high volume write traffic takes place).

Without AOF this wouldn't be a problem as eviction would take care of it, but once AOF is enabled the server suddenly crashes with OOM. I see two choices here:

  1. The simple/dumb way - config a hard limit to bgrewritebuf, and refuse new writes once it is exceeded (like maxmemory with no eviction candidates).
  2. The smarter way - apply maxmemory checks and eviction when growing the bgrewritebuf (which will probably also require to the rate at which it grows, due to sdsMakeRoomFor() doubling its size forever).
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